Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My New Years resolution.. To Blog more?? *lol*

Oh Dear Oh Dear it seems I have not made a post since HALLOWEEN? Now I already know I am surely not the most dedicated blogger but really I know I can do better than that. *Shakes head*
Well a big Hello to you all. I hope each and everyone of you had a delightful holiday season. I had a rather good one, quiet but nice.
I have still been doing my usual thrifting and found a few things I fell in love with.
One being a faux fur coat from value village.
The price tag: $10.00
Color: Off white with black trim around the neck and bottom.
It is in good condition and I was suprised they had not had it tagged at at least $30.00.

I also got a cute light brown faux fur hat for $3.00 I have yet to wear it out but hope I make a few times in this next month to leave the house with it before we get into spring.

I really love the look of faux fur and hope I collect up a few more gorgeous pieces by next fall so that I can wear it here and there all throughout Fall & Winter 2011
No rush though I want to fully enjoy my spring and summer! haha