Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter weekend out of town day trip!

Happy Easter everyone!!! My Easter weekend has been quite lovely.
We had our turkey dinner quite early (Thursday to be exact) It was the best time for every member in our family so it was over and done even before the weekend started.

For the past month or so I had been searching here and there for a beach cruiser. I have wanted one for quite some time and just couldn't forget about it. The prices on these bikes can go quite high!!! And oddly enough in the United States you can get them for some very good prices at Walmart or Target. You even get selection with over 10 styles and brands to choose from.. but NOT HERE IN CANADA!! To this date the Canadian Walmarts still do not have even one beach cruiser in their stores yet?!?!
Whats up with that?? I am sure Canadian people are just the same as American people I mean we all ride bikes RIGHT?? *haha* "Just last week I saw my neighbor with a cruiser parked next to his igloo" *wink*
So after getting a tad impatient and not wanting to pay the big bucks the bike shops wanted.. I decided to turn to the classifieds.

So a week and a couple days ago I had come across a ad for a gorgeous lilac colored cruiser. I sent a message to the seller saying I was interested in the bike and wanted to buy it. After 2 days or so with no reply I thought "Hmm someone might have beat me to it, and the owner forgot to take down the add." I still had a glimpse of hope (CHECKING DAILY) and still seeing the ad still up. But after about the 5th day with no contact I just sort of gave up.. Well exactly one week later we got a reply. The owner apologized and had been away on a vacation!! Guess who was first in-line for the cruiser?? "ME me ME!" So we established plans to meet on Saturday. (The bike was not even in my town) I got so crazy with my search I sort of widened my areas to scour for a cruiser. We made a day trip out of it. Did a little shopping and grabbed a quick burger. Then it was time to go see the bike. I knew I was going to get it as long as it didn't have some huge dents in it or big scrapes from a crash or something. When we met with the owner and she wheeled the bike outside I INSTANTLY loved it!
It reminds me of Cotton Candy, Unicorns, Bubblegum, Flowers & Happiness.

Once a test ride was taken and the money was paid we put my newest edition in the back of the pick-up and set off for our trip back home after a quick visit with the In-laws who reside in the same town as CottoncandyUnicornsBubblegumFlowersHappiness cruiser came from.
I have yet to name this bike *Rolls eyes* "I know I was in the same predicament in my blog post last week with the blue vintage cruiser I purchased for $8.00 but a name has since been decided upon and the blue bicycle is called ~*Hyacinth Orchid*~

The drive home was lovely because the highway goes through mostly farmland, and I saw SO MANY cute baby cows on the trip. (I love cows!!)

I rode the cruiser for the first time today to a coffee shop. I got a large coffee made my way over to a bench and had a few moments of relaxation before the ride home.

I hope you all had a great weekend

Sunday, April 17, 2011

This weeks GARAGE SALE *hYsTeRiA*

This Saturday was my FIRST garage sale weekend of the year! Did I have fun?? HELL yes I did! Here is the story... Alarm started going off at 7:00 a.m. The earliest sales here started at 8:00 a.m. So I hurried applied makeup and made coffee. When I was ready I woke up the guy.. "Men always take no time at all to be ready to go" *Thank God* So of course it just had to be raining... I was worried that may ruin my plans but I just dressed warmer and made sure I had a hood. First sale I did not purchase anything. The seller decided since it was raining she was not un-packing her boxes, until the rain stopped. Hrmmmm After a few no luck sales I was a bit depressed.. Then as luck would have it I hit one where I purchased this picnic basket set for $2.00 My main plans for this is bicycle picnics. I will strap this lovely square shaped basket on the back of one of my vintage bicycles and off I will go for a lovely picnic in nature. (I seriously can't wait) I came across 4 other picnic baskets on my sale scouring. Mine was the best price!! Now I know there are prettier sets out there. But this is going on the back of a bike... If it falls off I don't want to cry. *hehe* I also purchased some craft supplies from the same sale. The lady charged me $2.00 for a box of 5 packages of fimo 3 packages of googly eyes some cute little Terra cotta pots (which I will paint and use as tea light votives. Plus two larger packages of modeling clay. SCORE!!! At another sale I was at a older woman "Who had quite a bit of vintage things" was obviously a painter. While walking up the driveway on both the left and right there was paintings leaned up against other items. A few grabbed my attention (Now I was making sure to remember not to go crazy.. because who knows what would be at the other sales.) But I did know I wanted one of her pieces of art. I chose this delightful one. Price paid $4.00 I think it is beautiful and adore the frame too! After paying I looked down on the ground and in a box was this blue box. I decided I would take a peek as to what was inside. While opening the lid the lady said "That stuff in that box there is free.. feel free to take whatever you want out of it." This is what was inside.. A box of costume jewelery! *YIPEE* I made sure to hide my emotion's.. and act like a normal human being. Here is the contents. Prepare for PICTURES!!!

My favorite.. The gold coral looking ring, it is so fun, eye catching & BIG. I put it on asap and wore it all day long.

At a man-ly sale.. which there is not many of so I am sure my guy was happy. I spotted this jackass.

He was there amongst tools and fishing & hunting stuff. Did I really like him? Or did he just stand out more than anything else because his bright red glaze. I LIKE HIM I REALLY REALLY LIKE HIM! He is quite heavy and rather neat. I paid $1.00 for Mr. mule the seller wanted $2.00 we bargained and the rest is history.

Last item I am gonna show you was the one that had me smiling all the way home. Last year I became more interested in riding bikes than ever before. I had a modern bike but preferred to get a vintage one which I did a 70's Peugeot named Casper purchased October 1 2010. As soon as the snow was gone I was out on Casper!! With bikes bikes bikes on the mind I had a want for another. Now I surely did not think I would find one my first garage sale Sat of the year... But I did! Here she is.. Mrs xxxxxxxxxx noname? A blue single speed Norco cruiser bike. I have yet to make up my mind (Will let you know in the future)

First ride realized the handlebars were adjusted too low and facing down on a weird angle. And that front wheel has a slight bent rim. (That's okay.. It's all fixable!) Here she is on day 2 Vintage Coconutafied! Handlebars set the way I like them, adorned with a brown vintage look basket, purple silk flowers & a matchy blue bell. *ding ding ding* Here I come! There is a few more things I want to do to this bike in the near future. So far I love it. The bikes cost was $8.00 (Thank you nice man who sold it to me, you seriously made my Saturday afternoon ... well WEEKEND for that matter. Could even turn into month!!)

I did purchase a few other things but these are the main ones that I figured were worth typing about.

I hope you all had a great weekend! And here is to hoping we all have a good week.

x__ Vintage Coconut

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Funky patterned dresses

(My Boxer on one of our walks)

It's been about a month since my last post. (Gosh time flies) In the past month the weather got alot nicer and I started going on daily walks and bike rides sometimes just one or the other.

I have still been going thrifting but probably a little less than before. This weekend will be my first garage saling weekend and I am *SO EXCITED* I cannot wait. I may not even be able to sleep on Friday night. *lol*

I took some pictures of dresses I have found in the past few weeks. Here were I live vintage is quite hard to come by whether it is 50's, 60's or 70's. So when I find it I usually purchase it then decide whether I will keep it for myself or sell it.

Black, Blue & Green

I love the tag on this one it's so darn cute!

Black, Pink & Green

I adore this dress!! This one I am for sure keeping. I have tried it on and will need to lose a couple of pounds before it fits perfectly (but hey inspiration is good!!) I have to think of it that way.. because if I don't I would give my mannequin a punch to the jaw because she fits every damn thing perfectly.

White, Orange & Black

Now this little number reminds me of Halloween candy! When I first came across it I pictured Helga then candy. Helga & Candy what a lovely combo. It's strange how things can remind you of people from blogland!

Patchwork Ruffle Bottom

I want this to be my garage saling dress. I told my Husband I will wear it so if he loses me he will not have to search everywhere. I will just stick out like a sore thumb. If I add a bit floppy straw hat that might even be better. Hell who knows maybe I would get better deals on things because people would think I was a crazy mad woman.

Sears Paisley Purple, Black & Blue

I like the detail on this one, but I am not big on the long sleeves. This is not my style at all, but someone out there in this world would probably think it was delightful.

So those are my latest dress finds. I will now end this little post... and search for a movie on Netflix.