Saturday, July 30, 2011

Garage Sale Paraphernalia

Did that make you feel sad? *LOL* "He's lying" I go home midway through and let him out and play with him before I do the other area of town.

I found some vintage dresses today, but will post them in the next post.

For now it's the Paraphernalia
I just posted on someones blog the other day that I want more bracelets. I have a small assortment but had not found many at all recently. Well lately for me if I think I want something.. I usually come across it within a few weeks.

Bangle set $1

*Confetti Lucite Stretch $2*


I gotta say I purchased this at the first garage sale I hit. I wore it ALL DAY!
My guy and I made up a (stupid) game. When we found something good at a sale I would celebrate with a little shake of the arm and dance. *hahahaha*

This bracelet is loud and fun

Price paid: $2

*Big glass dish (Made in Indonesia)*

50 cents

*Powder holder*


I keep looking for vintage baby books. I want one for my future munchkin.

This one I found today is from 1967. It has not been written in at all. The only flaw is the black felt mark on the front. So as of now this will be baby Coconuts (Who does not exist yet *lol*) baby book. Unless I find something older in the next year n a half or so. My Dad was with me when I was getting it and he said (Why would you want that? Your kid woun't be born in 1967) *LOL* "Uhggg yea I know Dad considering I wasn't alive then that sort of makes sense" I explained I want a vintage baby book and I will buy new one when I am Pregnant and then when my kid is older they can decide which they want. (Vintage or new) It does mean I will have double the filling out to do.. but it seems like the only answer.

Just look at the cute pictures!

Doilies $1

*These just keep popping up lately!*


*I love the colors*

50 cents

Now this part of the post is for 1950's_atomic_ranch_house
She did a post about a sweet little horse she purchased off E-bay that arrived with broken legs *Sniff*. I never knew anything about these sort of horses and don't even know if I had ever seen one in my lifetime. Well it happened again... she wrote her post 2 days ago. I found these horses today!

One big one and one little one. The little one is yours if you want it Ranchie.

(Let me know I bought it for you)

And I think I know why yours didn't make it..

It seems with age these horses can kind of corrode. After getting them home I was looking over the big horse and he has some wounds I can see into this crack on his front And there is some fine cracking going on around his back leg. So I will keep him in a safe area where his leg will hopefully stay on and we don't have to deal with a tragedy.

The man who sold me these horses was 72 years old. He told me he saved up his money and purchased the big one for $7 at the age of 7.
That would make big horse 65 years old.

Little horse from what I can see is in very good condition with no scars or sores.

The plant stand, glass bowl and the horses came from ("The horse man") Last week we heard about Flamingo lady.. I wonder who I will meet next time.

Any of you shop this weekend? What did you find?

Friday, July 29, 2011

And an Angel called down from the Heavens and told her to do Frock on Friday..

*Hehehe* Not really but it does look like it doesn't it

I found this blue-tiful dress at a thrift shop I frequent. I stashed it in a $5 bag sale. (You will hear me say that alot) So the price I paid would surely be under $1

Here's a little glimpse of my backyard. See the little red bird house I picked up from a flea market in the tree? (I like it)

*Camera shy Boxer* ... he will pose just fine when he FEELS like it.

Red nails, blue and leopard bangle & my green tiny stone ring.

Ruby Lou! I am liking the name. Funny thing is my guys nickname (one of many) from me is "Loo" The weird thing is.. he calls me "Loo" too!

So we are loo and loo.

It's such a habit we don't realize it until after I yell "HEY LOO" at someones garage sale and all eyes are suddenly on us.

*Ruffles & Flowers*

*My non vintage Walmart shoes that hurt the back of my ankles*

There ya go Nelly! First Frock on Friday down!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beaded Necklace Head (If Cleopatra thrift shopped)

Hello there all! I assume your wondering what it is I am doing in this ensemble. No I am not channeling Cleopatra.. well maybe I am (Had she run out of eyeliner.) Misfits Vintage put out a fun challenge. In her words "Consider this a challenge -
what non-hat item can you wear as a hat?"

Check out her hat! It's very cute!

Nelly did feathers (*Hehehehe* She gave me a really good laugh and looked like a pretty convincing parrot.)

This is what I chose bead necklaces worn as a hat. All of the necklaces are beaded strings except my lovely medallion on a chain necklace. I also wore a robe tie around my head to keep my necklaces from falling down and hitting my nose every couple of seconds! *LOL* (It was starting to hurt) Actually this whole ordeal caused me pain.

The freakin sequin top I wore for the first and last time, Cut and scratched the insides of my upper arms. *owwwie*

The Supplies 7 necklaces (4 thrifted)(3 garage saled) 1 Robe tie (thrifted)
I did use 4 bobby pins to keep this attire on my head!

~Stupid sequin top thrifted / Genie pants thrifted / Underwear Brand new (Probably cost me more then the whole darn outfit)~

~*Arabian Nights*~

See you soon!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Floral Dress

I found it in the back corner of a old garage on a table at an estate sale. The Children were selling off the parents belongings. I suppose the parents had either died or went to live at a seniors home. The dress was amongst old pillows, sheets, afghans and curtains. I am sure their son who was tending to the items in the garage did not expect anyone to buy the small pile of clothes but I did. I wish there had been more, I liked this Lady's style (Whoever she was).

This was the best pic of the dress taken from the side. "Why I am making the weird face I do not know" I got two more dresses from the same sale. And that was all the clothing that was there. I will show you the other two in the future.

The previous owner handmade the dress. She did a fantastic job. I would have guessed it was store bought until I did some serious looking over to find little handmade details here and there. It also has a matching belt that I did not wear for these pics.

Here is a closeup of the fabric.. which took me over to the park to take pics amongst the flowers.

Whoever she was she did not wear this dress very many times. It looks next to new. When she did wear it I wonder where too? Did she wear it to the park and make faces next to sunflowers? *hehehe* Somehow I don't think so.

Did she crawl up a log and balance on one foot?? Maybe at one time.. but I don't think she did it in this dress. Whoever you were or are, I just wanted to tell you.. I like your dress it's pretty. You did a wonderful job sewing it and I love the fabric.

*Thank you*