Tuesday, April 23, 2013

7 of my weekend Purchases

 Funky green shelf and drawer liners. I am keeping these in a safe place until I either move or buy a house. I would love my kitchen cup boards lined in this stuff.
 Pink moonstone double strand necklace
 Carved rose necklace
Blingy Spider brooch
 My find of the weekend! A vintage YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) Opium tassel necklace
There is a solid disk of opium perfume inside the Burgundy enameled disc. 
I seen this in the display case of one of the thrifts I rummage at. My eyes were instantly drawn to the boldness of the necklace.... but then I seen the small YSL letters. So I took out the trusty web enabled phone and did a quick google search which brought up one listed on Etsy for $219 USD needless to say. I stood at that display counter like a HAWK watching a fish in a lake. (Until someone came over to help me)
I seen the price tag. (A mere $3.99)
The worker comes over. *Points to the wrong necklace* "No (I say politely) the one next to it."
"I want to buy it." Do you need to look at it she says? "It's $3.99 right?" I ask  Yes she says
"I will take it" I reply. 
I guess that heightened her curiosity as she examined the thing like it was a precious gemstone chiseled out of a rock.
I then seen her eyes go a little bigger. YEP I'm pretty sure she seen the YSL logo.
I hope whoever priced it doesn't get in poo poo! *hehehe*
*Victory Dance*
 Vintage Opium Necklace in picture above is for sale HERE on Esty
The ad that helped me KNOW I was getting a amazing deal.
 Elsapel bright orange bag. Purchased for $2 from a yard sale. Will surely become one of my favorite yard saling bags. It's huge it's bright and Mr. Coco will never lose me amongst all the crazy yard sale HOOPLA!
 Found this dress in the same store as the Opium necklace. I paid more for it than I ever pay for dresses. But I plan to re-sell so eventually I should make my invested money back.
From what I am seeing on other blogs there is alot of great things being found at thrifts and sales.
That makes me HAPPY!

In the past couple years garage saling has become WAY too popular here. I noticed it more last year... but now this year it's INSANE. The garage sale ads listed online have over a couple hundred hits. There is like 10-15 cars at a time at each sale. 
I know it's these popular shows that have turned all these people into crazy bargain hunters. (Picker shows, Antique Roadshow, Storage wars and so on)
I have a feeling if I am gonna find any good stuff it's going to be because I am one of the first people at the sale.That will prove to be difficult as I don't like being a pesky early bird. The two last garage sales I held we had people show up an hour and a half early. They even have the audacity to knock on your door (Before anythings placed outside) Or call days ahead of time asking if you will be selling 
(Whatever kind of stuff they are looking for.)
"Awww well I will just keep on saling as I normally do and try not to let those people piss me off"

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kewpie Vacation

 Went on a day trip out of town. I took Kewpie for some documentation of the trip.
 We stopped at McDonald's for breakfast
 Highway shot
 Arrived in the town of our destination and used the bathrooms at The Bay.
 Picture of me downtown, with one of the many painted buildings
 Taken from the window of an antique store (Obviously a antique window too) *heheh*
Baby Carriage
 Awesome chair!
 Kewpie could not have been happier ..... he found some relatives. TOO BAD they were locked up in a glass case in the Salvation Army.
 Stopped in at Value Village
 Kewpie did a little rock climbing!
 I purchased this fringe dress from Value village
 Accessorized with Yellow and white Jewelry
 I just found these last week. They are one of my fave purchases of the year so far right next to Beatrice my carpet bag purse.
 Bought these for a 5'er on Saturday morning at a garage sale. A little more than I would have liked to spend... but I have been trying to not be a total cheapo! *hahaha*
Vaseline glass dish purchased from Salvation Army.
It has been a month since my last post. The reasoning is because of work.
One of stores we clean was supposed to switch over to Spring hours at the beginning of April. And it STILL HAS NOT HAPPENED YET. I was so looking forward to be able to clean a little less and have a bit more time for my hobbies. It can't be much longer before we get the go ahead. I mean Spring did start here on March 20 "WHAT'S THE FREAKIN HOLD UP?"