Tuesday, October 30, 2012

AHHH BATS zombie squirrels are after the blood of hootie owls

It's the SpOoKiEsT time of the year and I am here to show you what's going on in the china cabinet.
It's gruesome, Gory and just plain SICK!
 Inside the cabinet is a ferocious Rabie ridden squirrel and he is trying to turn the owl into a zombie too!
Okay in all seriousness that is not what's actually happening....

I bought the owl for $7 at Home sense. I had been eyeing this owl for a couple weeks and I finally broke down. He actually gets along with my nut holding squirrel quite well.
* I like stripes*
 Today I was channeling Mary Tyler Moore. I have been a little obsessed with that show for the past while. I am trying too slow down on my episode watching as I want to savour it. *lol*

Hat (Forever21) Jacket (Thrifted) Skirt (Thrifted) Leggings (Walmart)
Boots (Thrifted)
 " Who can turn the world on with her smile? Who can take a nothing day, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile? "
 " Well it's you girl, and you should know it
With each glance and every little movement you show it "
Ready to see some recent finds???
 Plastic doilies Estate sale $1
 Butane star burst candles & holders $3 Penguin West Bend hot/cold server with Bakelite handles $2

 Ric rac & binding .50 cents Pinking shears and tracing tool $2
 Big milk glass HYPNOTIQUE bath salts jar 0.30 cents
Le creuset pan & pot $5
I can't remember if I showed you these or not. They were in the box I brought them home in from the sale yet to be cleaned and put away.
*Roll's eyes*
 This mirror was literally just purchased 5 hours ago from the time I posted this. Salvation Army $8

 My Boxer doggie collection. Right now they live one floor below the Squirrel and Owl in the cabinet.
 I found this ring or flower and leave lights this afternoon also. When I got them home I put them on my head ans plugged them in.... (Thank God there was not a short in the cord or something)*HAHAH*
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Have a Happy & Fun Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hail balls must mean Winters on the way

Last Saturday was the first Sat in many months I did not hit the morning garage sales. It almost felt weird to sleep in until 10 something in the A.M. But just because I didn't go saling doesn't mean I didn't get out of the house to do some thrifting.
 When I woke up the mountain tops held my first glimpse of snow since January...

 Later in the afternoon I was inside that store on the right and when I walked outside there was a CRAZY hail storm!! I ran to the vehicle pulling my hood over my head and every little blasted hail ball that hit my face stung!
 Dark and Bleak in the mid afternoon
It has been awhile since I last posted... But guess what was posted to me? From Vanessa the wee squirrel!!
 Hmmmm? What is it?
Is that a crustacean I see?!
 LOOK at this amazing tea towel she found! Isn't it MARVELOUS? It's magical too!

 She also sent me these sweet little hooter earrings. *heheh*
Aren't they a hoot?
Thank you very much Vanessa
*BIG smile*
Things found, bought, brought home & scattered about!
I am a little behind on showing you these kind of things...
But here is a start...
 This awesome bag was purchased when I went on that out of town day trip I was talking about last month. I walked into the store doors. The elderly woman told me they were closing in (3 MINUTES)
Omg I was frantic.... "Running up and down the isles like a turkey being chased by a fox"
*Gobble Gobble Hubble rubble* <---- Okay I wasn't actually making noise on my frantic search... but honestly... I came quite close. I was crushed but I managed to see this bag hanging on a end in a plethora of cast away handbags. This WAS the store I was most excited about rummaging through... So next time I go, they will be my first stop.
These ceramic mermaid fish riders were found on the weekend at Salvation army. I bought them for $1 each.
The magazine was bought at a garage sale I went to some weeks back.
I found 7 of them in pretty good condition.They are all from 1973-1974.
When I found this Volkswagen van on the kids toy shelf for $5 I knew I could not leave it behind.
When I was 11 years old I started taking a real liking the Volkswagen Vans. I always told my Dad that when I got older I was going to get one.
(Sadly MANY years later I still don't have one.... but I am not losing hope!!!)
This isn't a little dinky toy. The Vans about 8" long and the wind shield wipers can be moved, the back window opens and it's just pretty awesome.

Estate sale find! A Samsonite beauty case with original box (Never been used) came with keys and all. I paid $15 I was REALLY having to think if I wanted to spend that much. But then I realized... sometimes I can be a little too cheap. So I gave myself the little push I needed and paid the sellers asking price. (Meanwhile there was a hovering Chic.... who was watching me like a hawk... I suppose she was waiting for me to put the case down so she could snatch it up with her large TALONS ....)(Ermm.. I mean hands)
Once I paid she buggered off not looking too happy.
*mMmMm* This was last nights snack!! *HAHAH*
I hit the 10 pounds lost mark about a week or so ago. Sheesh I thought that milestone would never come.. But it did!!
Last week was the Mr & I's Wedding Anniversary. We went out for CRAB LEGS to celebrate. I joked saying "we had to get something crab" ... for a memory of the occasion. Well I almost fell over when that night I found a Crab Cushion for $4 at a thrift shop.
Let me introduce you to
Vintage Coconut