Sunday, October 30, 2011

A fun filled day for...


A short silly video I made of his trip. Yes he came with us on our mini Vacation.

"Bottom right button of the video bar can make the video screen bigger so Skipper's video is easier to read"

Friday, October 28, 2011

Coloring hair (hallabaloo)

*Oh and look.. I got a free gift*

Don't you love free gifts? I do I sometimes buy and item.. just cause I get another for free. *heh*

My Dye Story

Am I the only one who thinks this? I am almost certain... I am not *hopefully*.

I started dyeing my hair when I was about 12 or 13 with friends. My Mom wasn't too thrilled, but one time during a sleepover one of my friends and I applied red streaks to our hair. From then on the dyeing continued. I don't even remember all the colors I have been through but I did have a red phase for about 3 years straight and then after that I went to black for a couple years.

Around 20 my hair was quite damaged from the dye and the hair straightening and everything else... So I buzzed it off. YUP *bZZZZT* My long hair that was to mid back fell onto the bathroom floor... I second guessed doing this at 1/3 of the way through... but really what was I gonna do with the 1 inch hair I had in the front of my head??? (Crazy glue in some extensions?!) Once my hair was buzzed I didn't dye it again until it was about chin length. I only dyed it twice a year and was alot more careful with it. It grew in nice and thick, got passed my shoulders. And then I went through a stressful time in my life and my hair got quite thin. *UHGGGG* So I did not dye it for around 2 1/2 years. I was worried it might be too fragile and could just break off or something... Now ever since these hair issues.. I have found that I get REALLY NERVOUS when it comes to applying hair dye.

My natural color is a medium brown... but in the past couple years I have been noticing some stupid grey strands here and there. The last time I dyed my hair until two days ago was in January.. The black came and went and until last week my hair had been my natural color. I could not leave it any longer and once I found the dye I use for a sale price of 50% off what excuse did I have? Other than thinking my hair would fall off (Cause seriously that is the only reason I left it so long.)

I mixed up the the dye, had on my gloves, held the bottle near my hair... and seriously started feeling anxious... It was ridiculous. I finally had my whole head saturated.. *Including blue ear tips and for head streaks too* The whole 25 min I had to wait I was antsy and pacing thinking I felt weird things going on to my scalp.


Finally the timer was up I washed it out and when I realized most of my hair was staying intact I let out a breath of relief.

Now I do not look relieved do I?

I look like I am getting my mug shot taken after a massive booze bender.

"HEY GUYS LOOK I still have my hair"

I am posting this for the next time I have to dye my hair... I may be able to resort back to this post in a time of worry.


Question: I have heard Henna is alot healthier and safer for your hair. I know you can get red and black. Has any of your tried black Henna? I was thinking of maybe giving it a try in the future.

No Frock on Friday for me unfortunately

Today was busy as we had shopping to do. In the morning we are waking up early and going on our out of town day trip.

So I will be thrifting in new territory!


But I will leave you with what I purchased for $1 this afternoon.

I seriously let out a squeak when I saw these sitting on a bottom shelf at The Salvation Army.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Koala gave me Crabs by Sea Mail *Eeeee*

Sea animal fabric, wash cloth, satin scarf, picture & Crab wall pocket

"I squealed with delight when a package from Nelly arrived at my door yesterday morning."
It is Utterly CRAB-TASTIC!

The envelope said it had been posted on August 17 *eeeaash*

That means the crabs had a good 2 months in the Ocean


Look at the look on this crabs face.. Omg it is adorable & demented all in one.

Nelly spoiled me to the end of the ocean...

(Leather white gloves * Dice ring * scrabble ring * domino brooch * sweet pink lavender scented heart * hanker chief with a M for my name ( Moconut) * Sewing needles * Yellow daisy patterned scarf * Purple heart pendant)

(Aus calendar tea towel )

Cute books

(Nelly didn't know this but I used to LOVE smokey bear when I was little.)

A Crochet and Knitting pattern book

Inside pic

Inside Pic

(Bottom item Australia bath towel * Cockatoo necklace * cute stuffed chicken * wood maple leaf * mini pixie mug * blow up palm tree * vintage Olsen's Caves hanker chief)

She wrapped everything up all nice and pretty in this floral paper.

I really COULD have taken pics before everything got attacked by me... but I didn't have the patience! *lol*

Also there was a pack of smarties and some hubba bubba in the package too. But I ate the chocolate to quickly and had already broke into the Bubbalicious.


*Dice ring goes well with my polish see*

*I was ECSTATIC when I seen this top*

I love it to bits and will surely wear it alot it the spring and summer.

But right now it's getting quite chilly so what Nelly made me below will come in VERY HANDY

"OHHHH a knitted scarf in my favorite color!!"

And I think it is completely perfect, and wore it for half the day today... Even when I was inside my house. *hahahah*

I only know how to crochet... But I am thinking these needles were thrown in to give me a kick in the pants to learn how to knit.

Note to Nelly: Nobody in my family (Even Grandmas) really knit or crochets... So this scarf you made is quite special because I am almost certain that this is one of the first handmade out of yarn gifts made especially for me. (Excluding maybe when I was a baby and some lady from church might have made me a blanket or toy or something.) Which might or might not have happened I really don't have the slightest clue. So thank you very much I will cherish the scarf you made.

Now in this package there was a card and in the card it said

"The apron is for Mr. V.C"

Well the Mr. quite liked the apron as soon as he rolled out of bed this morning (Seriously no joke) I threw the apron over his neck and got him out on the patio for a picture.

(Maybe you can tell by his hair)


The Bush Tucker & his tongs

*Snap snap like a Crab or Lobster he goes*

Here is me in the cozy scarf! And I am here to say that Nelly.. you are the opposite of a Grinch... *hehe*

You are more like a Australian Santa Claus

Thank you for the lovely gifts. I appreciate them all & kinda feel like I celebrated Christmas a bit early.

You are such a generous Chicky with a wicked and fun personality

I don't think there would be anything any of us would change about you even if we could.

~* Her Nelly-ness*~

Saturday, October 22, 2011

100th Post (Retail, Vanity/dressing table search)

Hooray I made it to 100 posts! In 2010 I joined Blogger in Feb and only did 28 posts the whole year. This year so far I have done 69 *heh* So I either got better with my blogging.. Or I blab too much!!! (One or the other)

Last week Mr. and I celebrated our 12 wedding anniversary. We decided we wanted Chinese food so we went to a lunch buffet.
The food above was my plate.
(Is now hungry just looking at it)

Part of a gift from my parents was a $25.00 gift card for WINNERS.
I like what they carry there but do not go there much as I spend most of my shopping time in thrifts and buying my other bathroom necessities, makeup and such from places like Walmart or Zellers (Zellers is a Canadian store very similar to Target).
When Mr. and I get a gift card we first try and find something for the house we both agree on. But if there is nothing that is too thrilling we split the card in half and buy what we want. (We are pretty good at sharing since we have been together since we were 14 years old. Even though my Mother said I was not allowed to date until I was 16. I sure showed her... *laugh*) So with my half here is what I purchased.

~Pink Leopard Hair Wrap~
I used to have a cheepie from the dollar store but haven't seen it around in ages. Plus this one is sooo much cuter! *lol*

~Lavender Talc Powder~

It was the metal tin that got to me.. but it smells lovely and will make me feel fancy!

I might just wear it out tomorrow like a hood


My search has become a slight obsession. I have my money stashed and hidden away from my Birthday just waiting for the perfect vanity table to come my way. Now why is it when you do not have the money for something it is plentiful but when you finally do they seem like a rarity!

My search has become part of a daily routine. Added onto my morning coffee with blogger I now turn to the classifieds in my area ready to click on a ad that shows a vanity table and message the seller as fast as my fingers can type before someone else does. I leave the page up on my computer all day pressing refresh whenever I remember. *Seriously* One did pop up that I was in love with at first site... But it's a little farther than I am willing to travel to go get it. *sigh*

The money it would cost in gas could probably buy me 8 bag sales.


So as long as all goes well... Next weekend Mr. Coconut and I will be taking a out of town day trip. We plan on thrifting and trying to find a vanity table in a few towns over from where I am. We will actually be going to two different towns and to thrift shops we have never even set foot in before. So it will be quite a fun adventure *I imagine*. I also looked up some used furniture stores in those towns and found a couple that (Judging by google maps) Look like they very well could have a vanity table inside them. *hahaha* "Stalker-ish huh" Now I didn't actually see a vanity table in them.. just by the pics it looks like they carry vintage furniture.

"Dear Vanity: Even though you do not yet exist in my life I have been preparing for you. Last week I bought you a pretty little lamp that is going to make you and I feel sooo glamorous. I have jewellery I want to keep in one of your drawers and I have a tray that can sit on you and hold my small perfume collection. I have hair flowers that need to be cozy for the Winter.. and a BUNCH of other stuff. So if you could just do your part... and try to find me too. I would be very grateful. *Hope to meet you soon* I will be waiting with arms wide open and a bottle of Old English Lemon oil to condition your wood! *If that doesn't make you excited?! I don't know what will!!"

Love always: Coconut

Friday, October 21, 2011

Vintage Lover till the cows come home (Frock on Friday)

Frock on Friday is here! Today was the first time I wore this dress and I am gonna say I am in love with the darn thing.

Dress: $0.50 Church thrift $2.00 bag sale

Hat: $0.99 Salvation Army

Shoes: $0.75 Local Thrift $5.00 bag sale

Outfit total: $2.24

(Minus Undies)


*Moo Mooo* "Come back cows!"

The pics with the cows were taken up in the mountains. The cows were totally camera shy and started making their way up the hill when we got out of the vehicle. It probably didn't help I was calling them. "Cows Cows where are you going? Don't leave cows.. you are so cute" *lol*

I was slightly hesitant and ready to run to the vehicle had a cow got angry.

(My Great Great Grandmother was killed by a Bull on their farm.)

"Hello my name is Ruby Loo"

"Welcome to Canada: Here is what we have to offer"
(This should be on a brochure)

CanCan can you do the CanCan

That's all folks!

Have a *DELIGHTFUL* weekend

P.s. I have reached 100+ Followers and am rather excited about it too! (Thank you to each and everyone of you.) I will be having a contest giveaway in November to celebrate. I am still on the hunt for a couple more vintagey items.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Something in the mail

Hello! It's almost the weekend so I hope you all are excited. (I AM!)
Yesterday I got a package in the mail.

Tara from had a giveaway for reaching 250 followers I entered along with alot of others and won. *WEEEE*

See this cute little tin she decorated?! I love it!
And as soon as I saw the envelope I smiled because of the little starburst she drew. (I am the same way... If I am not drawing pics on shipping envelopes I am decorating them with stickers.)

~The Winnings~

I was quite suprised when I spotted the pink pendant. It is soooo sparkley and Tara made them herself out of resin. I remember her post on them months back. Also I have never owned any MAC makeup (I usually just purchase my stuff from a drug store or Walmart or something.) I always have heard reveiws on these lipsticks but... never knew a thing about them. (Still don't) But what I do know is I put it on today and WOW it lasts a good long while. (Didn't kiss off) I tried it on Mr. Coconuts cheek! "He even had to double check in the vehicle mirror" It smells good (I found that weird.. My lipsticks dont normally smell pretty.)

I wanted to say thank you to Tara & the sugar container she drew my name out of. *lol*

See you Tomorrow for Frock on Friday. I am looking forward to all you glamerous babes strutting your stuff!

x___ VC

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tea time & Show and tell

*Apple tea is delicious*
Have you ever accidentally posted your blog post before you were even near finished? Well it just happened to me for the second time. And I will tell you what, doing that always makes me super anxious. *lol* (I start freaking out thinking) "omg omg what do I do ahhh hurry fix it"

So here is the secret item I was holding whilst caped in the wilderness. One person guessed right to what it was. It is a 60's picnic set!

I have been wanting a Picnic ball for awhile now and whenever I came across them I thought they were over-priced. But guess what? This one was sitting on the shelf with a price tag of $2.50 *SCREAM* I grabbed the handle so fast thank God it was all put together right or I could have flung plastic dishes all around the whole isle in my happiness. The set is missing one item (a cup) I won't worry much about it right now as 5 seems like plenty.

*Men's vintage hat*

*Inside of hat*

*Funky Faux Fur*


~Story time~

I see this hat on a shelf in a thrift on Sunday afternoon. I dashed towards it as.. well it is rather unique. Thinking it was quite nifty I picked it up and went looking for Mr. Coco. Once I found him I said "Look at this hat isn't it cool?"

He said: "It looks like a POO" *Laughter ensues* "No! (I reply back) It's ribbed for her pleasure!!! *More laughter ensues*

So then I wasn't even gonna get the damn thing since Mr. Coco said it looked like Poo. But when it was almost time to leave I just NEEDED to try it on.. He was with me when I did and then said: "Well it looks nice on"
I really don't know.. But I did not wanna leave it behind.

What do you think? *laugh*

*Ceramic pomander Ball*

Blanket folded together so you can see all the pics
*Adorable embroidered baby blanket for future Coconut babies*

Just found this today (Was hidden within a shelf full of Afghans)



*Kitten* (It may seem odd I chose those two animals to show up close.. It was not intentional.. I am just starting to realize the weirdness over it right now. And that is why the animal above is being called a kitten.)
*lol* Gorgeous green dress

(This dress does not fit me, if it had I would have totally wore it for FOF)


Sexy Garter (Which is so flipping tiny I have not a clue who would have owned it. )
BUT.. I stuffed it in a bag sale and will sell it in the future.

*Look at the sparkly Ric Rac*

And the brand engraved clips
(It really is too darn sweet)

Now we will go from HOT to cold with these Snowbelle winter boots I found.

They had a $5.00 price tag and are in excellent condition.
Maybe they will look nice with my white furry ball hat I found last week.

(Am not even gonna say.. what it is)
"He called out to me from a huge pile of unwanted stuffed fuzzies"

He has a tag on him that says his names "SKIPPER" and the company that made him is called Maplefootedbabies. *heheh*

*Shhh now... don't tell anyone I was here, or my where-a-bouts, what I bought or my recipe for chocolate chip mint cookies*
*Disappears into a thick fog*