Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Saling Saling saling through your garage and yard

 Come sale with me
Here are my Garage sale finds from the weekend.

 Straw tote / purse .25 cents
 Wood handle purse $2
 Bamboo handle & straw $1
Plastic tote .50 cents
I bet your saying: (What the hell is with all the bags?) "I dunno that's just how it worked out"
 Brown 50s/60s purse $2
This vintage purse is immaculate! I am crazy about it.
Black purse .25 cents
 Tag inside
 Straw bottle cover (FREE)
 Snail planter (Made in Japan) .75 cents
"Dora my snail wants to be friends with your clown"
 Starfish Brooch .25 cents
 Note pad .25 cents (Paper goes through the metal bar at her waist area and there is a hole for her pen in her butter churn.)
 Bullet shaped candle holder (FREE)
 Letter opener .50 cents
Ceramic Kitchen vegetable decor $1

 Owls from Los Cabos .50 cents
 Ceramic snail tape dispenser .50 cents
 Kitty Plushie with embroidered face .50 cents
(I thought this was so cute! Apparently I am the only one... Everyone I asked about it said it was ugly or weird and had I not bought it... it would have never sold. *lol*)
 Solar mushroom garden decor. (The gnomes little mushroom lights up at night) $2

Portable blue Brother Deluxe Typewriter $3
"I lucked out on this one." I was going to a Church thrift store after I had finished my garage sales. Outside of the church was a pile of donations that had just been dropped off. I noticed the little blue case and un-zipped it to see what was inside. Once I seen the typewriter I carried it into the church to ask one of the ladies in charge how much they wanted for it. I also told her there was boxes of donations sitting outside. (The 3 woman working there are elderly and are all very sweet.) The thrift store in the building is up a few flights of stairs. The woman told me they would like $5 for the typewriter. I told her I would think about it and continued to look around. When one of the ladies saw all the donations she asked Mr. Coco if he could help bring them up. He did and when I went to pay for the stuff I had found they told me they would only charge me $3 for the Brother Deluxe because of Mr. Coco's help.

~Best find of the weekend~
Light up magnification makeup mirror!
I have wanted one of these for close to a year. But they are pricey and I didn't want to splurge on a round piece of glass that lights up and enlarges my pores. I had it on my Christmas list but then Cancelled it out because I wanted Dior Cherie perfume more.
Sometimes it pays to wait..... I paid $2 for this mirror at a Seniors home sale and now it will sit on my vanity table Hazel and help me with my makeup and my eyebrow plucking.

I found these brand new ruffled bottoms at Salvation army for $2 a pair.
(Original price of $6.50 each)

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 I had such a fun weekend. My saturday was full of garage sales and Sunday there was a community garage sale listed for a little country town about a 30 minute drive away.
Mr. and I went saling and found a few things and then went to a lake side park.
The water is high here because of spring run-off and we just ended a flood watch.

I wanted to ride the frog... but I could not get to him safely.

Mr. & I
I rode this exact duck when I was about 9 or 10
I am glad they still have the old playground equipment and have not replaced it with the plastic junk.

Cute or Demented??? TELL ME!

Hope everyone is having a good week so far!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Shake your Coco + NUTS at Garage sales!

 I got these two Trader  Vics ceramic coconut for 0.50 cents! The sale we were at was in a big room at a Japanese Cultural centre. I already scanned the table they were on and had not seen them. LUCKY I went by for a second look and bam. When I found the coconuts I was so thrilled I wanted to show Mr. but I didn't see him... so I thought it would be funny to walk around the room holding the coconuts as I am in the above picture. It was the first time this year my Mom was able to come with us and she could NOT stop laughing. Needless to say I am sure the Mr. spotted me first cause when I saw him he had a big smile on his face.

 Zipper bow belt 0.75 cents

 Silky clutch purse 0.25 cents

 Never used Coty L'aimant Dusting Powder 0.25 cents

Lady and dog Brooch 0.25 cents

Flower brooch 0.25 cents

 Beveled edge mirror 0.25 cents

 Back of mirror
(Anyone know what kind of metal oxidizes like this?)
I am trying to find out something / anything about this mirror. It looks like it could be silver but there is no stamp and most aged silver I have come across goes black-ish.

 1950's Baseball boy planter 0.50 cents

Olive dish 0.25 cents

 Pourers $1.00

Ice Cream magnets $ 1.00

 Bag of thread 0.50 cents

 Pull ducks $2.00

 Aye Aye Captain hat 0.50 cents

 Men's Shoe care chest $3.00

Top of box

I have two favorite finds I couldn't decide between them.

1st Favorite

 A electric lighter made in Japan. It cost me 0.25 cents which was already a SCORE of a deal. But when I got home and looked it over I seen the 18 k gold plated stamp.

2 Favorite
What's this???

It's my "New to me" Vintage Persian curly lamb faux fur coat.
It was purchased from a woman who had excellent style. If I had to guess she would be in her mid 60s to early 70s. She was hosting her yard sale in a big straw sun hat, with bright eyeshadow and dark makeup. She also didn't skimp on the jewelry. As soon as I seen her I thought
"This is someone I would like"
She had her own kind of style and I am sure she never goes unnoticed.
I spotted the coat on a rack at the back of her garage. There was only one other couple at the sale They were in between the two clothing racks at the back of the garage and the woman was trying on a coat. I then seen the sleeve of a faux fur coat on the left of the left rack. The couple was about 4 feet away from me and the coat I was looking over.... when I noticed the guy kept looking over at me weird (I was making sure the coat didn't have any holes and giving it a good look over) The guy is then saying something to the lady hes with and then she's staring too. The guy suddenly puts his hand on the fur collar coat that was behind the one I was looking at and says "Excuse me, we are taking this coat!" So I say nicely "Oh okay no problem"
 (Really I didn't have the slightest interest in the coat he was pointing at.)
He then says SNOOTILY "We WERE interested in that one too" ... (Okay now I am annoyed! Who are you?? The King of the coat rack?) I had the flippin coat in my hand this guy wasn't even NEAR the arm of the rack I was looking at....  I swear this guy was trying to intimidate me. I looked at him draped the coat over my arm and walked over to the tables of knick knacks and proceeded to try the coat on. (The whole time King of the coat rack has his beady eyes looking in my direction.)
"If you want something at a yard sale you pick it up and hold it... you don't stare at it from feet away and figure people will telepathically know you were thinking of buying it."

 The Host at the sale told me all about how great the coat was and that she had loved it and it's so warm and will be perfect for Autumn and Winter. I paid her the sticker price wich was $4.00
(Can't argue with that)
The seller told me to enjoy it and she was glad it was going to someone who would appreciate it.
King of the coat rack stopped laser eyeing me as I started walking down the driveway back to the vehicle.

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Saturday night
After garage saling I needed some relaxation time. I was flipping through Netflix when I seen something luscious!

 *Laugh* No I didn't photoshop that lobster in there... He is really on the case!
I didn't even need to read about it. I KNEW it was a movie for me.

 Sunday night

I really liked this movie! It was funny and had me laughing.
I love Doris Day movies
"Oh and Rock Hudson was a HUNK!"

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as I did.

Anyone have any dealings with un-stable humans?