Saturday, October 30, 2010


Hello all just a quick drop in to wish you all a Happy Halloween.

Spinning in the leaves and weeping willows

Throwing leaves in the air

This is my pumpkin Mervin

I will go buy myself some candy on Monday when its SUPER CHEAP! *lol*

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Loverly vintage curtains & train case

I bought these curtains for a total of $3.00 at a local thrift. They don't have a place yet I am planning on storing them until I move somewhere else.
I do imagine them to be 50's but I could be wrong I am surely no curtain expert.

So if you have an idea let me know.

I love the print and color on the curtains.. the backs are white with a rubberish feeling. The one set is long and is how it is supposed to be. The second set had been cut shorter. They did a good cutting job but never sewed up the bottom so at some point I will have to do that.

I picked up this Train case on Saturday. I spotted it up high amongst tons of other suitcases and bags. I asked my guy to get it down for me which cause a landslide of things to come down with it. *lol* The sticker on the case said $2.00 (There was no way I was leaving it for that price.) So my guy leaves me for a few min to go try on a pair of pants. I had a basket with clothes in it next to me in the skirt and sweater isle, the next thing I see is some lady holding my case!!! I am sort of a slightly shy person until I get to know people and I am also a rather *quiet* thrift shopper. But when I saw a lady with my case I thought (OH NO)

And just blurted out (EXCUSE me that's my stuff!!) Now I didn't say it mean or yell but I found it funny after it had been said. I was rather loud about it worried she would walk off with my find. She was very nice and said "Oh I am sorry" (And put it back down on top of my clothes basket). So when the Husband got back I told him to take it with him and not let it leave his site. Apparently a few min later in the book section a lady asked if the case was his.

He told her yes.. and then she asked (Can I look at it?) LOL

What on earth.. I think he was sort of shocked and said well I guess. So then this other random lady starts opening the case looking around and all and then says. "Oh it's in great shape thank you" and walks away.

Normally I like to keep all vintage intact and original. But this case has quite a few marks inside. I was thinking of re-doing the inside a bit. I do not wanna gut the thing I plan to keep most of it the way it is. But I thought it would be cute to get some leopard fabric and cover over the existing inside. I don't plan on ever getting rid of it so I mean the case is now stuck with me for life. I mars well make enjoyable to my eyes.

I will leave you with a silly picture I took yesterday when I was out on a bike ride. I always pass this one spot and think it would be a lovely place for a pic. So I put on my kitty hoodie and climbed in a tree when I got there.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bicycling with a deer

Today I decided to go out on Casper again and enjoy the Autumn air. I have had Casper less than 2 weeks and have already rode it quite alot.
Today we drove over crispy leaves and rode while the sun started to set.

But the whole point of this post is that I got totally freaked out near the end of my ride. I had been looking at the ground "Who knows why" and when I looked up I realized there was a deer in front of my just feet away. I yelled "OH MY GOD" and once passed it. "HOLY CRAP".

Cute cute cute cute cute

Then deerie walked down the hill and disappeared. So I continued on with my lovely ride.

Me celebrating that the deer didn't charge me and steal my bike!
*Have a lovely weekend.*

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kitchen Table *Update*

In my last post I wrote about hoping a kitchen table I spotted on a Saturday would still be there at opening on Monday. Well it was to my delight!!!
So I purchased the table and on the way home was hungry so the Husband and I stopped in at Subway. While he was inside I had a odd thought. We usually get our sandwiches to go and take them over to a nice park by our house and eat them there. Well my thought was.. WOULDN'T it be odd if we took the table out and carried it in front of a bench and had a REAL subway picnic?!

So when he got in the vehicle I told him my thought.. he replied "Lets do it"
Oh jeaz then I was not too SURE... I mean what if alot of people passed by or someone asked what we were doing. Well it was too late, we got to the park then parked. The Husband grabbed the table carried it across the road and down a hill to a cement park bench. HAHAHA it looked sooo funny I am sure.
The most embarrassing moment was when I noticed two joggers were headed our way. They STARED and I tried not even to make eye contact. I knew if I did I would turn 3 shades redder than I already was. Then I heard "What in the hell is a kitchen table doing there?!" Now the good thing about this situation is that this table will now always have a story with us. The time we ever ate with it was in the middle of a busy park. *lol*
The pattern on the table is Starbursts. I think it is just so darn cute.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, mine was alright I suppose. We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving, and the part I am not so excited about is I probably gained like 4 pounds.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Casper the bicycle

I went thrifting on Oct. 1 I found some little vintage finds here and there. At my last stop I found the bike I have named Casper.
I have been looking for a vintage bike. (ALL SPRING & SUMMER) No luck whatsoever.. they were all too expensive for my liking. A few weeks back I walked into a thrift to see a lovely red bicycle.. My excitement skyrocketed as I ran over.. only to find a SOLD sign on the seat, (BOO) I was so sad.
Well when I first spotted Casper my heart fluttered and then I thought.. NOPE DON'T GET EXCITED.. IT IS PROBABLY SOLD! Well turns out it wasn't. I purchased Casper for $20.00 I came to find out had I went there a day later it would have been gone. Apparently the employees there have to wait 1 business day before they can buy anything that comes in. Two of them wanted the bike. Best part is I bought it in the last 20 minutes before they closed.
If your wondering about the name I figured since it's white and purchased in October Casper was a fitting name. I was originally looking for a bike a few years older but for now this is great and if I do ever find one.. well then Casper will have a sibling. *lol*

P.s. On Saturday I spotted a GORGEOUS Formica kitchen table. It's the glittery kind with a star burst design. The store was closing and I could not make up my mind whether to purchase or not. I am going back tomorrow morning to see if it's still there. *Oh I hope I hope I hope* I lost out on the two previous ones I have came across. One was 20$ (Whoever bought that got a HELLUVA deal)
The other 30$ but it had a bit of minor damage so I kind of let it pass. This one I am looking at is 50$ That is kinda steep for me to pay atm but I have been dreaming of finding the perfect one and HELL I LOVE star bursts.. imagine staring at them whilst eating spaghetti. ;)

I will update you soon.