Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Strawberry Smushy Face

Sometimes I used my dog as a throw cushion

I figured I better drop in and show my face around here before Friday.
I was so excited for Frock on Friday last week ... and then I didn't even get around to taking any photos or blogging. *Bah* The dress I am wearing (Which you really can't see much of).. was found in the pajama section on the weekend SCORE!
That pic is of me (*obviously*) sitting in the little Japanese Ramen shop (Yet again) on my fourth visit. This weekend will be our fifth I am sure since the Mr. is obsessed. I am sure the owner knows us now as we have been there every week since his opening.

~Here is 3 things I found on the weekend~

Vintage jewelry box $2

("Message to thrift store owners: STOP putting sticky price tags on the tops of vintage things. Because when they get purchased and the tag needs to be removed.... it sometimes doesn't happen nicely.")


The Inside

I don't know what my obsession is with these paper mache / cardboard jewelry boxes but I love em!

Brand new / old lampshade skeleton

(I have a plan for this... I will show you in a future bloggie post)


The tag (Oh look at all the funky shapes and styles)

The style number is so faded its barely visible

WHAT!!!! Another pair of cowboy boots?

"Yes but these ones are vintage Justin cowboy boots."

I paid $11.99 for them and was so thrilled when I came across them.

These are now my second pair of cowboy boots and oddly enough... I got my first pair in the beginning of this month!!

For one reason or another... I have became a little cowboy boot obsessed.

I think they will get ALOT of wear this spring & summer

Before we all know it.....

You will be calling me..

Cowgirl Coconut!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New shoes & Old pictures

Me on my 11th Birthday wearing the tye dyed shirt I made. I haven't seen this picture in a long while and it made me laugh because I grew my fringe out after this and then didn't cut fringe again until the beggining of Feb 2010. (So about 17 years)

January 2010

First lets look at my new shoes... then we will continue on with the old stuff.

I found these at Salvation Army on the weekend. I was thrilled to see the Genuine Leather leather marking on them. When I got home I read it and it said: "Genuine Leather Sole" *AHAHAH* So the rest of the shoe is who knows what but the thin little foot shaped sole is leather. (How thoughtful of them)

Regardless I like the shoes and think they will work well with many outfits this spring and summer.

These shoes I got for around 0.75 cents They are in good shape have some scuffs from being previously worn but I like the looks of them. They remind me of doll shoes.

Antique pie server and pastry tongs $1.50


I have recieved blog awards from these following lovely people recently and some not so recent. "Insert big WHOOPSIE" here.
* (In the few past days)
* (In the few past days)
* (December 2011)
* (Back in August 2011)
* (Back in June 2011)

In the beggining of my blogging I had not a clue about the awards or what you were to do with them. ("Meaning putting the icon up on your page") *lol*
So even though I was happy and thrilled I got a award. Nobody knew I had one.
Well that will all change TODAY folks...
Thank you to everyone for my bloggie awards... New & Old

I will add them to my sidebar for all to see.

After receiving the award there are several rules to follow:-
You should pass it on to 15 recently discovered blogs and let the bloggers know they have been nominated. Then you have to share 7 things about yourself. Finally thank the award giver and link back to them.

This is one of my favorite baby pics of me. And just goes to show that dirt really can't taste that bad.

Coconuts 7 facts:

1. When I was a little girl I was a pure tomboy, even though my Mom would put me in dresses. When I got a bit older I always chose pants and remember crying when occasions would arise where a dress was needed.


2. I got my first stitches (four to be exact) when I decided to jump out of a freshly pruined apple tree at the age of 7.

3. I used to discreetly pinch other kids that sat next to me in Kindergarten and make them cry. Then I would ask them what was wrong when the teacher came to see what happened.
(If you were one of the kids I pinched.... I am sorry)

4. I was jelous when my Brother was born (see my fake smile) I am plotting on getting my Rainbow Brite doll to pinch him.
(FYI: I have no idea what happened to my Mom's hair and neither does she. When I told her I was putting this pic up she just said "Ohhhh God"
I wonder why she didn't save that dress for me. (I LIKE IT)

5. I was proud of the potatoes Dad and I grew in the garden & so was he.

(I think his line was these potatoes could feed 3 families)

Oh and my Brother didn't help cause he was just a baby! *giggle*

6. Mr. Coco and I loved the hammock my parents had in the backyard. But then one of the trees had to be removed and the hammock got sold at a yard sale. At least I still have this photo as a reminder

Mr. & Mrs. Coco 15 years old

7. I got married at 18 years old and my wedding cake toppers were

The photo is not mine and was borrowed from here:

Okay so there you have it. I am not going to pass this Versatile Blogger award on to anyone specific. If you have not recieved this award yet and would like it. Then I pass it on to YOU!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Royal Coconut Frock on Friday

*Hello Hello*

I have been waiting to show you all this dress.

I purchased it for $1 on a color tag sale.


But first ... let me show you the outerwear.

I found this cape/robe coat at Salvation army last Fall. I remember it clearly because I thought it was amazing and wanted to try it on.

Once on Mr. Coco told me it looked like a Wizard cloak *LOL*

Okay so maybe it does look a little wizard-ish but it's still amazing and I had to have it. It looks to be from the 60's and is
Bouclé fabric.

I wanted to take pics outside but we got the biggest dump of snow I have seen since the winter of 2010 and I did NOT want to get this dress wet.

The dress is deadstock still complete with tag.
The Original price for it was $168.00
(That was a big chunk of change back in the day)

Tag on my hip & Jersey scowling at any people that even think of getting close to his Mama! In case you were wondering... I did NOT ask Jersey to sit there.
After his many years with me he knows what a photo shoot is and likes to pose from time to time. *Seriously I am not joking*

The tag is still on the dress because I will probably sell it. It's too pretty to sit around and not be danced in. *Tag says:* (Dance Originals)

~* Snow Queen *~

~* Inside tag *~

~* Hang tag *~

I left to stop the self timer on the camera... APPARENTLY Jersey was not done.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Clarification to last post

My dear heck!! I should have been more clear ... Cause waking up to some comments almost gave me heart palpitations! The plans for Fall (I spoke of in last post) are to start trying for a little coconut!

(If all goes as planned)

I just didn't want to type it in so many words.

But now I have too.

Because I surely don't want to be hearing any CONGRATULATIONS .... just yet.

You will have to wait ...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine Blogiversary

There isn't a better time to wear a red petticoat than on Valentines day!

My Valentines day was spent with Colonel Sanders and my Mr.

There isn't a better way to celebrate your love... that celebrating with some fried chicken. *lol*

Truthfully Hubs and I bought our "Valentine" (Perfect excuse) Cowboy boots a couple weeks ago. (Yes he got a pair too) NO his are not pink... they are just brown...


Two years ago today I wrote my very first blog entry. I don't really know why I even started blogging, I think it was because I would look up specific interests of mine and find other people with the same interests who blogged about them.

And I thought ... hey I think I could get to liking this.

As of right now I surely have no plans to stop this blogging nonsense sooo here we go onto year 3.

It could prove to be a interesting year... Especially if plans I have for Fall come in to place. (EEEAAAK!)

*Calm down Ladies* ... (You know who you are!!)

Thank you to all my Blog followers for your comments & friendships
I have found many great people through blogging and I assume there will be even more in the future.

I made this little stuffed heart last night for Mr. Coco
("Why?! he didn't take it to work with him in his pocket... is beyond me")

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My weekend = JUST DUCKY

Saturday I had plans to go to go do a little thrifting and then go back to the Ramen place I went to last week. (Because I wanted my Parents to come with us and try it.) It was nice and sunny... so I decided to also dress the part in a vintage yellow cardigan complete with a flower in my hair and in my ears!

Just before leaving the first thrift shop I spotted a little fellow that really looked like he wanted to get the heck off of the toy shelf and into a loving home.

So I did just that and bought the rubber duck which I named Murphy.

Murphy was a little dirty and looked like he really wanted a bath.
There he sat in my sink getting all soaped up and clean.

He was thrilled I had purchased him brought him home and gave him a nice sudsy bath.

That is when he told me about his past being a street duck & not having a home. He used to eat discarded bread crumbs people would leave him but they usually had some spots of mold.

But Murphy is no ordinary duck ... can you tell how he is different?

"He's a flipping HUGE rubber duck"

Which is the main reason I needed to bring him home

When I saw him I thought he would be great in a "future" babies nursery.

But until then he is a great story teller. He always has TONS of bath stories!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.