Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hail balls must mean Winters on the way

Last Saturday was the first Sat in many months I did not hit the morning garage sales. It almost felt weird to sleep in until 10 something in the A.M. But just because I didn't go saling doesn't mean I didn't get out of the house to do some thrifting.
 When I woke up the mountain tops held my first glimpse of snow since January...

 Later in the afternoon I was inside that store on the right and when I walked outside there was a CRAZY hail storm!! I ran to the vehicle pulling my hood over my head and every little blasted hail ball that hit my face stung!
 Dark and Bleak in the mid afternoon
It has been awhile since I last posted... But guess what was posted to me? From Vanessa the wee squirrel!!
 Hmmmm? What is it?
Is that a crustacean I see?!
 LOOK at this amazing tea towel she found! Isn't it MARVELOUS? It's magical too!

 She also sent me these sweet little hooter earrings. *heheh*
Aren't they a hoot?
Thank you very much Vanessa
*BIG smile*
Things found, bought, brought home & scattered about!
I am a little behind on showing you these kind of things...
But here is a start...
 This awesome bag was purchased when I went on that out of town day trip I was talking about last month. I walked into the store doors. The elderly woman told me they were closing in (3 MINUTES)
Omg I was frantic.... "Running up and down the isles like a turkey being chased by a fox"
*Gobble Gobble Hubble rubble* <---- Okay I wasn't actually making noise on my frantic search... but honestly... I came quite close. I was crushed but I managed to see this bag hanging on a end in a plethora of cast away handbags. This WAS the store I was most excited about rummaging through... So next time I go, they will be my first stop.
These ceramic mermaid fish riders were found on the weekend at Salvation army. I bought them for $1 each.
The magazine was bought at a garage sale I went to some weeks back.
I found 7 of them in pretty good condition.They are all from 1973-1974.
When I found this Volkswagen van on the kids toy shelf for $5 I knew I could not leave it behind.
When I was 11 years old I started taking a real liking the Volkswagen Vans. I always told my Dad that when I got older I was going to get one.
(Sadly MANY years later I still don't have one.... but I am not losing hope!!!)
This isn't a little dinky toy. The Vans about 8" long and the wind shield wipers can be moved, the back window opens and it's just pretty awesome.

Estate sale find! A Samsonite beauty case with original box (Never been used) came with keys and all. I paid $15 I was REALLY having to think if I wanted to spend that much. But then I realized... sometimes I can be a little too cheap. So I gave myself the little push I needed and paid the sellers asking price. (Meanwhile there was a hovering Chic.... who was watching me like a hawk... I suppose she was waiting for me to put the case down so she could snatch it up with her large TALONS ....)(Ermm.. I mean hands)
Once I paid she buggered off not looking too happy.
*mMmMm* This was last nights snack!! *HAHAH*
I hit the 10 pounds lost mark about a week or so ago. Sheesh I thought that milestone would never come.. But it did!!
Last week was the Mr & I's Wedding Anniversary. We went out for CRAB LEGS to celebrate. I joked saying "we had to get something crab" ... for a memory of the occasion. Well I almost fell over when that night I found a Crab Cushion for $4 at a thrift shop.
Let me introduce you to
Vintage Coconut


  1. Hail can be so damaging for something so small. Everything you got is really awesome! I really like the mermaids. I HATE it when women see you have something interesting and are just waiting for you to put it down or back. Bitches. We had a lady once go through our cart at Salvation Army. I was super pissed and told her off. She had no right to go through the stuff especially since there was a purse in the cart. Sorry done ranting.

  2. Love the fab linen tea towel and the deadstock Samsonite vanity case is like vintage mecca!! Sarah xxx

  3. Wow. I really miss winter weather. I would even take hail just to have some sort of precipitation. Meanwhile, excellent haul. I've been fantasizing about old school samsonite suitcases lately so when I saw yours I went a little cuckoo. Happy anniversary.

  4. My you have been quiet lately....we've missed you!!! Yay to loosing 10 pounds, that's about what I'd like to loose but I do seem to be allergic to both diet & exercise, so I will continue my denial about my rolls. That case is gorgeous. I'm a total cheap-skate like you, but sometimes you have to lash out for something special. And yay to lovely gifts from Miss V, she sure is a darling. Xx

  5. My daughter has always wanted a Volkswagen bus too. She would be so jealous of yours!

  6. Love Vanessa's parcel and that fabulous bank-busting (not!) vanity case! Those hailstones were huge....eeeek! Lovely to have you back even though there's less of you than there used to be! xxx

  7. As usual, Melanie, your post is jam packed with lots of lovely drool worthy stuff. Vanessa's tt is magnificent and the Samsonite case is wunderbar. I know what you mean, sometimes you just have to splash out a little bit more. My partner is always saying to me "you can't be mean all your life". Wise words....

    I enjoyed the image in my head of you running around like a turkey chased by a fox. Thank you for that! xx

  8. "And so you're back, from outer space..."
    I miss you when you disappear on us, Mrs Coco!
    Miss V knows you can't resist a crustacean - on a tea towel, a cushion, or eaten for dinner with garlic butter, yum! Happy Anniversary, Loo and Loo!
    You always find some great treasures - love the fabric bag, and that Samsonite case was meant to be yours, even if you had to shell (ha!) out more than usual for it!
    Look at the size of those hail stones! They could kill you! Stay in the shops, Melanie, it's safer indoors!
    Looking forward to seeing your fabulous 10lb lighter figure modelling some gorgeous vintage frockery very soon! xxxxxx

  9. Gosh that t.t. is awesome Mrs C. I love it!
    We had a mega hail storm here in Perth a couple of years ago. The damage, especially to people's cars, was phenomenal. People are still driving around in cars with dents and pits all over them because none of the insurance companies covered hail damage. I was lucky, my car was outside at work and it didn't get one dent, while some of my work mates cars, parked in the same spot were very badly damaged. Weird.
    Oh and well done on losing that weight. Not that I think you need to x

  10. Totally love the crab! Happy anniversary :)

  11. That hail is death.we get some every once in a while.I can imagine is doesn't feel good trying to run to the car.Lovely gifts you got.just love that case.glad you got it.should have taken a pic of big tallens girl.lol.Happy anniversary mister garlic butter is cute.lol.

  12. Hail, Hail the mermaid fish riding queens! I love them and bow before your brilliance in finding them - and keeping out of the hail.

  13. Great balls of hail! There, I had to say it.

  14. mmm garlic butter. That's some big hail you found yourself. Where have you been missy?! Love the box and the cuddly crab xxx

  15. Happy belated birthday wishes and happy wedding anniversary ;-)) That hail storm sounded like a great pain of balls :-) Sorry. And well Mr Garlic butter is a sweetie. dee x

  16. Happy anniversary! Here's to another year of crustacean loving bliss! I absolutely would love a full size purple VW...love your mini version x

  17. Man, I know that feeling. Due to family health issues, I haven't really been able to hit the thrifts in a few weeks and haven't been to an estate sale in months. Once you get in that groove, it feels really weird to switch things around. I'm getting withdrawal symptoms! Gotta have my vintage fix!

  18. Here she is! I was wondering where you were!!
    Snow already?! Ugh! And hail?! Double ugh!
    Thank goodness you got some thrifting in!
    Isn't Vanessa the sweetest! I can imagine her spotting that teatowel and snatching it up for you!Perfect!
    I'm crqzy for the wee bag you found and the Samsonite beauty case!! OMG! So pleased you succumbed and scored it,sometimes I can be too cheap too and then I regret something missing out on fabularse......I wouldn't go mad all the time,just for something really special,like that case!