Friday, July 30, 2010

Dress Hoarder

Hello Bloggie people! Today I decided I needed to go to on of the second hand store's I usually frequent on Saturday's. I found 3 dresses all which I liked. Since I was in a HUGE rush because the store was closing in just 30 min when I walked through the door, I just threw the dresses in my basket not trying anything on.
When I got home I decided I better see how they fit. Well I got 1 out of 3 that's better than nothing really!! *hehaha*

(Dress #1) I loved.. it's a little bright and loud but in some ways that describes me also. This dress was so close to fitting except 1 button will not do up. ONE BUTTON... uhgg This dress looks as though it's only been worn a few times is in such awsome condition I love love love it!
It came with a matching scarf which has a funky striped design just like the dress and then some flowers.

(Dress #2) There is just something about Hawaiian dresses I cannot get enough of. I found this one VERY intriguing. I have 2 vintage Hawaiian dresses and they are both sort of the same style.. this one was quite different I noticed because it has a sort of Mermaid tail thing going on which I found to be simply GREAT. Well I was quite miffed when I realized my BUTT is to fat for the dress! *lol* so since I can get it on my legs but not past my bottom I don't think it will be appropriate to wear.. in fact it could just get me arrested!

(Dress #3) WAHOO!! It fits and looks very cute on I think! All the buttons do up and it fits over my lady lumps!! woohoo! (Yes I was super excited) I will have to show you this dress on in a post sometime. It has a matching belt & a cute little tie around the neck.
Best of all it will not wrinkle and the colors will go with so many accessories.

The reason I went to the store a day early was because I am going on a day trip out of town tomorrow. I plan on stopping at a few Salvation army thrifts and a really sweet vintage shop I found online. HOPEFULLY I will find something lovely for myself at the vintage store.. MAYBE another dress?!

I did my nails for the occasion!
Wish me luck & Have a great weekend!

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