Sunday, July 4, 2010

A cup of WHAT?! *Yuck*

Hello fellow bloggers let this story be a warning to you so you will never have what happened to me happen to you while thrifting.
On Friday I decided to do some thrifting just a few stores so that I would save myself some time on Saturday. (My main shopping day)
First store which has a great deal (Five dollars for grocery store sized bag of clothes) I ended up finding some real nice clothes. After I was done there I headed to the second shop I like to frequent. They have a top floor and a bottom, I went to the downstairs first which holds electronics, furniture, outdoors stuff and a side room of bedding & linens & bathroom accessories. Well I ended up fining a garden hose nozzle attachment for watering the flowers for 50 cents and that was about it in the one big room. I then decided to go look in the linen room after finding a cute rose pattern pillow case I looked through the curtains and blankets which then brings me to the corner where the accessories are. I scan the shelf.. I see a nice vintage counter mirror, a shell soap dish, a really neat looking vintage bottle with a nice design Oh whats that?? ..
So there is this cup with molded flowers on it a pearly glaze I am thinking its kind of nice and decide to take a closer look maybe find the price. So I grab the cup and thinking the price would be on the bottom I turn it to the side. "OMG WHAT is that" (something has poured out of the cup and got on my hand..) Instantly I smell a HORRIFIC smell I freaked!! Put the cup down and ran into the stores back room looking for a employee. I see one of the men that works there, I say in a frantic tone "I need a sink and some soap I spilled something on me I don't know what it is but it stinks" (Now in the beginning I think the guy was thinking I was some crazy broad.) I mean they see me there alot but I usually just shop and leave.. I don't usually barge into backrooms yelling. So the employee tells me to follow him then asks (While we are walking) "Where is the container that has stuff in it?" I am still horrified and reply "I will show you AFTER I WASH MY HANDS.. I don't know what this is but I want it off NOW!!" We get to the sink he hands me some dawn dish soap and a towel. I turn on the water wash my hands once (Stop think) Nope the water wasn't hot enough I am gonna do it again. I wash my hands once more for at least two minutes. I am shaking and really wondering what that stuff was. Okay so hands are probably really clean.. but me being a complete germaphobe not so much. I then being less frantic have time to think of what that smell is it was so strong it was almost chemical-ish which is why I was so frazzled. Then I though OH MY GOSH that kind of smells like urine.. OLD urine outhouse-ish urine. (My stomach turns at the thought.) I see the employee and tell him I will show him where the blasted cup is. While walking I tell him that is smells so bad I think someone might have peed in this cup and put it back on the shelf. (Yes I know DISGUSTING) So we get to the door of the linen room. (OH HECK does it smell and we were not even inside. The whole room smells horrible I point for him to go to the right and we get to the shelf I point to the cup. He picks it up with the most disgusted look on his face and says: "I think you are right that is exactly what someone has done." He apologized saying "I am so sorry this happened" I replied with "It's okay it's not your fault" I then see him go grab bottles of cleaners to obviously try and deal with the situation. I head upstairs and I couldn't even concentrate!! I felt so Gross I just wanted to go home and wash my hands AGAIN!! I swear in total I washed my hands about 6 times after this incedent and showered once. I told my Mom what happened and told her that I still have the heebie jeebies. She told me to put Listerine on my hands because it kills 99.9 percent of germs!! *LOL* Did I do it?? Of course desperate times call for desperate measures. I smelled minty for the rest of the evening also.
So all of you lets make this a rule in thrifting. When grabbing any sort of thing that could hold liquid.. LOOK INSIDE before checking for a price or turning it over. Because I surely cannot be the only person this has ever happened too, and I would not ever want anyone else getting anything nasty spilled on them.

Anything weird, strange or gross ever happened to you while thrifting?


  1. OH. MY. GOSH. who would do something like that? sorry that happened! I would have been p*ssed off.. literally.

  2. Oh yuck you poor thing!Luckily in all my years of thrifting that has never happened to me.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on that. That would be so disgusting! Sorry it happened to you. I'll never turn a vase over looking for the price again.

  4. That is nasty!!!!!!

    you poor girl, gah

    Always carry listerine from now on lol

  5. I am gonna make some sort of thrifting kit I carry in my vehicle. LOL
    Antibacterial wipes, listerine, proxide, bandaids @ Maybe rubber gloves!

  6. Good. God. Unreal. Just unreal... Poor girl!