Thursday, September 30, 2010

A month? OH DEAR!

Hello there all... It looks as though I have not made a blog post in a month and a day. *Is shocked* Well I guess I shall update you on my September.

September is my favorite month of the year. On the 16 we celebrated my Boxer Jersey's 8th Birthday.
Jersey is my best little fur bud, I got him when he was 3 months. I wanted a boxer OH SO BAD and dang I had waited a long time to be able to have one. So getting him was one of the happiest days of my life. I picked him up 2 hrs from where I live and he rode on my lap the whole way home. And I bet if he was still allowed he would try it still to this day. Jersey is always squishing me has to lay right next to me sometimes half on me.. He is my 60 pound lap dog.

On the 24 it was my Birthday.. I am now a year older and hopefully a little wiser but I am not too sure. *hehaha* On my b day what do you think I wanted to do?
THRIFT SHOP of course and it is exactly what I did. I found this vase, for a grand total of 75 cents

Here is two warm fuzzy knit hats I came across. I got them for next to nothing and I know I will get a ton of use outta them.

I also found two awsome handbags and a cute floral print hoodie (Not pictured) I had a Spaghetti dinner (Spaghetti is a top fave on my food list.) And dairy Queen ice cream cake to celebrate. Celebrate my Birthday not my purchases. *wink* (I also have a love for frogs if you were wondering about the cake.)
The leaves are changing here some tree's are still greener than green. And some are a gorgeous bright shade of yellow. I really enjoyed my September and I hope you did also. I hope this Fallish weather continues for a long while I am surely not ready for snow just yet.


  1. The vase and knit hats are too cute! 75 cents?! That is great! Your dog looks very cute too! What a face!

    That is neat that you like frogs! I like frogs too and I have been collecting them (along with cats and bats) since high school! I have everything from plush, mugs, potholders, ceramic figurines, coasters, notepads, magnets, tons of Hello Kitty's Keroppi, and even a pair of ceramic yoga frogs! I have been doing yoga for 7 years and my good friend got them for me! They are in my office at work.

    I need to find a good thrift store and some estate sales! I need some things for fall and for the house!

    Again, Happy Belated Birthday to you and Jersey!

  2. Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes Lady Betty.
    I had to get rid of ALOT of my frog collection. Hahhaha I had it since I was a teenager I had a ton of stuffed animals that I got rid of at the garage sale I had in May. But kept my two biggest. One I won with my Bf at the time now Husband at a local arcade. The other he bought me as a Valentine present. I am sure my future children will love to jump all over them. I still kept some things from it as I cannot part with everything. Its just that my VINTAGE buying was starting to ad up and I had to decide what was more important.

    Today I had one of my BEST thrifting days EVER. I will post about it really soon.
    Thanks for your lovely comment fellow frog lover. =D

  3. Melzaelf,

    I got rid of a lot of my frog collection a few years ago. I donated most of the plush and some of the kitchenware. I will not ever part with any of the Keroppi stuff though! Sanrio discontinued a majority of the Keroppi character line a long time ago. I have pens, a plush, an alarm clock, a notepad, stickers, and some pencils. I would love to get the now-discontinued hoodie to lounge in but what I find is mostly for toddlers.

    I know what you mean about vintage taking priority! I have most of my frogs in my office and the house is now designated to vintage, especially atomic-era goods!

  4. Mel- Happy birthday, lassie! That's tops! And your boxer is just adorable... what a mug...

    As usual, great thrift finds. I'm glad to see you are doing well...

  5. Thank you Darlene.

    hahah Jersey has a face most love.. Others make fun of.
    I just have a thing for Smushy faced animals. =p