Sunday, October 3, 2010

Casper the bicycle

I went thrifting on Oct. 1 I found some little vintage finds here and there. At my last stop I found the bike I have named Casper.
I have been looking for a vintage bike. (ALL SPRING & SUMMER) No luck whatsoever.. they were all too expensive for my liking. A few weeks back I walked into a thrift to see a lovely red bicycle.. My excitement skyrocketed as I ran over.. only to find a SOLD sign on the seat, (BOO) I was so sad.
Well when I first spotted Casper my heart fluttered and then I thought.. NOPE DON'T GET EXCITED.. IT IS PROBABLY SOLD! Well turns out it wasn't. I purchased Casper for $20.00 I came to find out had I went there a day later it would have been gone. Apparently the employees there have to wait 1 business day before they can buy anything that comes in. Two of them wanted the bike. Best part is I bought it in the last 20 minutes before they closed.
If your wondering about the name I figured since it's white and purchased in October Casper was a fitting name. I was originally looking for a bike a few years older but for now this is great and if I do ever find one.. well then Casper will have a sibling. *lol*

P.s. On Saturday I spotted a GORGEOUS Formica kitchen table. It's the glittery kind with a star burst design. The store was closing and I could not make up my mind whether to purchase or not. I am going back tomorrow morning to see if it's still there. *Oh I hope I hope I hope* I lost out on the two previous ones I have came across. One was 20$ (Whoever bought that got a HELLUVA deal)
The other 30$ but it had a bit of minor damage so I kind of let it pass. This one I am looking at is 50$ That is kinda steep for me to pay atm but I have been dreaming of finding the perfect one and HELL I LOVE star bursts.. imagine staring at them whilst eating spaghetti. ;)

I will update you soon.

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