Thursday, January 19, 2012

Going with the faux ... I mean FLOW

*Hoot* Holding a owl just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

Black Faux Fur Coat $10 tag (50% off sale) I paid $5

I purchased this coat in the beginning of the week. My Hubs said: (Don't you have enough faux fur coats?) My quick reply was: (But I don't have a black one, I need a black one... it goes with everything.) So earlier Today when going to read Curtise's latest post I had myself a good laugh. Because she (Just like me... has been buying faux fur coats like they are going out of style.) It seems whatever week one of us purchases one... So has the other. And in her post today she wrote: "More more more faux fur. Yes, I know I already have 4 fur jackets/coats. But I didn't have a black one,and it's so lovely..."

I think shopping with her would be a blast. But when it came to the coat section we might have to rock, paper, scissor who gets which coat. Hopefully it wouldn't end up in a furry fist fight. *lol*

I can see us now on the cover of our own magazine

We will make millions and our mag will be the hottest most luxurious one that is out there!!

Something just isn't right!
Camera was on self timer and I was petting my coat.

Poodle pictures $3.50 each The Mr. wasn't too thrilled about this purchase. But I told him... When we have munchkins (In the future... "NO NELLY not right now" *lol*) if we have a girl they will go in her room. Until then they will work perfect in a girly space for myself.

You know your are obsessed with animal prints... when you dress your Kewpie's in loincloths. It beats them running around nude!

60's cosmetic bag $0.50

I think I will pair this Gaymode nightie with my Fuk Wing bedroom slippers!

(Sounds scandalous doesn't it?)

Nylon Dream! $1.00

Sassy vintage slip $1.00

Leather gloves $3

I am going to try and make it for FOF Tomorrow. I have been horrible the past couple weeks and always remember when its too late.

(Okay truth... Friday's are my biggest thrifting days)



  1. The coat is great. Of course you had to buy it. And, OMG, I'd forgotten all about Gaymode! I had a nightgown exactly like that when I was a kid.

  2. oohh that nightie and slip are gorgeous..just like you look in your coat ;-)) Loving the hat and gloves with it to such a hollywood glamour look ;-)) dee x

  3. I can't believe the prices you find things for over there! So cheap! Love the coat and the cosmetic bag is really cute. I love the old nighties like that one you got, my mum has pics of herself in a pink one. Hmm, not sure why. lol

  4. No kidlets on the agenda yet? Mate I will be a great grandma before you start at this rate lol.
    Love your fauz furs I got 2 this week one I cant wait to show off but its so flaming hot here so you will have to wait.

  5. oh thanks heaven finally you got your black faux fur, it was time for it like it seems you have so few coats haha;)
    well i´m like you, that i don´t have something in a certain colour is my favourite excuse for buying the 100. of it ;)
    wish you a fantastic weekend darling!

  6. Of course you need a black one! They go with everything!! I think you and Curtise have bought them all up and so cheap too. xx

  7. The coat is lovely but it's THE HAT that makes me SWOOOOON! The poodle prints are super cute - don't let Vix see them!

    Sarah xxx

  8. Hahahaha! I LOVE the magazine, I'll have a year's subscription please!!!
    It's a bit freaky, how we do this fur-synchronizing thing! I have worn my Doreen Shuttleworth every day since I bought it, it is my new favourite! You look great in yours, especially with the leopard on your head too!
    A furry fist fight? Naaah, I'm not messing with you - you're little but I think you could be scrappy, I'm not taking you on!
    All your goodies are fabulous - Vix would so love the poodles, the slip is beautiful, I love the gloves, and a Gaymode nightie DEMANDS to be worn with Fuk Wing slippers. (And can we have a photo of that ensemble please? With your daisy curlers in, sitting at Hazel? Thank you.) xxxxxxxxxx

  9. Oh my find the cutest stuff.Love that coat.I need a few myself even though it's never cold enough.Those poodle pics are so adorable.Love the kewpie's are so cute in thier loin the nighty and slip.they are so girlie cute.Can't have enough make up bags.xx

  10. Love your finds and you look great in faux!!!

  11. Bargaintastic finds!
    I love your black fur coat.. I love to wear fur coats.
    Totally eyeing your leopard hat. Poodles prints are adorable.
    Yes dont let vixcita eye them,lol
    Love how you dresses your kewpie dolls. I have yet to find one.
    I am in love with your nightie an vintage slip.