Friday, January 20, 2012

I failed ... so I will hide behind this coconut

*Eeep* So doing my Frock on Friday post didn't pan out. But I have good reason. (My nose hurts) *seriously* I am not joking.

I didn't feel too spectacular yesterday but by this afternoon my eyes are all watery and my nose is all dry and stuffy.

I was still going to take a stab at it. But then my Grandma needed help with her computer. And if you must know... Grandma comes first!!

I was going to buy a humidifier or vaporizer this afternoon but there was not enough time before the Mr. had to head to work. So that is on the agenda for tomorrow. (Any ideas on which one works better??) When I breath I feel like I am sniffing in pepper. *AHHHHH* I hate it.

These pics were taken in June 2011. I was too ashamed too show up here with nothing...

What do you think of this funky psychedelic frock paired with a lovely fold-able straw hat!

Not the best pics but heck I TRIED!!!

Happy weekend to you all.

Love: Coconut


  1. Sometimes life throws us curves. I've been fighting the same congestion and general crappiness you're describing for about three weeks now. I hope you feel better sooner than that!

  2. Sorry to hear your sick!! I do love that psychedelic frock though. Getter better soon xxx

  3. Feel better soon. Take Vit C, gargle with salt water or Listerene (no, other mouthwashes don't work it has to be that nasty stuff) and wear a nose strip at night. All those will speed the cold on its way. Don't argue, say "Yes, Helen" then do as you please.

  4. Oh dear, does your head actually feel as though it's turned into a coconut? Try lots of steaming (with or without some appropriate decongesting oil in the hot water), that tends to help clear your passages. I get horribly bunged-up sinuses and it HURTS LIKE HELL if it turns into sinusitis, so I try and head it off at the pass with steaming.
    Love the colours of both frocks, btw. xxxxxxx

  5. Awwww your still cute.I ove both frocks.Hope you feel better soon.Don't feel to bad.I haven't frocked since new years.I always end up working or something that messes up the friday.xx

  6. Take some vitamin C, i find that helps reduce the severity and length of a cold. And get better soon, my dear!
    You look so adorable in these photos, as usual, coconut!

  7. Aww, get well soon. An an A for effort in at least finding some old pics. I'd have just gone to bed in a grump.

  8. Amor,
    You have an excuse your sick. I been sick too and skipped oit on last frock friday.
    You look super cute in your light blue frock and headband.
    A foldable hat? How awesomo.

  9. haha but darling you don´t have to hide behind your coco loco ;) i love this blue dress and headband you look so cute here;)
    and thank you so much for your advice how to use this damned curling tongs haha yesterday when i was out with the girls they all told me it is soooo easy to handle them and i really felt like an idiot ;)