Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Pretty Woman Boots!

 "'Cause I need you, I'll treat you right
Come with me baby, be mine tonight"
The Boots were thrifted in the early spring of this year. When I found them it was too warm to REALLY enjoy them. I got them for $15
As soon as I seen them I thought of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman
"I don't know if that's a good thing or not"
 Pretty woman, walking down the street
Pretty woman, the kind I like to meet
 Pretty woman
I don't believe you, you're not the truth
No one could look as good as you
NO!! I am not hooking at a restaurant. *HAH*
That's partly because the restaurant is no longer open and partly because I am not in that industry.
One of my favorite stores is closing down. It's only open for 4 more days.
I am sure you have heard me talk about Zellers before. More than half of the store is empty. (As you can see behind me.) In front of me is where the remaining merchandise is.
I just started laughing looking at this picture. It looks like I am having a heartfelt moment with these pickles. I can assure you I am not. I was just telling them how much I will miss shopping at Zellers.
My Pretty Woman boots were being stored in the storage room. The Mr. was at work "He is usually my spider checker" But he wasn't home... So once I got the boots out I grabbed a flashlight and peered WAY down to the bottom.
 The vintage skirt was a $1 thrift store purchase. I was so caught up in dollar tag day I did not realize the previous owner CHOPPED off the bottom. (I suppose it used to be a maxi) They never hemmed it up. I wore it anyways. I am thinking of hemming it. But then it might look to short?!
I am totally not used to high waisted apparel. I felt like this skirt was under my uhmm Ta Ta's
*Totally sucking in btw!*
 Fedora (Perfect for hiding the unpainted barn)
Went out for Dinner
 A drug bust was not happening inside my favorite Japanese Restaurant. But if my eyes get any wider they will fall out of my head.
Had to make a exchange on my new Winter boots as one had a flaw.
(I will admit to have TOTALLY SPLURGED on these)
But I live in Canada and they were green.
That's two good reasons why I should not feel bad.
The last time I bought new Winter boots was like 5 or 6 years ago and the darn things always gave me blisters on the back of my ankles.
I am on the search for a new winter coat. I really liked this one but the arms were too skinny for my liking. I would not even have been able to wear a sweater in the darn thing. So the search continues.
I have many vintage faux fur coats that I cannot wait to wear. But I am wanting a casual coat for the occasions when I am in jeans and a tee or work days. Also my job entails cleaning and I couldn't imagine showing up all glammed up in my leopard faux fur. *hahaa*
Hello new bloggie followers!
P.s. The Lobster is just down at the bottom because he makes me happy to look at.


  1. That's so funny. I always check for spiders in my shoes, too. And I LIKE spiders. I just think they should stay out of my shoes. I would LOVE to go shopping with you. Always an adventure. Can you believe it? I have never seen Pretty Woman.

  2. Your red boots are so cute. They were really a bargain at $15. I laughed out loud at your "sucking in" comment. So funny!

    1. *Hehehe* I guess it's no secret us ladies suck in from time to time. ;p

  3. I always check for insects too after feeling an earwig wriggling between my toes one time, urgh. I live in Scotland and when I moved here I was totally unequipped for the weather so I totally understand your need for a good warm winter coat and boots. So sad your favourite store is closing down, I hate it when that happens and it happens a lot in this town, we've got one of the crappest town centres ever. xx

  4. "Alas, poor pickles! I knew them, Mr. Coconut ..."

    Glad I'm not the only one who spider checks footwear!

  5. Good luck in the hunt for a coat!! Winter is coming.......

  6. Spider check here too!!!
    Ha ha!
    LOVE those boots, wow they rock!
    BTW my bro once had a earwig fly in his ear. I had to pour a whole jog of water in his ear to flush it out!!!!!!
    x x


    1. *Eaaak* Earwigs give me the heebies! When I was a child we had a lovely apricot tree. But it became infested with earwigs. At one point ever apricot I opened had a surprise in it. *Thinks of their butt pinchers* "SCREAM" I could not imagine that in my ear let alone anywhere else.

  7. I check for spiders by first banging the shoe/boot on the floor and then sticking my hand down the shoe/boot and rubbing it around. I figure if there's a spider in there she'll be so traumatized that she'll have a little spider heart attack by the time I get my hand in. Obviously this is a stupid way to check for deadly creatures but a friend of mine ALSO does this and she's never been bitten, either. Your boots are awesome--I have a pair of ostrich cowboy boots that I got for $25 at a flea market and just spent $55 to get them resoled and polished up. The cobbler was quite impressed with them and said, "Hey, these are some expensive boots!" and I was so proud of my fine bargain. BTW, they fit, too!

  8. Great boots. I thought maybe there was some storm and people had bought out all the supplies. I always check my shoes for spiders. I'm so afraid that a brown recluse will be hiding in my shoes and cause some damage.

  9. "You work on commission right?. Big mistake. HUGE"
    Love Pretty Woman, for all its nonsense, and those boots are HOT!
    I've found spiders in shoes on more than one occasion. SHUDDER.
    Have a fab weekend xx

  10. Those boots rock! I never leave to house without Jon if I wear my thigh boots as I keep getting pestered by horny men, what is it with boots and blokes?
    I check for creatures, too - the bed, my footwear, washing I've hung outside! xxx

  11. Am I the only woman in the world who has never once checked anything for arthropods of any kind? And I have never found any in my shoes either. Famous last words, there will probably be a tarantula in my slippers tomorrow...
    But back to you, darling, and your ever-diminishing figure and your hot boots! You look so slim and gorgeous in that little skirt, woo hoo, Mrs Coco!
    Keep warm and dry in your new boots and hope you find the right coat this winter. Though I don't see why you can't rock up to work in a faux fur, Melanie - bring the glamour with you! xxxx

  12. Hellooooo. Those are sexy boots, much better than Julia's. Being a country girl, I'm eyeing up those Hunters.

  13. Ha! I live in the country that has eight of the ten most venomous spiders in the world and I have never checked my boots once! Love your boots, love that gorgeous skirt and love your enormous eyeballs and pickle moments! Sarah xxx PS I totally made up that spider stat, but it's probably true.

  14. Wow, fab boots. Not at all Julia - so much better! You look so pretty in these photos. Gonna have that song in my head all day now :) xx

  15. Fabulous boots and I love the skirt. Never seen Pretty Woman and never checked for spiders either (moths and earwigs are a different matter eek!). Xx

  16. Wowza, you've got the sexiest boots on the planet!! I remember seeing Julia in the boots in Pretty Woman and I could not take my eyes off her thighs. You look even better than her, especially love it with the hat.

  17. Pretty women is one of my favourite films i love it it's such a gorgeous and heart warming love story. Love your red boots makes me want to sing those boots are made for walking and thats just what there do :-)) dee x

  18. Being Australian born, it's second nature to check everywhere for spiders, especially the underwear drawer!
    Hey,that brand of pickels!I last saw them in Australia and can't gte them here!I AM having a herafelt moment with them!!!
    YAY for new boots, both the slutty and the sensible variety! I've got to try and work out how to wear my slutty ones I got in Texas~yours look pretty dmaned good with that skirt!

  19. Good idea to check the boots for spiders! Your winter boots look LOVELY! Great justification for splurging on them too.

  20. Awesome boots little coconut!!!

  21. Darlin' how do I keep missing new posts from you? I try to make my rounds but then find you have had something so fun like this up. Love the boots.

  22. ooooh pretty woman;) i love your boots! they are hot and fabulous!