Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Saving up nuts for Winter

Mid last week we had our first big snow fall. I opened the door to let the dog out at around 2 a.m. and this is what greeted me.
*Snowy Berries*
By Saturday the snow had melted but that didn't mean it wasn't chilly. Here I am in the Salvation Army parking lot. I didn't find alot on this particular visit.
I seen a Santa head blo mold and I wanted it BAD! And the Mr. said NO! and I was MAD!
(But I listened)
@#&%  WHY did I do that??
I kicked myself hours later when the store was closed and I looked them up on E-bay. So I had planned in my mind I would go back on the next opening morning. I knew there was a 85% chance Santa head would be gone. "He was" *Uhggg*
To whoever bought him.....
"If I wasn't Married your Santa head would have been mine"
Jus sayin...
Speaking of Santa look who I met on that visit.

A Jolly dancing Santa in the Salvation Army front window. I thought it was marvelous when I read Curtise's post about her weekend. She met Santa too.
And was also rocking the faux fur!
*Woo woo*

 *Headed to another thrift store*
I did some retail shopping here is four new things I have purchased.

 The red one is mine the blue is for Mr. Coco
I found them at Homesense for $3.99 each
They also say "Keep Calm and carry on in the inside rim"
 Apparently I am nuts about nuts! *Seriously* I could not pass up these Acorn statues or finials whatever you want to call them.
I paid only $4 for the large one and $3 for the smaller.  The original prices were something like $22 and $18
(This is why it's always a smashing idea to hover around the clearance section)
P.s. I picked up another owl last night in blue for $2
Now the orange owl is not lonely!
The Weather is calling for snow on Friday. Looks like I will be bundled up again for the weekend.
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  1. Oh Snow. I miss it so much. It's just damned sunny around here all the time. Bah! Love your coat:-)

  2. Brrr, it's definitely faux fur time, Mrs Coco! You look lovely in leopard!
    That Santa, he gets everywhere, doesn't he? He wasn't dancing when I met him though, just displaying his man boobs... Sexay!
    Never mind about the Santa head, you've got some big nuts instead.
    LOVE that first snow berry pic, it looks kinda magical. xxxxx

  3. Snow!!! It's 80 degrees (27 C) here right now, so there are no coats for me for the foreseeable future.

  4. Loving the nuts. That faux fur jacket is great too. I wish we'd get more snow. We've gotten more rain than last year so maybe we'll get more snow.

  5. That is just a crying shame that you didn't get the blow mold!! Hope you get another chance!!

  6. Maybe the mr was scared of the santa head.lol.I just love your warm coat.lovvvvvvve it.Those mugs are so cute.I am always trying to find them when I see the keep calm things but they always have silly other sayings on them.xx

  7. Brrrrrr, snow! Thank goodness for your gorgeous fake fur to keep you warm. Don't you look fab in it, too?
    I'm sorry, I'm siding with Mr Coconut, I'd have said no to Santa, too! x

  8. Im in the same thinking as Vix Brrrrrr snow don't get me wrong i love it but i don't want any yet after the wedding it can come down infact right on christmas day would be lovely ;-) You look gorgeous in you fake fur.There will be another Mr Santa head im sure but a bigger and better one ;-) dee x

  9. I'm so jealous of your snow!!!! How I wish we experienced that here, instead of constant blue skies, heat & humidity! Don't you hate it when the Mr talks you out of a purchase. I've done the same thing many times, I can't stop thinking about what I left behind. Oh well I suppose I do need to hear a voice of reason sometimes! Xx

  10. You'll be getting lots of wear out of your scrummy coats now, yay!! Nevr listen to men my dear, they do *not* understand vintage!!

  11. snoooooooowwwwww! I love your coat, but yes, you needed that Santa head, silly men, don't they understand?! xxxx

  12. oooh i´m jelous i haven´t met santa yet and like i wasn´t that nice all the year i´m not quite sure if i ever will see him ;)
    oh i love your leoprint coat! faux fur fabulousness;)

  13. I have no idea what a Santa head blo mold is, but I'm sorry you missed it :-(

    Yay for leopard print and snow though!
    lots of love
    Richard Dreyfuss xx

  14. Oh that is a lot of snow! Make sure you stay warm...
    Love the acorn statues, soooo cute!

    Thanks for telling me about your boxer, Jersey and his many beds. It made me laugh out loud. Dogs are so tricky and naughty and that's why we love them so much.

  15. Ah, you are brillant!!! I would love to go shopping with you, just for the running commentary that must go on!!!
    Santa needs a "down trou", I reckon. He's far too smarmy for his own good!
    Poos to snow! O,it's all pretty and such, but it always ends in tears!
    Stay warm, nutty wench!XXXXXXXXXXXX

  16. Is it nuts that I am jealous of your snow? I'd like a little to Christmas the place up around here. Blow mold law is - if you find one cheap and in good shape, buy it. You can always sell it later. Helen says.

  17. Ooh I missed this blog Coco, I'm so far behind. Your leopard fake fur is gorgeous, it would make me want cold weather just to have a chance to wear it. I hate it when you're talked out of buying something you know you wanted really, my hubby does that to me all the time, though he probably is the voice of reason. xx