Thursday, February 14, 2013

Vintage Coconuts 3 year Blogiversary!

 Happy Valentine's day! I have read I don't know how many Valentine's posts and now here I am writing my own. See that bunny above? That was my very first Valentine's card. I got it when I was 5 months old. It was from my Great Grandma & Great Grandpa on my Mom's side who are no longer with us.
(Click on photo to see larger version)
The card has been kept safely tucked away in my baby book.
 where I found this little gem of my first Birthday. I am actually loving my patchwork style highchair and Minnie Mouse shirt.
 "Give me CAKE!" (There was no calorie counting going on here.)
Okay back to the card

 Here is the inside. Which says just in case it's not clear.

"Hi there! My name's 'HAPPY' And it suits me to a 'T'
Because the chance to be YOUR Valentine Makes me 'happy' as can be!
And if you'll give my paw a shake, At least a time or two.
I'll wiggle my big funny ear and roll my eyes for you."

To Melanie
FROM HAPPY AND Grandma & Grandpa

The best part is shaking Happy's hand. He is either rolling his eyes or having a seizure..?! I can't really tell.
 Vintage Coconut is 3 years old today. What possessed me to write my first ever post on Valentine's day I will never know. I suppose Mr. Coco was busy playing Xbox. *lol*

"Message to Mr. Coco" I love you very much. More than all the crab legs in the ocean on the beaches and in the supermarket's. 
Even though you came back from the Dentist this afternoon after getting fillings and your mouth was frozen and you looked and talked silly. Pretty much reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite.... I still loved you not a crab leg less.
 This was the first picture I ever posted to this blog.
(Me and my best buddy Jersey)

I appreciated all your comments on my last post. You know.... The toilet cleaning one!
I enjoyed your stories & feedback
and the GROSS "Looking at you Gem" *hehe*
All of you are the reason I even made it to year 3 and I just wanted to let you guys know.....

Thanks for following my blog.
And following my endeavours.

Vintage Coconut


  1. I'm glad I became a follower of your blog - here's to another year of great posts ahead.....

  2. Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Blogiversary! I love your blog and your sweet personality and am proud to be a follower!

  3. That's so sweet that you kept those things. The baby photo it adorable! Happy Valentines Day!

  4. You're still an adorable little coconut.

  5. I hope you had a nice V day too Ms VC. I love your first v card from your Grandparents - such a special and sweet little memento. Happy blogiversary too, oh, and love that pic of little Miss VC. You were (and still are!) a cutie x

  6. Happy anniversary, Loo! Love that you've kept your first ever Valentine's card adn that first photo of you is gorgeous. x

  7. Happy blogiversary Melanie. How cute were you! I'm liking the patchwork chair too but then I like anything remotely to do with the p word. Have a fabulous day and keep on blogging! xx

  8. Happy anniversary! You were a very cute little one xxx

  9. Happy 3 years you cute lil thing! Hope you had a fab V day with your poorly toothed man.

  10. Cute baby and still cute now, Mrs C!
    How lovely to have that very first Valentine's card from your great grandparents.
    Happy 3 year anniversary, keep blogging, darling! xxxxx

  11. Happy 3rd Anniversary!!! I think its just lovely that your grandparents sent you a valentines. So special and the words are just gorgeous!! I think your blog is so cool - hope you and Mr Coco had a sweet Valentines day together.

  12. darling happy blogoversary;) wow 3 years of joy already! but i´m sure there come many more.
    that valentine card you got from your grandparents is really the most lovely thing ever and i bet mr coco loves you more as all crab legs on the universe too ;)

  13. It's lovely to have met you too! I love how baby photos from that time look the same, you seem to be plonked in a corner of a partially decorated room... Which is what a lot of my photos look like too. Even now!
    You're fantabulousa and I hope you keep blogging for years to come. That card is really sweet if a little demented xxxx

  14. Happy Blogiversary Coconut, I love that cute card from your grandparents, and both the pics of you are very cute too. Looking forward to reading lots more of your blogs in the future. xx

  15. Happy VD, Coconut! Love the baby pic - you like as though you are trying to Jedi Mind Control the cake!!

    Sarah xxx

  16. Happy blog anniversary. Loving that card its adorable, dee x

  17. Aww happy blog birthday! I love that sweet little valentines card, what a fabulous keepsake. Scarlett x

  18. Oh how I love your blog. So I am here to tell you to hop to mine to pick up an award if you can be jiggered.
    Happy Bloggiversary dewar
    Much love
    x x x x

  19. Happy 3 blogaverssary amor!
    Look how cutely gorgeous adorable bebe.
    You know you tore up that cake.Your happy post always me me laugh.