Friday, February 8, 2013

Grape cluster GO GO Rosie

 I can do it! That's what I keep telling myself anyhow. It's been a couple weeks since my last post. I would have posted sooner but life is a lil hectic at the moment. Mr. Coco and I have recently acquired MORE work and were told it would be a smart idea to start our own business since we are pretty much doing that anyways. So why not make it official right? Starting on Sunday I will be working everyday until sometime in March. *eeaaak* When one of our jobs will be going back to one day a week instead of two. Which will then give me Mondays off. 
("Don't worry the max hours I will be working a day is about 4 so it's surely do-able")
3 days a week I have been getting up at 4 a.m. to be at work at 5. THANK HEAVENS that will soon be over and all my shifts will be in the evening. 
I will finally be able to do Frock on Fridays again.
*woohoo I am looking forward to it*

Found this tea towel & the earrings above at a thrift shop. Even though I haven't been posting it doesn't mean I haven't been shopping. *lol*

 Bought this kitten for my Grandma O *shhh* don't tell her I haven't given it to her just yet.

One of my weaknesses!

 Frosted glass owl I picked up from Salvation Army
 Family of Elephants
(If you couldn't tell...)

 I am crazy about this bag to keep jewelry or hair stuff
Lots of pockets!
Cross stitch gingham tablecloth
My second pair of Chinese shoes. I found some last year and was just recently thinking I would like a pair with some color. (My others are black) I had even looked online and seen some real cute ones. Thank goodness I didn't buy them because I found these at Salvation army for $3 BRAND NEW!!
Kokeshi doll makeup bag and change purse
My best bargain... was this set of melamine dishes a 16 piece set for $1  
I was screaming so loud on the inside I am surprised people couldn't hear my screetches coming out my ear holes!

I will be be back with another post soon, have a very happy weekend!


  1. Getting up at 4 AM is definitely not fun! I hope your business goes well and everything works out the way you hope for it to. :) That gingham tablecloth is gorgeous, btw!

  2. 4am? Yow! But you can do it you adorable little kewpie doll you! Good luck!

  3. Man I haven't been up at 4 am since we used to go on family vacations and my dad insisted on getting up that early. I am not that great of a morning person.

    You got some great finds there. I love the cat with the giant eyes. I'm sure your grandma will like it too.

  4. What treasures you found - the kitten is just adorable, I love the chinese shoes and the melamine tablewear is amazing. The Kewpies are CUTE. 4am sounds way to early!! Sounds like everything is going really well.

  5. Rosie looks a lot like you there!

  6. That Melamine set for $1???? I'd be screaming on the outside! Great find.

  7. Such fab treasures! I have two pairs of happy shoes and I love mine too! The melamine set is FABULARSE!!!

    Sarah xxx

  8. So many fabulous finds! The earring on Rosie are a hoot. So,are you starting your own business? Take care of yourself during this hectic time.

  9. Well hellooooooo there darling!!! I've missed you so much these past couple of weeks and it's just heavenly to see your wonderful treasured finds:). Oh yessssssssss to the melamine set - I would have had the same reaction! I love the Chinese shoes so much, I've always wanted a pair - how lucky you are to have found them so cheap and in such fine condition:). Rosie the Riveter and her bunches of grapes - GAH!!!! xoxoxoox

  10. I'm delighted to see you back blogging and to hear that you're still shopping! Love that Melamine and that cool psychedelic wash bag!
    Wishing you loads of luck with the business! xxx

  11. I love the kitten, the owl and the kokeshi doll set *__*

  12. Woah, I can't get up at 9, let alone 4am - you brave coconut. I love the Kewpies!! They're amazing... also that bag is pretty cute. So are the shoes, always wanted a pair of those! xxxx

  13. omg you are my here getting up at 4!!! wow you are really one tough girl and can do everything of course;) and oh i love that bag for your jewelry too! you found some really cute stuff darling. glad to see you again here in blogland;)

  14. I am SO in love with those grape earrings! Funny, I just found a grapey brocch I'd picked up a while back and promptly forgot about....must wear the damned thang! The pockety thing is also rather sublime!
    Jaysus, lovey, you're gonna be a busy gal! It'll be to a good end, I am sure. Just tiring, but you CAN do it!

  15. I love that comment about you screaming so loud inside Coconut, I think we probably all know that feeling when we come across some wondrous item in the charity shops. I love that melamine set, I found a fab one too but it doesn't have any cups, and your Chinese shoes are lovely, what a cool tea towel too. And elephants! And an owl! Hope you're coping okay with your work load, at least you're in demand, even though it must be tiring. xx

  16. Good to hear that all is well. Good luck with the buisness sounds like your both going to be very busy. Great buys love the fabric of that bag, dee x

  17. I love your shoes, I used to have a black pair and never even thought that they would do them in colours too.

  18. As per usual, such brilliant finds, Melanie. The melanine set, the earrings (I had a pair in white that were my mum's), the gingham and the toiletry bag are my faves. Good luck with the business. xx

  19. Awesome finds! Good luck on your new venture!

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