Monday, March 1, 2010


Oh my... It has been over a week since I made a blog.. reason being is I have had a very busy week of thrifting and stuff. On Friday I went and searched 4 thrift stores.. I found a cute pair of shoes for 2 dollars and a few other things. I was about on my way out to pay and leave when out of the corner of my eye I saw a clock, NO it can't be I thought... to my amazement they had a starburst clock hanging on the wall with a sticker that said $12.00 I about fell over. I was trying to show my Mom who was shopping with me without making a big scene.. I surely didn't want anyone else snagging it before I got the chance. Low and behold I was able to get it off the nail on the wall and it is now mine. AHHH PURE HAPPINESS!

On Saturday I was checking the Free classifieds when I seen a listing for a vintage dresser, I doubted it would be still be there since 38 people had visited the ad. I e-mailed the poster and asked "Do you still have the dresser?" She replied with a "Yes call me for my address" So woohoo! I now have a nifty new dresser which is in pretty good darn shape if I say so myself.
Now lets talk about today.. I again check the free classifieds I see a ad for vintage Movie cam & polaroid camera. I am now the owner of those too! The movie cam is a Kodak from 1955 it's in great condition and apparently is still working. The polaroid is in good condition and is HUGE! I have no clue how people were able to take so many pictures with those. My arms would have broke off from the weight. hahah
I have plans again for this weekend to scour the second hand stores once again. I wonder what I may come across this time?!


  1. I just spit my coffee out when I read about the starburst clock and saw the photo. I can't believe you found that for $12.00!!! It is an amazing clock. Very beautiful and I am extremely jealous but I will recover. So will my laptop after I clean the coffee off of it. Great score.

  2. I couldn't believe it either, to me it seems like the really awsome finds happen at the tiny little thrift stores that not many people know about or want to bother with.
    I found the clock at a little thrift store that supports the catholic church.

    I hope the coffee came off your screen ;)

  3. where is a pic of the dresser?

  4. @Jennifer
    It was moved into a room that was a total disaster.. until I put it where it was intended to go. I did not want to show the messy storage room to blog people. haha