Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sweet yellow Sunbeam

Well I surely never thought I would find a vintage sunbeam at a thrift store I always though when the time came I would have to shell out the $80.00 or more and buy one from E-bay or a expensive shop. Thank goodness I was wrong! I got my yellow mixer on Saturday for a grand total of $20.00 no tax even.

Of course I needed to test it our right away! What else would there be to do? So I had to think of what I wanted to make. Cookies? Squares? Cake? Okay so I settled on a Angel food cake and tested the mixer out. It works great or so I think I don't really know all that much about them. It didn't smoke or explode so I am assuming everything is in good working order. I made yellow icing for my cake and of course decorated it on a owl cutting board I got from a free box at a garage sale.

Now hopefully I don't find another one.. or I will be in a pickle because I surely will not leave it there. *hehe*


  1. That mixer is awesome. It looks like it is in pristine condition. Score! I also love the owl cutting board. It holds that delicious looking cake beautifully. ")

  2. I never see color sunbeams at thrift stores or estate sales... they're always white. :( Great score! Also love your owl-shaped cake platter.

  3. Thank you girls for all your lovely comments. =)

  4. Love it!

    I had an old sunbeam in green years ago, but it sadly died and always smelt like an old car whenever I used it. You look gorgeous btw

  5. How adorable are you? You are the bees knees!