Friday, June 18, 2010

Last weekends finds

I figured I better post some of my finds from lastweek before I go out and scour around at yard sales tommorow. This means if I am smart I will go to bed early tonight. (*Never happens*) I am usually half asleep when I start my Saturday morning treasure hunting.

I found this darling doll for $1.00 I don't know much about vintage dolls but I do know shes cute and has amazing eyelashes.

I love this dish just looking at it makes me smile because its so weird. Plus pineapples are neat.. Don't ya think?
My best find of the weekend was the (Time Life - Art of Sewing)Book Set
I walked into a thrift store and this book's design caught my eye.

I walked over only to realize there was MANY books all with a different textured pattern cover. I had no clue what they were about and then I realized they were all about sewing, design, patterns, how to's and so much more! I didn't see a price and was worried that when I asked it would be quite high for the set. But they told me 1.00$ PER BOOK!!! ahhhh I was extatic! "Okay I will take them" .. And then they were mine. I hope to learn alot from these I don't know much about sewing but have been wanting to learn. I can do some basic stuff but that is it. I am striving to at some point be able to make dresses. *Wish me luck!* *lol*

Well I am off to enoy some pizza (Even though I shouldn't) and watch a movie.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I love the deer! I had a deer nightlight as a child and I still miss it!

    The books - what a find! and pineapples are everything happy!

    I hope you found more bargains!