Monday, March 14, 2011

Books, Owls, Fabric and more

*Hmmm* It has taken me awhile to make this post. I sort of just kept buying stuff and my brain would say (I will blog about it later) But now it's time to actually get it done.*lol *

Last week at Salvation army I spotted 3 owl necklaces hanging up on the wall behind the cash till. I asked if I could take a look at them. The lady told me they just came in. I didn't have much cash on me so I could only buy 2.
This one cost me $2 I have already worn it once and adore it. I love the way its tail flaps back and forth.

This big one with the yellow eyes was $4. It is dang heavy!! I think I will wear it a few times and then sell it. Although I am not sure.. I tend to become attached to things easily. *hahah*

The other I was not able to get was also $4 it was gone the next day when I went back. It was a silver tone owl standing on a branch with blue enamel eyes. Although I am sure its new owner is enjoying the heck out of it so I guess its okay.

On Saturday I went to hospice thrift store where I found two books on sewing.

One is from 1960 the other 1943. I want to read these from front to back. They look so interesting and informative. Best of all they were $1.50 each. I just adore the pictures and stuff. Here is a little of what's inside.

In my last post I told you all I had ordered some vintage wrap skirt patterns. They have arrived and I went and picked out my fabric for the first one I will attempt. It is a reversible wrap here is what the pattern looks like.

And here is the two fabrics I chose.

The top fabric is black it just looks a little weird because of the sun hitting it.

I really like the bottom fabrics design.. as soon as I saw it I was reminded of a dandelion gone to seed.

I will start to attempt this sometime this week. It is supposed to be easy... the lady at the fabric store told me I should be able to do it no problem. But how would she know about the troubles I could cause while running a electric machine?!


  1. Cute necklaces, I have one similar to the 2nd one you posted. Excited to see how your wrap skirt comes out, the fabric you picked reminds me of fireworks.

  2. Awesome owl finds shame you couldnt get them all that will be one of your if onlys I bet lol.Cool book I have one called Womans own is on one of my old,old posts has great pics in it too.I used to have the same pattern of wrap skirt way back when at high school in the old days lol
    Cant wait to see what you sew.I have sooooo much fabric I must start sewing soon.

  3. I'm goggling over the books,they look wonderful!! the owls are just darling!! I love that first one,it looks to be enamelled?
    Ha-I made a skirt-well,my Mummy made it for me!-like that in my first year of highschool!!! Go for it,you'll be brillant!

  4. Those owls are fabulous! I love the second one with the big scary eyes, he could out-stare our poodles.
    That pattern looks fabulous, you can't beat a Jiffy, even I can manage those. The blue fabric is stunning. Promise to share your makes? xxx

  5. Love the fabrics, esp. the rd/white/blue one! Owls are so popular they always sell fast, good you got 2!

  6. Great finds with those owl necklaces! So cute! And best of luck with the skirt- keep us updated!

  7. @ The Thriftaholic
    Fireworks!! Yes I can see that! Maybe I will have to wear it on some kind of celebratory day.

    @ Janelle aka Nelly
    Well with the owl necklace I could not purchase I figured.. "If I really end up sad about it.. I will order a look-alike from Etsy or Ebay." So far I have not felt the urge. THANK GOODNESS

    I want a wrap skirt for my many spring and summer garage saling days. LOL (Who makes a skirt for garage saling?) I DO!

    @ Helga! Yes Helga the first is enameled. It's my Mothers Birthday today, I plan to wear it again tonight.
    Now with so many people knowing about this skirt I am going to make I am getting more nervous. lol

  8. @ Vintage Vixen
    HE COULD out-stare our evil poodles!
    Hey I have seen your sewing and I know you could sew a hell of alot more than a Jiffy pattern. I hope to God at some point I can sew like you!. If so I will hear angels singing in my head!
    Yes, I will show you all the skirt when done.

    @ Kitty Yes it seems as though everyone has went OWLY these days. I gotta admit they are pretty darn cute feathered things!

    @ Alyssa Bee
    Thanks for the luck! I NEED IT. =)

  9. those always are so cute,love sewing books.
    cant wait to see what creations you make.

  10. Cute finds and great books! I adore the skirt pattern too! I cannot wait to see how you use those pretty fabrics! The last one pictured looks like vintage starbursts!

  11. what a cute your background.That sewing book looks fun.And love the owl necklaces.I think my gran had one.they look familiar.The wrap skirts will be lovely.Liking the fabrics you picked out.can't wait to see them finished.

  12. Oh my!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that first owl necklace! I'm a sucker for anything with a diamond pattern! Beautiful and jealous!! :p

    I'm a follower now! I see you lurking about on Vix's blog a lot so I thought I would check you out.

    I'm having a giveaway over on my blog if you are interested in entering. It's open internationally, PLUS there is another owl necklace =D x

  13. Hey Mel haven't heard from you for a while, whats happening??