Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Funky patterned dresses

(My Boxer on one of our walks)

It's been about a month since my last post. (Gosh time flies) In the past month the weather got alot nicer and I started going on daily walks and bike rides sometimes just one or the other.

I have still been going thrifting but probably a little less than before. This weekend will be my first garage saling weekend and I am *SO EXCITED* I cannot wait. I may not even be able to sleep on Friday night. *lol*

I took some pictures of dresses I have found in the past few weeks. Here were I live vintage is quite hard to come by whether it is 50's, 60's or 70's. So when I find it I usually purchase it then decide whether I will keep it for myself or sell it.

Black, Blue & Green

I love the tag on this one it's so darn cute!

Black, Pink & Green

I adore this dress!! This one I am for sure keeping. I have tried it on and will need to lose a couple of pounds before it fits perfectly (but hey inspiration is good!!) I have to think of it that way.. because if I don't I would give my mannequin a punch to the jaw because she fits every damn thing perfectly.

White, Orange & Black

Now this little number reminds me of Halloween candy! When I first came across it I pictured Helga then candy. Helga & Candy what a lovely combo. It's strange how things can remind you of people from blogland!

Patchwork Ruffle Bottom

I want this to be my garage saling dress. I told my Husband I will wear it so if he loses me he will not have to search everywhere. I will just stick out like a sore thumb. If I add a bit floppy straw hat that might even be better. Hell who knows maybe I would get better deals on things because people would think I was a crazy mad woman.

Sears Paisley Purple, Black & Blue

I like the detail on this one, but I am not big on the long sleeves. This is not my style at all, but someone out there in this world would probably think it was delightful.

So those are my latest dress finds. I will now end this little post... and search for a movie on Netflix.


  1. Wow well done on those dresses I want to see your gsaling one on you Hope you get lots and lots of yummy things on the weekend,no saling for me am empty money wise will live the hunt thru all my blogging buddies

  2. Great finds, I'd be happy with all or any of them but I like the first and third ones best. thanks for commenting on my blog again, i wondered where you'd disappeared to. I SO wish you could be here to go garage sale-ing with me, it's all t-shirts and shorts in warm weather, with a pocket of cash so my hands are free, out the door by 5am and home again by 10am with 30 to 40 sales done. I had a great day last Saturday, I think I bought over 100 items!

  3. @Nelly I know what you mean.. That is why I have been thrifting a little less lately. I am trying to save up for a beach cruiser bicycle.
    When I go thrifting twice a week I spend all my extra money. So for right now bike first so that and can cruise all along the beach during spring and summer.
    Now garage saling is a bit different because it is usually a bit cheaper than thrifting. So I will limit myself to $30.00 and see what I can come up with.

    @Kitty Garage saling with you would be a dream!
    Gosh the stuff you find is STUNNING I would probably end up comatose over all your finds! *hehehe* The garage sales here really only started about 2 weeks ago... before then we still had a bit of snow.

  4. great dresses.I like the one that reminds you of candy.It does look like candy the second one is adorable. would make it knee legnth.I havent been to a yard sale or garage sale in years.Need to start going.

  5. i really love the second dress... very cute.

  6. Really awesome dresses!

    Congrats! You won my giveaway.
    Please give me your details.

  7. love all your dresses,all things remind me of candy and the Hawaiian pattern dress.