Monday, February 28, 2011

Shoe finds all under $1.00

We have this little thrift shop where I live that has a $5.00 a bag sale.
Now this only includes clothing & footwear (Nothing else like kitchenware, linens or jewelry ) They also exclude any clothing or footwear they think is valuable and in that case they mark it as a "specialty item" Sometimes they mark the funniest things as special (Like a new 10.00 walmart shirt with tags intact.) yet they put Lululemon clothing included in the 5.00 bag. *LOL* Regardless I always scan through the shoes for any vintage lovelys.
Here is what I have come out with so far.

Red and blue leather heels. They need some new glue under the liners as it has started to separate. Other than that they are in great shape.

I love these red Airsteps when I purchased them they were brand new. I have only worn them once but I am sure they will get alot more wear this spring and summer.

I found these gold and black babys last week. My eyes zoned right in on them. I seriously love these so much. They look very comfy also, I want to wear them with gold nail polish!

These off white shoes have just a slight heel. Perfect for me "The girl whos afraid she will have that little ankle glitch where your heel wobbles to the side and you fall over." I really hope you know what I mean!!! *lol*
Not vintage.. but cute none the less I think I will wear these with lots of skirts and to dress up jeans a little.
Last week I brought out my sewing machine and made a little home for it on my desk next to my laptop. I am a beginner to sewing making small things here and there, and have always wanted to get into bigger and better projects. Last week I purchased two different vintage wrap skirt patterns off E-bay. They have not arrived yet but I am really excited to get started on them. I have not chose any fabrics yet but am thinking maybe some sort of Hawaiian fabric. I will update you more on this skirt project in a future post.

I found these two fabrics last week. The bottom one I am going to make some pillow covers with. And the top adorable pattern is a rather small piece,
but it's just so darn cute I wanna make something lovely out of it.

For the rest of this week I will probably be sitting at my sewing machine. Trying to gain more experience.

Talk to you soon.

x__Vintage Coconut


  1. What a fabulous collection of shoes! I particularly love those dainty red ones at the top, they are so pretty.
    Good luck with the sewing. I'm not a very confident sew-er but I have a stash of vintage patterns and have nearly finished my first blouse! xxx

  2. LOVING your vintage shoes, what finds! I have often fallen victim to the heel wobble but carry on regardless.

  3. Great that you can find shoes you love so cheap :) good luck with the sewing, I guess it's like anything, tough at the beginning but gets easier with practice.xx.

  4. Looove the red shoes!
    You're such a lucky cookie!

  5. I love those red and blue heels,they are just divine,and would look fab with a hawaiian print wrap skirt...!
    Opshops(thrift shops) are funny with how they value things,aren't they?! I often have a laugh!!
    Just keep plugging away with the sewing.I was self taught,then years later went and did a course,which taught me technique,but I managed quite well just working things out as I went!

  6. @ Vintage Vixen Just saw your blouse! It is gorgeous maybe a few more months and I can attempt something like that.

    @ Comtesse de ferveur I suppose I will keep practising, I mean eventually I should get it. *lol*

    @ Kitty Thanks for the goodluck on the sewing. I need it! haha I just find patterns a little confusing at times.

    @ Little Rascal
    *Mmm* COOKIE lol

    @ Helga
    I just don't understand they're pricing decisions. It is rather odd for the most part.
    I hope with making these wrap skirts I will more understand how to read patterns properly. I made sure to buy simplicity & begginer patterns.
    I sort have just been sewing things here and there pattern-less. It's time to move on to Broader horizions. =D

  7. great finds..weird prices,lol
    love the red and blue shoes and the white one.
    fab pattern..cant wait to see what you come up with.

  8. I found you through My Friends Call me Nelly and love your lovely new shoe collection. And you're right it's so funny to see what thrift stores consider valuable and junk - more bargains for us then eh? How exciting that you're beginning to sew, wrap skirts are a great way to start sewing, that was my first skirt project too. I'm following!! xo

  9. Hi, I'm just about to check out your lovely blog, hoping we could follow one another with google friend connect? I would like to add you as a friend with ifb :)

    Love vintage, too, my blog is all about 70s style :) Your shoe finds are great and the prices knock off my socks!!

    xx viviane

  10. Nice shoes... and the best part is you are helping the world by reusing them..

    All the best with the wrap skirts project.

    I would also like to sew something wearable.. :) haven't tried yet.

  11. These shoes are so cute! They all look perfect for spring/summer, and I can imagine any of them with a cute wrap skirt and top. I'm coveting those black non-vintage wedges.