Friday, June 17, 2011

HI! I like to buy things....

Okay so I am a little late on posting my garage sale finds from Saturday... I MEAN COME ON LADY IT'S ALREADY FRIDAY AGAIN! *WOOOOOO* Garage saling tomorrow!!! lol
Alright here we go..

Plate for future travel trailer 50 cents

I couldn't leave this bowl behind. It had a $1 price tag and the lady told me she would give it to me for 50 cents... I didn't even ask.. HOW NICE!

Lovely lamp shade $2 I love the little gold flecks!

Cool little container 50 cents

Some more to add to my mismatched starburst cutlery collection

$3 For this little beauty! She was full of potpourri when I purchased her which ended up falling all over my carpet when I got home. Potpourri has been gone for a few days yet she still smells flowery!

Next to new black Aldo purse $1 The best thing is it even had a vintage style closure and shape. I love love LOVE IT!

To go in future Coconuts Rubbermaid storage bin collection

50 cents

Thierry Mugler Perfume 50 cents for a whole bottle

I couldn't say no to that. Just days earlier I bought a 100 ml bottle of Oscar de la renta Rosamor perfume for $3 Again looked like it had never been touched.

Silver ring $2

This ring has no markings but I just thought it was so sweet, it was also $2

Two identical plaid tube tops.... But different brand names... How STRANGE!

I found them both in a Church thrift store for $1 each

Now lets go play some lawndarts! Please everyone if your going to play be sure NOT to throw these at your competitor.. they are pointy and might hurt someone!



  1. Ok where to start with that lovely haul?Well I think that plate is very sweet.The lightshade is a keeper the container is sweet I think th eshoes are so cute cant wait for futire little cocnuts coz I can send them things too. But I LOVE that little lady.She looks like one from the 50s dont you think?
    BTW my sis is married to a Fijian and she calls her 3 kids little cocnuts lol xx

  2. Oh my! I adore the Lady Head Vase! I would have snapped that up with so much excitement had I seen that! I love lady head vases!

    The rings are beautiful especially the green one!

    Great finds! xxx

  3. Oh i'm just revoltingly jealous of that lampshade, don't you DARE show it to me again!!!

    Lots of good little treats for you in this lot, esp. love the silver ring. You're doing well from your garage sale-ing, hope you keep it up.xx.

  4. I love that pretty lady and I knew Kitty would be lusting after the lampshade.
    A fabulously ecclectic mix of finds, good luck tomorrow. xxx

  5. you found some real good ones!
    that lamp is exactley like one my Great Grandmother had, it blew me away when I saw it!
    The little glass lady looks like she might really be worth something, you should look her up or go to an antique dealer to see what shes worth just for the fun of it.

  6. @Nelly Well I am not married to a Fijian.. But I guess my husband will do..
    LOL jokin! I thought what you said about your Sister was so cute. I also do think the lady head vase might surely be from the 50's.
    There was another at the sale but she had quite a chip taken out of her hat.. so I left her behind.

    @VainGlorySinner Some people have collections of those head vases, this one is my very first. I don't see them around here much.
    The green ring has permanently sat on my finger since being purchased. =)

    @Kitty WELL NOW! You tease me with all your goodies over and over.. I had to take a jab at you at some point with my shade! hehehe
    I plan to sale tomorrow but I will be on a tight budget.... $25.00 *I hope I find a good sale with really cheap stuff!* hahahaha

    @Vix Thank you for the luck I think it's been helping so don't stop anytime soon! *smile*

    @1950's_atomic_ranch_house Some weeks are better than others. Last weekend I would call a good one.... Hopefully tomorrows sales will be too. How is the garage saling down in your area?

    @CRY I always try and look up things that I find. But sometimes if I get alot of stuff it takes while. You have now reminded me and I will try doing a little research on the lady today. She is sitting on my dresser that holds all my jewelry and stuff. About those lampshades.. I just adore them! My first one I ever found was just a small cylinder one, which I sold on ebay cause I didn't have a lamp for it. I wish I hadn't sold it.. but now this two teir makes it okay that I did. haahah

  7. Wow such cool stuff.I love that lamps shade and I can't believe you got the lady head for $3.I'm so are about $70 or higher here.I am on a mission to find one cheap eventually.Love the tube tops.they are really cute.

  8. @vintage_kitten
    I was just looking at the pricing of the head vases on Etsy. Some of them can really get up there in price! WOW!
    I really don't know much about them yet. But I will look through E-bay next. I am trying to find my exact one I have... no luck so far.

    I hope you find yours soon. =)

  9. Oh there is nothing to be found at garage sales in my area, or thrift stores! Which is why I do the eBay thing, it's the best choice I have.

    Hey, about that magazine rack? It's a repro, and you can buy it online click here!

  10. Oh, google the maker, I bet you can get it for less!

  11. Wowza, what a plethora of great finds! Loving it all basically, but Mugler perfume for 50 cents! Again, wow! xx

  12. Sound advice about the lawn darts;)) hehe!! I love the little lady - will you use it as a tiny vase? I really like how you buy things for future endeavours:))) xoxo

  13. You got loads of goodies, I want that lady head vase, I never seen one as cute as that one.
    cool lamp and rings are so pretty.