Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Finds that make me HAPPY

4 panels of these lovely floral curtains 50 cents

Two spaghetti light bedroom fixture covers $4

Just purchased hrs ago for $3.99
Hawaiian dress
I plan on wearing it garage saling on Sat, Hopefully I can get a better pic of it then.

Bed time Rageddy Ann by Knickerbocker $1

Lucite candle sticks 50 cents

Carpet Bag $2

After always admiring everyone elses carpet bags FINALLY I am able to join the club!! *woot woot* And it even has green on it... which means it was meant to be! I grabbed this thing of a hanger at a garage sale as soon as my eyes gazed upon it. Still needing to look through boxes asked my man to hold it. "AND NOT TO PUT IT DOWN ANYWHERE" He is such a good man he held my carpet bag for a good 1o min at least. *hehe*

Lucite Stretch Bracelet $2 found at Salvation Army one of my favorite thrifts I frequent.

This is the little Entrance way to my bedroom which is the door on the left.

The hanging half mannequin was purchased on the weekend for $4 I named her Chrysanthemum (Which I still have to google to be able to spell properly mind you) *lol* She is showing off a rather lovely one piece vintage swim suit. That is too big for me but so darn cute I love to look at it! A couple of my furry hats hang on the hooks and a coconut purse (How fitting).

We are just a couple days from the weekend.. which means I better get on organizing my garage sale list!! *wink*

Bye for now

x___Vintage Coconut


  1. Woohoo yummy finds lve that dress on you too.Being a green lover big tme too Id have bought that bag as

  2. EEEK! Your fins make me very happy too!!! And envious!!! xxx

  3. Where do I start? That Hawaiian dress is awesome, the carpet bag is fan-freaking-tastic and the swimsuit is so groovy even if it is way too big (they always are, it's not fair). Envy!"!!!! xxx

  4. I love Rageddy Ann! And I think that's the most adorable one I've ever seen :P

  5. An Hawaiian barkcloth maxi, can't go wrong there! I also love the lucite candlesticks, awesome!

  6. That dress is so cute.i love the blues.Your bag reminds me of scottish thistles.Well the flowers i lucite candles are cool.never saw anything like the braclet too.great finds.xx

  7. WOW!! You found half the things I am looking for! lol...

    Wish I could find such great bargains!

  8. The light covers have my kitsch taste buds watering! And the lucite bracelet? How come I never find that stuff at our Salvation Army?