Friday, June 10, 2011

Wearing my sheets out, crabs in my skirt! *Gasp*


I have been wanting to make a pillowcase skirt, or a skirt out of vintage sheets for ages... I just never got around to it. Until the thought came back on Wednesday. I figured I better move quick if I plan to ever get this done. So on Wednesday afternoon I went to a second hand store looking for a easy skirt pattern. Something I could put a elastic waistband in, and that had a sort of triangle shape to it. I found what I was looking for and it cost me 10 cents! *hooray*

I chose to do the skirt on the right without the ruffle, cause I am not the best darn sewer yet and I didn't want to bomb at my first attempt. The first skirt I made is out of a double sized vintage sheet that had some small holes here and there and wouldn't fit on any of my beds anyways. I was using it for a background for pics.. but eh! I will find a new one.

Warning: Bad hair day (Actually I didn't even brush it I was too busy sewing.) lol
So here is my underwater crab blowing bubbles skirt.
(I sort of have a thing for crabs, they make me smile.)

I wore this skirt all day today and let me just say it was one of the comfiest things EVER! Shopping in Walmart was a breeze in this crabby sheet!

Skirt two I just finished up this afternoon it took me only about 2 hrs maybe even a little less. I used a bright cheery floral vintage sheet. A little thicker than the previous one.

I love the bright yellow and orange together. Even though this is a patterned skirt I really want to add a fabric applique to it! I just don't know what!

I am wearing it garage saling tomorrow so I better figure it out fast. A strawberry may.... be cute.. *hmm*

I plan on making a few more of these, for the really hot summer days that you don't want to sleep with nothing but a sheet... (I mean "wear something light and airy to keep cool")

So if you have vintage sheets laying around that you don't have a use for, make yourself some skirts.



  1. gorgeous! Well done. Can't wait to see what you find at the sales.xx.

  2. Brilliant job and the crab applique is just fabulous. Good luck with the sales, I've just got back from one! xxx

  3. Sweet! Looks like crabby would be a wonderful beach skirt!

    I can't tell you the things I have made out of sheets:

    Curtains, pillow cases, couch covers, shelf curtains, re-covered chair seats, and more I can't think of.

    Mom made a lot of wonderful cloth dolls from heavy muslin sheets, too.

  4. Great job on those skirts.I hope when I start sewing i am as good.Love those little crabs.Maybe lemons on the yellow and orange skirts.or sunflowers.

  5. How cute are you in your new skirts!!!!! I've always wanted to make clothes out of gorgeous old cotton sheets and your crabby skirt has inspired me to do something about it:))) xo

  6. Too cute!!! Nothing like a nice,easy breezy skirt!!

  7. What a bargain! And the end result is wonderful - I love the cute crab!


  8. @Kitty I will hopefully have my finds posted sometime tomorrow. Did you sale on Sat too?? I didn't wear sweatpants this time!! lol

    @Vintage Vixen Can't wait to see what you found this time!! =D

    @1950's_atomic_ranch_house OOOooh I want to make some pillow cases out of my sheets too! I think I sleep better on Vintage florals! *hehe* seriously I am not kidding!

    @vintage_kitten Lemons would look really cute!! Plus I like Lemons and Limes. hahah I really haven't a clue why.... but I think of them as cute. In the beginning my blog was called *Lime Vintage*. hahhah

    @Pull Your Socks Up! Whatever you come up with, I want to see it!! So make sure you show us any creations!

    @Helga! Easy breezy is the only way to go in the heat.. but when the cold comes all I can think about is fuzzy fuzzy warm. =)

    @Jo Thanks Jo! After I make a few more skirts, I plan on making some pillow case sets. That way I woun't have a bunch of half vintage sheets laying all over the place. lol

  9. Hey there, new subscriber! Thanks a ton for checking me out, even though I'm brand spanking new, haha.
    Your blog is so neato, I love it! And your designs are fantastic!! I know now I'll be reading your previous posts for the next hour ;)

    Hope you're having a great week!
    Lucky xo

  10. What s fabulous idea, loving your skirts! Scarlett x