Friday, April 13, 2012

Hawaiian Parrots on my patio

Hello: Happy Friday! Here I am in a Hawaiian dress I found for $4.99 at Value Village.
I also found the huge delightful parrot & shell necklace for $5.99 (That is more than I usually pay, but lately in thrifts and online they usually start out at about $15.00 so I just "Told myself" I was getting a deal.) "OH WHAT'S THAT IN THE CHAIR ON THE RIGHT??
OMG!! It's another one of those bags... Price was $2.00 and I thought it was hilarious I found a second one.

Remember the first one I found last month?

"Ohhhh the EXCITEMENT"

I am thrilled and Jersey doesn't seem to know what the hecks so exciting!!
I wonder if I will find another....


 I suppose a belt would look good with this dress trouble is I was in a huge rush to take these pics before Mr. Coco got off work.

 *Kiss Kiss*

Awesome starfish shoes!
$1.00 at a Liquidation outlet

The Parrot necklace

 I imagine this is one of Vanessa's from  Two Squirrels friends!
He has been hanging out in my Maple tree spying on me the past couple days. He likes to run along our fence and eat nuts all day long. He also has staring contests with Jersey my Boxer dog.
 I named him Acorn...

Have a delightful Weekend


  1. Fab dress on you...I love the colours & the cut. And super cute birdy necklace! I'm a wee bit jealous of those yellow chairs in your yard...retro garden furniture is currently on my wish list. Enjoy your weekend. Xx

  2. Don't you look all decked out and ready for spring? Love the bright colors! You've really found some great bargains lately.

  3. I'm loving that bag, numbers 1 and 2 actually, must mean the third is just around the corner, LOL!!!

  4. Ah, I love everything! You look terrific. That parrot necklace is FANTASTIC! :D

  5. Just popped over via Helga's! Loooove those yellow chairs and that bag! How did I ever happen to miss you?

  6. I love all these bits - the necklace is fab and the starfish shoes are pure genius! Have a great weekend x

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  7. Love the dress, bag, etc. etc. but what I REALLY love are those awesome yellow chairs. They are gorgeous!

  8. Parrots, and starfish, and squirrels, oh my!
    I love the colours and print on your frock. I don't think it necessarily needs a belt, it looks really cute as it is. Was it warm? Sleeveless AND bare legs, you are a hardy woman!
    I LOVE the bag - loved the first Precious too, and you will definitely find a third to complete the set. Then I'll buy it off you, haha!
    And fabulous yellow chairs too.
    Do you think Vanessa has sent a spy to see what you're up to?!
    Have a gorgeous weekend, love! xxxx

  9. You are a regular Honolulu Mama! Am so jealous of the parrot necklace I shall be pouting all day long. Your bag looks great with the outfit but everything looks great with those yellow chairs as the backdrop. Love 'em, love you.

  10. FABULOUS frock and CHAIRS and OMG THOSE BAGS ARE FRICKIN AAAAWESOME!!! I've never seen anything like them and now I MUST HAVE ONE! Big cuddles for lovely boxer boy Jersey from Aunty Sarah xxx

    1. aloah!!! oh this fabulous and happy dress makes me wanna hang up with you at the beach and having cocktails and listen to elvis singing blue hawaii ;) love the print so much and your kiss pictures with your lovely dog is to die for!!! makes my heart melt;) and i want a parrot necklace like that!

  11. I want a necklace like that!! and one of those bags! You find amazing stuff!!

  12. I love that dress! Such a cute blog you have, too. Love the lobsters and coconut and lemon theme!

  13. Oh oh you lovely lady!!! I was showing Warren that you had a squirrel photo here, and was so excited!!!! Then I read it was one of our furry wee secert squirrel spies looking out for gorgeous vintage ladies. Tee hee!!! His report is in and you are at the top of the list for fabulousness!!!!
    Look at you in that pretty dress!!!! The chairs are amazing.
    Then another precious bag!!! Yay.
    Jersey is so cute.
    Ahhhh to much fun.
    Sending a big squirrel hug, thanks for the link!!! Love v

  14. Love your hawaiian number. I can't believe you found another one of those bags! That necklace is the perfect amount of kitsch. xxx

  15. Just love your dress.You look so cute.And I just love the necklace.Adorable parrots.I think that necklace is perfect.Those sandles are too the color.xx

  16. Gorgeous dress! I love your bangs! =)

  17. Amor,
    I just love your Hawaian dress with no belt or belt you look cute as a button.
    Another crazy Mexican sweet bread shaped bag?
    Thats so awesome! Jersey seems to think so.
    That parrot necklace is so lovely, ny cheap self would of snatch it up at that price.
    Lucky squirrel perving over you.

  18. I've just popped back for another look at you in that fab frock and those GORGEOUS bags! Sarah xxx

    I can't BELIEVE you have 2!!! I am SO jealous!

  20. Ohh, your patio looks so amazing!

    Love that parrot necklace!

  21. How cute are you in the hawaiian print - love it! The bag is also blooming amazing :o) Scarlett x

  22. I love flowery dresses and that one is fantastic :)

  23. The bags ROCK! So original; never seen anything like 'em. What do you know about them, do they have a maker's mark etc?

    1. These bags were made from bleach bottles and yarn. I have seen a few craft books on ebay with the instructions on how to make them.
      Apparently is was a craft craze of the 60s.

  24. absolutely gorgeous!

  25. What a great blog and dress/bags!!!
    a new follower for sure!