Friday, April 6, 2012

Don't touch my Potatoes

Today I peeled potatoes for Easter dinner. We had our dinner this evening because Saturday is when we go for Ramen and we have yet to break tradition. *lol*
I so badly wanted to do a bit of thrift shopping Today as I have not done any shopping over a week, BUT EVERYTHING WAS CLOSED!! (Except huge chain stores)
 I wore a green "Vintage Style" dress that I picked up from a thrift for next to nothing. I can't remember the price because I have had it for at least a year or so.
 I bought the macrame bag for $2 It JUST holds my (Wallet, Camera Cellphone & Gum) *eeep*
I suppose I am a big handbag sort of Women. But I really like this bag.
Here I am up in a weeping willow.
 My Guy was not really into vintage really until this passed year. Probably because I talked about vintage non stop .... He has taken to it alot more. *YAY* There is a online deal where you can get your first pair of glasses for just the cost of shipping for free. Mr. Coco does not need to wear glasses but he has always wanted a pair so this was the perfect time to get some. When I suggested he get vintage style glasses he actually AGREED and his glasses arrived a couple days ago. Since he got them .... he pretty much wants to wear them all the time
Testing out a beach cruiser....
I need to get my bike out of Winter storage. I WANNA feel the wind in my hair again.

 Under the weeping willow tree

Spring blooms in the park

Happy Easter Everyone!!!


  1. Mmm, I do like potatoes! You MUST tell me what this website you speak of is. I really need some cute vintage frames :) Mr & Mrs Coconut make a great couple Xxx

    1. Hi Claire
      For you the website would be
      Now if you have a RX for glasses like I do you may want to spend a bit more on some of the extras like non scratch coating and stuff. BUT still the glasses are AWESOME. They have tons of designer frames for a fraction of the retail price.

  2. I love that colour on you so pretty!! Funny how your vintageness is rubbing off on Mr Coconut. Those glasses are very cool. xxxxxx

  3. oh that green dress is so gorgous with the blue belt!
    and what a cute couple are those two coconuts;)
    happy easter darling!

  4. You two are adorable! The green dress looks so springy, um, springish? Pretty! Happy Easter.

  5. Hurrah! I love your dress. I need to visit the ramen restaurant - check out the email I sent you

  6. I wouldn't dream of touching your potatoes!As for your chi chi's,though.......bahaha!
    Mr Coconut is looking might FINE! It was only a matter of time.......XXXXXXXXXX

  7. Love your dress...and I agree that you're rubbing off on Mr. Coconut. He looks positively vintage himself. A very nice look for both of you!

  8. Oh yay for misters who can rock the vintage - and Mr Coconut is ROCKIN the crap out of those fabulous specs! Sarah xxx

  9. Happy Easter :) I love your style :) I hope you will follow my blog


  10. Ooh, look at the Mr! Hotness!
    And as for you, a-scrubbing your potatoes - you are a dream in green! Looking so cute, especially up that tree, haha! And I love your macrame bag, it's gorgeous, but yeah, little bags - no bloody use really, are they? You need to double-bag it, like Desiree!
    About to check out your Etsy shop now. xxxxxxx

  11. Well Mr and Mrs Coconut you both look adorable ;-) Great to hear Mr coconut is getting into the vintage vibe. Happy easter to you both, dee x

  12. You are both totally cute - and i want a breach cruiser!!! Ive been looking at them online for the last week but the ones over here in blighty arent nearly as sexy. Happy Easter chickadee :o) Scarlett x

  13. The prettiest bags never hold all of my stuff!

  14. you look so cute in that outfit.and green looks good on you.We had easter dinner today and I am so full.But now I want ramen cuz you mentioned glasses look cool.Great pic of you two.Happy easter.xx

  15. I love your green dress, it reminds me of a roller derby uniform the way you're wearing it. Green really suits you too. Would you believe that I hate handbags? I have one only. For work. And I only use it cause I have to. Usually I rely on pockets to carry what I need.

  16. You bonita green frock biatch!
    I love your little name tag and i adore big ass bags.
    Cute tree hugging shot amor, love blue belt with green dress.
    Mr. Coconut is looking very good in new vintage style specs.
    I love that he pose for photos with you and that you got him nto vintage shopping.
    I will touch your papas and more.
    Gracias for your lovely comments .. You always make me smile.
    Hope you had a great Easter full of sweets and cakes.

  17. Love that Mr Coconut is falling for vintage. I think I have rubbed off onto Mr M too. At the moment he is looking for a retro turn table/radiogram. Lol, not sure where he is going to put it!! Great dress, for a second I thought the name tag was real, hee hee.

  18. Your bag is so cute! Doesn't look all that small though from the photos...but maybe it's because the handle is proportionally quite big? Hehe. So awesome you got your man into vintage too!

  19. Como me gusta tu look, sobre todo el vestido.

  20. You have great hair. I love the bangs!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  21. Am I the only one sniggering childishly at you rubbing off on the Mr? heheheh. Yeah, ok, probably.

    He looks fab though - those frames really suit him.
    Hope you had a great Easter xx