Thursday, April 26, 2012

I will clip your hair whilst we sit around the Vaporizer

~ Magnolia Tree in full bloom~

 I imagined a update would be a good thing. That's usually what one does when they blog right?
I was hitting the 2 week mark without a post and my purchases are starting to add up here.
Last Saturday I went yard saling. I didn't find too much but the stuff I found I was happy about. I find I am a little pickier this year than previous years which I assume to be a good thing.

One of my first buys was this 1950s hair clipper. The box caught my eye... as I lifted the lid a very nice older gentlemen said "That's a collectible, you don't come across them nowadays" He was smoking a big Cigar and  HECK was it strong. *lol* I said: "Well it's really cool, I love old things"
He said: "How about $1" And I replied: "Sold"
He showed me how there was instructions in the lid,  and that it came with a extra spring.
I asked Mr. if I could cut his hair with it and he said "Sure" ("What a trusting man I have")

 The purchase below is a Vaporizer I bought a month or so back from a local  I paid $7.99 which is more than it's original price.
The box again is what caught my eye, I am surprised it is in such good condition.

 I really did not want to leave this behind at the store. After all it's "Commended by the consumer service bureau of parents magazine" That really does mean it's the best in case you didn't know.

 I am happy with just the box... but lets look at the actual Vaporizer!

 I was shocked upon opening the box and seeing the Excellent condition of the graphics on the glass jar. "OoOohhh I can't wait to have this on my starbust Formica kitchen table in my "Future" Vintage decorated home. ("Yes people I do have alot of plans and dreams for my future") *hahhaah* But at least I have the table and now the vaporizer.

 Cute little mesh shopping bag .50 cents garage sale. I fell for those marble handles!!

 "OooOoohhhh AHHHHhhhh"

 Black Roller Skates Thrift store $7.99 ("They do have brakes they are just inside the skates .... I need to find some screws") I purchased a previous pair last year... they were just plastic though and quite big so I re-sold them.... and waited for another pair to come along! These are leather they roll perfectly and I plan to use them every now and then this year. "ONCE THE BRAKES ARE ON"

 Set of four starburst drinking glasses .99 cents Salvation Army
"I let out a little squeak when I spied these"

 Cute Salt & Pepper shakers sitting on a bench. $1.99 "A little pricey for my liking considering one is missing his.... uhmm "plug"... but I will find one for him

 Found on Sat at a garage sale for $1 "Toot Toot" the 1964 train.
(For the "future" baby coconuts of course)
When my Dad seen this he said: "Don't you think your kids will want a (NEW TRAIN) from nowadays rather than one from 1964?"  I said: "No Dad I will have vintage kids.... that like vintage toys"
In reality of course when I have kids I will buy them new toys too. But there is something so charming about these ones from decades ago.

Garage sale 0.10 cents each

Today I got my Garage sale list for this weekend started,  it looks like it might be a good day for saling. I am going to try and take pics of what I find while I am out.... so I don't find them places when they get home and then they end up forgotten about.

I went on my first bike ride of the year this week. I took out "Cotton Candy Carnival" (That's the name of my bike) Here is a pic of her and I under the Magnolia tree.   


  1. That vapouriser is beautiful (beautiful might be a funny adjective to describe a vapouriser-but I really think it is)
    Good luck with the vintage kids thing, that description with your dad about the train made me smile. My girls have grown up with old stuff and op-shopping and hate it. I wonder if they'll change their minds down the track...

  2. Great finds! Now we want to see a photo of you rollerskating...and Mr. Coconut's haircut. :)

  3. I'm a bit in love with Cotton Candy Carnival!! She's wonderful! Everything you got is amazing - no more dry coughs for you with the humidifier! And I love the salt and pepper men too!

  4. I could just look at old packaging for hours sometimes its better than the actual item inside ;-) Great buys those hair clippers look interesting. And im loving the string bag and glasses. Have a great weekend, dee x

  5. Are you sure you won't be cutting the Mr's hair with a garlic press?! It looks just like mine.

    Great stuff, the S&P people are kind of cute. And my kids play with that same train at Grandma's - I always assumed it was once my husband's but he's not that old! Maybe it was handed down to him from someone else.

    Also v envious of the gorgeous bike - I'm quite sure I'd be an entirely different svelte and gorgeous person if I had such a beauty!


    1. wow but this vaporizer seems totally new! it´s amazing which treasures you find! and rollerskaters! i had one like that but my mum gave them away when i moved :( i really have to get a pair too!
      wish you a great weekend darling!

  6. What cool finds.just love the clippers.Have you used them yet?Love the humidifier too.the packaging is great.Love finding things in almost perfect condition.I just love your bike,xx

  7. There you are! I was getting ready to email and see where you'd got to.
    You've been shopping, that's where. And done some GREAT shopping too. Love the clipper and humidifier boxes, but the glasses and the cute Salt and Pepper Men are my faves.
    Can we have a video clip of you riding Cotton Candy Carnival please? Magnolia blossom optional.
    Missed you, please don't stay away so long! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. oh oh Miss cotton candy carnival is so pretty and she looks stunning with the magnolia tree and a gorgeous Miss Coconut.
    Fabulous finds, Love the wee "toot toot"!!!
    I hope you have a super duper weekend, say Hi to the squirrel spy in the backyard!!!!
    Love v

  9. I'm a graphic designer, and I am usually very inspired by vintage designs, with the flat, limited colors and playful hand drawn imagery. That being said, the clipper and humidifier are fantastic. I love love love the packaging for the clipper! Very cool!

  10. Oh so you're a sucker for awesome vintage packaging too huh? You're certainly not alone there:)). What a sweet (smelly) old guy selling you the clippers for just a buck! I bought heaps of 1960s toys for my kids but I ended up loving them (oh, and the kids) so much, I put them on a shelf out of harms way once I realised what bloody destructive species kids are! I love the vaporiser so much, it's amazing!! I love how you have a list of things you want for your home, right down to the formica tops - hey, you persisted and got your waterfall dressing table, so you're gonna get there! xoxoxox

  11. Oh amor love the vintage hair clippers and oh my a new humidifier.
    Cotton candy carnival is so cool.
    Hope to see pics of you riding her.
    Vintage toys are the best too bad kids dont appreciate them enough.
    Salt and pepper dollys are so adorable, maybe your future kids will want to play with them
    I wouldnt resist buying that cute bag, so dont blame you.
    Your skates are so rad, i used to know how to roller skate backwards.
    Dont be a stranger coconut girl.
    Boot sales were cancelled today due to all the freaking rain we been having all week.


  12. Old things are the best kind of things.

  13. Those salt and pepper shakers are too cute. I can't believe I didn't get over here sooner to say what fun finds you found!

  14. Oh. My. Word. Melanie, what a lot you got. The S&P shakers are my favourite and I've been drooling all over those marble like handles on that bag. Mmmmmmmm.