Monday, June 4, 2012

Shake your Coco + NUTS at Garage sales!

 I got these two Trader  Vics ceramic coconut for 0.50 cents! The sale we were at was in a big room at a Japanese Cultural centre. I already scanned the table they were on and had not seen them. LUCKY I went by for a second look and bam. When I found the coconuts I was so thrilled I wanted to show Mr. but I didn't see him... so I thought it would be funny to walk around the room holding the coconuts as I am in the above picture. It was the first time this year my Mom was able to come with us and she could NOT stop laughing. Needless to say I am sure the Mr. spotted me first cause when I saw him he had a big smile on his face.

 Zipper bow belt 0.75 cents

 Silky clutch purse 0.25 cents

 Never used Coty L'aimant Dusting Powder 0.25 cents

Lady and dog Brooch 0.25 cents

Flower brooch 0.25 cents

 Beveled edge mirror 0.25 cents

 Back of mirror
(Anyone know what kind of metal oxidizes like this?)
I am trying to find out something / anything about this mirror. It looks like it could be silver but there is no stamp and most aged silver I have come across goes black-ish.

 1950's Baseball boy planter 0.50 cents

Olive dish 0.25 cents

 Pourers $1.00

Ice Cream magnets $ 1.00

 Bag of thread 0.50 cents

 Pull ducks $2.00

 Aye Aye Captain hat 0.50 cents

 Men's Shoe care chest $3.00

Top of box

I have two favorite finds I couldn't decide between them.

1st Favorite

 A electric lighter made in Japan. It cost me 0.25 cents which was already a SCORE of a deal. But when I got home and looked it over I seen the 18 k gold plated stamp.

2 Favorite
What's this???

It's my "New to me" Vintage Persian curly lamb faux fur coat.
It was purchased from a woman who had excellent style. If I had to guess she would be in her mid 60s to early 70s. She was hosting her yard sale in a big straw sun hat, with bright eyeshadow and dark makeup. She also didn't skimp on the jewelry. As soon as I seen her I thought
"This is someone I would like"
She had her own kind of style and I am sure she never goes unnoticed.
I spotted the coat on a rack at the back of her garage. There was only one other couple at the sale They were in between the two clothing racks at the back of the garage and the woman was trying on a coat. I then seen the sleeve of a faux fur coat on the left of the left rack. The couple was about 4 feet away from me and the coat I was looking over.... when I noticed the guy kept looking over at me weird (I was making sure the coat didn't have any holes and giving it a good look over) The guy is then saying something to the lady hes with and then she's staring too. The guy suddenly puts his hand on the fur collar coat that was behind the one I was looking at and says "Excuse me, we are taking this coat!" So I say nicely "Oh okay no problem"
 (Really I didn't have the slightest interest in the coat he was pointing at.)
He then says SNOOTILY "We WERE interested in that one too" ... (Okay now I am annoyed! Who are you?? The King of the coat rack?) I had the flippin coat in my hand this guy wasn't even NEAR the arm of the rack I was looking at....  I swear this guy was trying to intimidate me. I looked at him draped the coat over my arm and walked over to the tables of knick knacks and proceeded to try the coat on. (The whole time King of the coat rack has his beady eyes looking in my direction.)
"If you want something at a yard sale you pick it up and hold it... you don't stare at it from feet away and figure people will telepathically know you were thinking of buying it."

 The Host at the sale told me all about how great the coat was and that she had loved it and it's so warm and will be perfect for Autumn and Winter. I paid her the sticker price wich was $4.00
(Can't argue with that)
The seller told me to enjoy it and she was glad it was going to someone who would appreciate it.
King of the coat rack stopped laser eyeing me as I started walking down the driveway back to the vehicle.

Linking up with herlibraryadventures Flea market finds.

Saturday night
After garage saling I needed some relaxation time. I was flipping through Netflix when I seen something luscious!

 *Laugh* No I didn't photoshop that lobster in there... He is really on the case!
I didn't even need to read about it. I KNEW it was a movie for me.

 Sunday night

I really liked this movie! It was funny and had me laughing.
I love Doris Day movies
"Oh and Rock Hudson was a HUNK!"

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as I did.

Anyone have any dealings with un-stable humans?


  1. You're so fab! I can just imagine you parading around with the coconuts, haha! I've never had an experience like that, but I HAVE been on the other side (I was much nicer). I picked up one beautiful boot in an op-shop and didn't realise the couple standing near me had the other one. They quickly pointed out that the girl was trying one boot on, so I politely put it down and loitered until they left in case they put them back on the shelf! It was a hard moment. I've also had a seller at a market ask if she can keep a card that I wanted to buy, she hadn't realised it was there! Too bad for me. But I can understand that! Your encounter wasn't quite as friendly. xxx

    1. I really don't think these people had even looked at the coat "yet". I think they figured since they were the only ones there at the time, that they had time to slowly go through the rackS. Then when they looked over and saw me with one of the coats in my hand they realized they were too slow and didn't really like the fact they missed out. Even the host at the sale was looking at them strange-ly. Had I thought that they were going to purchase the coat or it had been laying in a pile on the table that was next to them... I would have apologized and left it behind.

      I have had a few incidents like yours. I guess it's the price we have to pay for the places we like to shop at. *lol*

  2. Oh the flower brooch is exquisite!!! I just love it. What fabulous finds. The coat is so yummy and scrumptious on you!!! Laser eyes can stuff off, It was meant for you!!!!!!
    Yip the unstable humans are all around the world. I had a follow friend in an op-shop on Saturday, crazy moo was at every rack, in every basket and looking at everything I touched. EeeeeKKKK!!!!!
    Love v

    1. *Oh Gosh* I very much dislike the thrift store followers. I too have dealt with the shopping shadow of a stranger. (YIKES)

  3. Too damn right if the coat wasn't in their hands then it is fair game! I'm so glad you didn't let him intimidate you and bought the coat anyway it's lush.

    1. Even if the coat had been NEAR them I would have left it... but they weren't even FACING the same direction as the coat. *lol*
      I will never understand some people I suppose!

  4. I loved your post, so funny! :D I've heard a few stories of rude people at sales, but luckily the worst I've gotten is someone at an estate sale looking at me (and my armload of treasures) and saying, "SOME people are getting all the good stuff!" I was so giddy about my finds I just smiled, lol. Although I must say, as far as the unstable humans part, I do have three young kids... ;)

    1. Isn't it funny when people say absurd things out loud? Don't they have no shame?? I would be EMBARRASED to blurt out some people are getting all the good stuff. (Yea I might think it in my head) But not announce it to the world. *lol*

  5. Love your post!!! What prices - steals, for sure!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by!
      I promise I didn't steal anything ;) *hahah*

  6. People tend to go a little bonkers when it comes to sales of any kind. My mom loves Salvation Army and goes to their Moonlight Madness sale. She'll have her cart and ladies will be like "Are you going to take ______?" My mom says "Yes. That's why it's in my cart." The weird thing was that these ladies would stalk my mom in hopes that she would put said item back. It's crazy.

    You got some really nice things. I especially like the gold lighter and coat.

    1. I have had people (STEAL) things out of my shopping basket. I go up to the till to pay and realize... things I put in it are no longer there. So now I keep my basket DIRECTLY in front of me at all times. People still try to grab stuff out of it. When there hand is hovering just above my items I say "EXCUSE ME that's my basket"... I am starting to think baskets or piles of peoples finds don't matter anymore. I swear people think it's not yours until you go through the darn till and pay for it.

  7. The coconut story is hilarious! I love the belt and the olive dish, and I bet that lighter is worth some money! My dad used a shoe shine kit just like that all the time I was growing up. I'm glad you stood up to the king of the coat rack. What a jerk! And I how great is the lobster in the movie photos? :)

    1. The lighter is worth some money. Exactly how much I don't know but I looked it up on E-bay and have seen some completed listings and ones that are running right now with bids. I want to research it a little more before I decide what I will do with it.
      I am going to try and find some vintage shoe stuff and put it in the kit as the box came empty.
      The Lobster is the greatest! *lol*

  8. That coat looks fab on you, what a fantastic bargain, you lucky coconut! Second-hand shopping as brilliant but it certainly attracts some weirdos and scumbags. I once got punched in the face for daring to spot a pair of shoes at a jumble sale first!
    Love the flower brooch (very apt for the Jubilee celebrations), the olive bowl and the shoe shine kit, the shoe shiners always carry those around with them in India so it makes me all nostalgic!
    Those coconuts are hilarious, only you could have spotted those! xxx

    1. I cannot believe you got punched for spotting shoes first. It seems like the more I do this the more weird people I am having run-ins with. I found a vintage barbie carrying case last week and was carrying it with me.... I had a lady following me who then asked "Is there a barbie in that box" (Yes I said) "CAN I JUST SEE IT!!" she asked ... I open the box and shes like "OHHH THEN REACHES FOR IT" (I closed the box and walked away)
      (I am not a rude person, I am seriously one of the politest people there is... But I find that people will take advantage of that and just try and push the limit.) So now after a few years of this "Saling and thrifting" I have had to become assertive and not let people push me around.

  9. Those cococnut cups are beyond awesome. I think you should get a long straw with an umbrella on it and just carry them everywhere instead of a water bottle. The pin with the doggie is dishy and that dish with the olvies on it is... am I twisted that I first thought they were eyeballs? Love the coat tale!

    1. I would feel like a millionaire if I pranced around with my coconut cup complete with straw and umbrella all day long. *bwhaahah*

      EYEBALLS! Yes you are twisted.. I don't think I would ever buy a EYEBALL DISH... well.. hmmm maybe if it was vintage! *Laugh*

  10. Wow what a pair of arseholes to try and intimidate you at a garage sale of all places!!! I am SO, SO happy you got the coat. You deserve it honey, it looks absolutely gorgeous on you and what a freakin' bargain!!!!!!! I absolutely love persian lamb - I was warm and snuggly in my persian lamb cape yesterday and you will be toasty this coming winter:)). You scored some amazing gear for such bargains!!! I love the brooches, seaman's cap and shoe shine box. You certainly deserved a big lie down with a comfort movie after all that action!! xoxoxoxoxo

  11. Loving your coconuts.That mens shoe box is so cool.I keep telling my husband we live in the wrong place.The sales here are crap.I'm so glad you got that coat.That guy sounded like a jerk.I agree if you want something you grab it and hold it.Some people are dumb like that.That coat wanted to go home with you,not the beady eye man.those movies are great and very funny.Rock hudson reminds me a little of cary grant.xx

  12. You funny coconut biatch!
    You sure got some nice big coconuts, hey you can pour horchata drinks into the coconuts.
    I do that with big melons at the grocery store,makes Buddy laugh.
    My dad once caught me pulling that melons trick and said "yeah they are about that size."
    You struck gold again!
    Oh so love the Coty powder, shoe shine box, gold lighter, could used that flower brooch this weekend.
    What fucking assholes!I have never had shit like that happen to me , but people do stare at the junk I touch. You should of gone all Chola on them, after all you are honoray Mexican biatch.
    I'm so happy you bought the coat, you look gorgeous. Last time i spotted a Persian lamb fax fur coat sadly was way too small for me.
    You totally deserve it amor, i want to see a close of you modeling fab coat while showing us your chonis.

  13. Oh and
    Doris Day movies always make me happy.
    How cool! I never noticed that lobster either.
    Adore the doggie broch too perfect to walk Jersey around,olive dish and fan mirror


  14. i can just picture you walking about with the 2 coconuts in hand, and i couldn't stop laughing either!

  15. Love your coconuts ;) Shame about the nutters anything that's not in their hands is fair game. The same rules apply in a shopping centre! Fantabulous scores your jewellery collection must be getting quite large now. xxxx

  16. Woo hoo, lovin' your coconuts, darling! (Hehe, bet that's what the Mr says too!)
    Love all your treasures, especially the brooches, the sailor cap (we need an outfit to match please) and she shoe shine box. I'm wondering about your mirror, could it be silver plate rather than pure silver? It's different from something being silver plated, I think, hasn't it got other metals mixed in? I'm only guessing - cute shape though.
    I LOVED your coat couple story. Well, you know about my experience of the heinous old cow taking my hat box at the jumble sale preview... I have learned my lesson and will be far more careful AND assertive in future. I'm glad you didn't let the guy put you off, the coat is beautiful and was meant for you! xxxxxx

  17. Well done for holding your ground - some people are so RUDE. Great coat and I'm sure it wouldn't have suited him anyway ;-)

    I thought those were real coconuts - how cool! The red white and blue flower brooch would have been perfect for the jubilee and I actually quite like the oxidised look of the mirror, does Pewter go like that maybe? I'd have thought it was silver though. Such a pretty shape, I love it


    1. oh wow this king of the coat was really rude, i would have sing to him "you can´t always get what you want" oh and the coat is really gorgous darling!!! great founds, also the lady and dog brooch, the silk purse and the threads!
      love and kiss,mary

  18. Argh! What awful people you showed them! I can imagine you sticking your nose in the air, turning on your heel and walking away from them. WELL DUUUHHHH you have to grab something instantly if you want it. Perhaps they were newbie and horrible ones at that. Still after the evil eye incident the coat looks amazing.

    I'm SO JEALOUS of all your finds, that mirror, the brooches, the lighter. You find the best stuff! Love the sound of the garage sale Lady and the Doris film! xxx

  19. I would have DIED out of happiness to snag two Trader Vics mugs over here for that tiny sum!!!
    A big fat Mazel Tov to your awesome find! :)

  20. I'm always soooo happy when a treasured piece of "stuff" goes to a good home. I'd keep everything, but I've made a rule: for everything I bring home, something else must go out. It keeps the shelves free for food. Nice shopping trip.