Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Saling Saling saling through your garage and yard

 Come sale with me
Here are my Garage sale finds from the weekend.

 Straw tote / purse .25 cents
 Wood handle purse $2
 Bamboo handle & straw $1
Plastic tote .50 cents
I bet your saying: (What the hell is with all the bags?) "I dunno that's just how it worked out"
 Brown 50s/60s purse $2
This vintage purse is immaculate! I am crazy about it.
Black purse .25 cents
 Tag inside
 Straw bottle cover (FREE)
 Snail planter (Made in Japan) .75 cents
"Dora my snail wants to be friends with your clown"
 Starfish Brooch .25 cents
 Note pad .25 cents (Paper goes through the metal bar at her waist area and there is a hole for her pen in her butter churn.)
 Bullet shaped candle holder (FREE)
 Letter opener .50 cents
Ceramic Kitchen vegetable decor $1

 Owls from Los Cabos .50 cents
 Ceramic snail tape dispenser .50 cents
 Kitty Plushie with embroidered face .50 cents
(I thought this was so cute! Apparently I am the only one... Everyone I asked about it said it was ugly or weird and had I not bought it... it would have never sold. *lol*)
 Solar mushroom garden decor. (The gnomes little mushroom lights up at night) $2

Portable blue Brother Deluxe Typewriter $3
"I lucked out on this one." I was going to a Church thrift store after I had finished my garage sales. Outside of the church was a pile of donations that had just been dropped off. I noticed the little blue case and un-zipped it to see what was inside. Once I seen the typewriter I carried it into the church to ask one of the ladies in charge how much they wanted for it. I also told her there was boxes of donations sitting outside. (The 3 woman working there are elderly and are all very sweet.) The thrift store in the building is up a few flights of stairs. The woman told me they would like $5 for the typewriter. I told her I would think about it and continued to look around. When one of the ladies saw all the donations she asked Mr. Coco if he could help bring them up. He did and when I went to pay for the stuff I had found they told me they would only charge me $3 for the Brother Deluxe because of Mr. Coco's help.

~Best find of the weekend~
Light up magnification makeup mirror!
I have wanted one of these for close to a year. But they are pricey and I didn't want to splurge on a round piece of glass that lights up and enlarges my pores. I had it on my Christmas list but then Cancelled it out because I wanted Dior Cherie perfume more.
Sometimes it pays to wait..... I paid $2 for this mirror at a Seniors home sale and now it will sit on my vanity table Hazel and help me with my makeup and my eyebrow plucking.

I found these brand new ruffled bottoms at Salvation army for $2 a pair.
(Original price of $6.50 each)

Linking up with Lakota's ta-dah! tuesday

 I had such a fun weekend. My saturday was full of garage sales and Sunday there was a community garage sale listed for a little country town about a 30 minute drive away.
Mr. and I went saling and found a few things and then went to a lake side park.
The water is high here because of spring run-off and we just ended a flood watch.

I wanted to ride the frog... but I could not get to him safely.

Mr. & I
I rode this exact duck when I was about 9 or 10
I am glad they still have the old playground equipment and have not replaced it with the plastic junk.

Cute or Demented??? TELL ME!

Hope everyone is having a good week so far!


  1. Haha! Demented! I think it has feline flu. Sorry. But you can nurse it back to health by making it a little nest in all your new bags.

    Amazing bargain typewriter - such a pretty colour.

  2. The jury is out on the cat, hehe! Never trust a cat is what I say.

    I love that plastic tote, it's like it's made of sweeties!

  3. I think your kitty cat is a little bit creepy, but then I'm not a fan of cats, in the best of times!!

    You must have found a purse for every day of the week!! You had a much better yardsale weekend than me!!

  4. The cat is both demented AND cute. Looks like he'd nip you but pretend he hadn't.
    Bags galore, Mrs C! Love them all. I like the little notepad lady, and the owls (Littlest would too) and I agree your typewriter is a beauty. Well done Mr C for doing all the fetching and carrying and getting you a discount!
    Fabulous mirror and now you have some ruffled pants, you can do a Desiree-style photo shoot!
    You and your Mr are just adorable. Get cracking with that FBC, please! xxxxx

  5. That's a lot of great stuff. I've had a few thrifting trips where all I find is purses. I love it! All of your finds are so cute and full of character. I personally like the stuffed kitty but I know my husband would freak out. My aunt always had the ceramic kitchen decor along with a bunch of rustic Mexican decorations.

    The boat is totally cool. I wish we had a cute little lake here. We have Tahoe but the water is freezing there.

  6. The cat is cute - I agree with Pastcaring, he might nip you! I think that is so lovely that Mr Coco helped carry the donations and that the sweet ladies gave you the typewriter at a discounted price. Love the photo of you on the duck!!

  7. Wow, those are fantastic. I like the bottle best.

  8. I think any animal can be cute AND demented at the same time...why not?! Heaps of finds there girl, you're gonna have to get selling some sooon I reckon.xx.

  9. So many great finds...but I'm green with envy over the typewriter. I've been following the blogs of several vintage typewriter collectors, and I've decided to buy one for myself. I used to teach typing to high school students in the 70s when I first started teaching.

    1. I had fun testing out the typewriter yesterday afternoon. I typed out reports of everything that was going on in the house.
      Ex. "Lasagna is in the oven" "Mr. Coco is changing the oil in the vehicle"

  10. the little cat is a keeper. I would have taken him home. Not so sure about that letter opener.....

    1. *Hahaha* Yes the letter opener is for someone with a love for tribal stuff. It's not really my cup of tea either.

  11. The typewriter is an awesome find..can't believe you only paid $3 for it!!!

  12. Hello!! Thank you for finding and following my blog!! I'm glad you did as i've really enjoyed reading your blog and am following you too - I love this post!! I think all of your finds are fantastic..yes, even the cat, ha, but I think my most favourite is most definitely the typewriter!! What a bargain! Lovely that the sweet lil ol ladies let you have it for $3 too! It's such a lovely colour!! Looking forward to reading more of your fab blog, Marina xx

  13. The solar mushrooms are trippy!

    Love all of it! I think the brooch is my fave (after the mushrooms haha!)

    1. haha it seems somebody has a massive bag obsession;) but you really find some greate pieces, my favourite is the brown vintage purse and also this starfish brooch!

  14. That cat is just the cutest! I'm not really a lover of toys but he was too darn cute to pass up. I like Lakota's idea of making him a handbag nest!
    That magnifying mirror was a right bargain, they are expensive here and brilliant for hair dying & false eyelash application! x

  15. ahh such a lovely photo of you and mr Coconut you both look adorable. Great buys love all your bags Wow ;-)) Love the kelly bag and the plastic one. dee x

  16. OH my goodness I dunno how you keep doing this! BARGAINS galore I must come to Canada. I'm struggling for bargains around here garage sale prices are almost vintage shop prices here! Love all the bags and the beautiful typewriter. xxx

  17. Oh the typewriter is just fabulous, and discount for lending your hubby, perfect.
    OK Mr pussy cat is super cute!!!!! I just love him.
    Love v

  18. Wow!! You found a lot of good shit!
    I want all the bags! I have the exact brown bag, I found it at Ebay for like £8. Love you in your little boat.
    Did I tell you my clown eats snails for breakfast? ;)
    Oooo and the typewriter is the bestest ever find!
    You better show us your green chonis (knickers).
    love them Mexi-blue owls.
    The mirror is also a great find, they are expensive and hard to find here. love the notepad too.
    That cat looks like he needs a Mommy, I would felt sorry for him and bought him too.
    cute pic of you riding the ducky.

  19. go see ALLL the crab and lobster photos I tagged you in on facebook. There's also a creepy frog with circle eyes there somewhere. You buy the most amazing stuff and so much of it too. I loved the brooch, the bottle cover, the mental snail...

  20. I am on the look out for a kelly bag and I am determined to get one at the thrift shop and not pay the overblown prices on ebay. The brown one is really cute. So are the frilly knickers lol, what a bargain.

  21. Your photos are just amazing! I am so in love with them!
    toko baju muslim

  22. How did I miss this post? It's full of so much fabulousness - that typewriter is beyond awesome. You weren't sailing - you were flying high, girl!

  23. The pink tote and the wicker bottle rocks ass! Awesome!

  24. The cat is completely demented and is perfect for a wee growing lad or lassie - sod all those leery happy-face toys! The tape dispenser is divinos and the snail panter - isn't it funny how you can find themes at sales? I guess it's people passing on their collections - I love snails and believe they should be a protected species:). What a score with the bags and typewriter! The good Samaritan wins everytime!!! xxxx

  25. Oh oh oh, what a fabulous haul! I particularly love the typewriter. I have such a thing for old typewriters. I found a great one recently which I'm going to blog about soon. I think my favourite of the lot though has to be the pink plastic tote. It ROCKS. Pink, plastic, kitsch - it has my heart! I like the straw one in the first pic too. Hanging vegatable ceramics. Every kitchen had one of these in the 1980's :) xxx

  26. Hiya, I found you on Vintage Vixens blog, which is one of my fave blogs. I find your blog quite inspiring, and would like to visit if more often now that I have found you. What beautiful handbags and purses you have on your post. I love the black and brown ones and pink and black basket ones.

    I would love for you could become a part of my blog community. I look forward in hearing from you. I am following your blog now and hope you can do the same if you like my blog.

  27. Funny thing is that I love those frilly knickers the most in this post:D

    You have a great blog btw..
    Shubhi's Revels!

  28. You found some amazing things.....

  29. I LOVE that wine bottle cover. I once owned an aligator skin wine bottle caddy that I was sad to leave in Alaska. so much fun! ( it opened like the bottle of potion in the movie Death Becomes Her)