Wednesday, May 30, 2012

$1 gingham dress gets a outing to the movies

On the way to the movies

 I haven't went to a movie in over 7 years. The last movie I "Remember" seeing in a Theatre was Shrek 2, so that has got to tell you something...

The pretty rainbow we seen on the way... to go see

(I have never talked about a movie on my blog before... but I do right now so if your not interested in this part SKIP Thru this giant block of letters below.)

 I really wanted to see this movie and when I found out it was playing at the "Old Theatre" in town for only $3 I thought it would be a perfect time to watch it. I like "Scary movies" My Mr. does not... thankfully he came with because he said: "for better or for worse in our wedding vows" *lol*
I wanted to see this movie because over the years I have read alot about the nuclear disaster that happened in Pripyat Ukraine in 1986. Whenever I decide to look through photos and read stories I always feel sad. I hate seeing ghost towns & abandoned buildings as is. But throw in a horrible disaster as the cause for a abandoned town and it's even sadder to think about.
I suppose I wanted to start reading about it because my Grandpa was Ukrainian... I really don't know why it interested me so much. Disasters are not something I spend my time reading up on... Only Pripyat and it's story peaked my interest.
The movie really didn't have anything to do with "Actual Pripyat and what happened" Which I knew... I knew it was a horror movie based on the location of Chernobyl. The movie really wasn't that scary...  I was expecting a real *creep factor* but naww.... I didn't even have to grab Mr.s hand!!!
After seeing the movie I prefer to look through actual photos and read more written on it. Because the actual true to life stories on it.... are more intense than the movie ever could be.

I could never imagine what it would be like to have to flee from your homes in a moments notice and never be allowed to return. To see what those people saw, and go through all they had to go through.
The real story of Chernobyl is more 100 times more terrifying than this movie was.
Images taken from Right Here

 I wore my 60s yellow & white gingham Ruby Lou dress I paid $1 for a couple weeks back. We were running late as I wanted to get some snacks from the dollar store. I decided to slip on my black Justin cowboy boots and head out the door.

I took this while waiting for the movie to start..
This is our oldest Theatre in town. We have a Huge big "newer" fancy cineplex odeon on the other side of town. But this one does the job and I don't mind it one bit. 
It brought back some memories when the Mr. and I were dating we brought his Brother and Sister to this theatre to watch 101 Dalmatians in 1996

I was 15 and head over heels in love!

The Mr. INSISTED on having Theatre popcorn!
The bill for these two items below
just under $14
I could have had 12 dresses and the tax to pay for those dresses with that purchase! *lol*

I do have to admit the popcorn was good though...
We snuck in:
And I am glad we did because... Had I bought them at the concession I am sure they would have been $4 a box!

 A lovely action shot
(I bet you didn't know my crustacean love ran so deep did you?)
I laughed when I saw this pic.

 Oddly enough these pics were the best ones of me that had been taken last night. I was trying to get gum out of my purse whilst walking back to the vehicle!

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P.S. I know it's now Wednesday.... But I got all dressed up in my $1 frock to participate... But by the time we got back from the show it was too late to do a blog post.
(Please don't punish me!!!)


  1. Theater popcorn is sooooo good...but like you say, the price is ridiculous. I love Junior Mints and Twizzlers, so you had everything good. Maybe that made up for the movie not being great.

  2. OH Yay for a one dollar gingham dress! I haven't been to the movies in years either - I am ALWAYS disappointed :(

    Love your crab claw pic! Sarah xxx

  3. Sounds like such a fun night. Give me an old style cinema over a modern multiplex any day. I'm the same when it comes films though. I think the last thing I saw was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind!! There are always so many films I want to see but just never get around to actually going. I love the dress and what a bargain! xx

  4. Sounds like a fun outing, and such a cute dress.xx.

  5. No worries, always time for a ta-dah! And I love it, I just cannot find such cheap cute clothes round here. I always sneak my own food into the cinema (when we manage to get there - last thing I saw was The Hunger Games so pretty recent for me).

    THE CLAW IS OUR MASTER!! (Toy Story)

  6. hehehe I'd forgotten that toy story quote! (also we're the same age, you and I)

    Love the dress but would've probably given the film a miss, until it turned up on late night TV. I haven't read much about Chernobyl but I did get massively distracted reading about a spooky old abandoned hospital that was up the road from my work.

  7. I really want to see this movie but my husband is afraid of radiation so we wont be seeing that movie together. It ridiculous how expensive snacks are at the movie theater. We stopped buy popcorn and drinks because it costs more and we don't need the extra calories.

  8. Love that dress and cowboy boots, you pretty lady!
    I remember Chernobyl vividly, it was a horrible period of time, the threat of nuclear war scared most of us silly. There was a BBC film called Threads you might be able to get hold of.
    I rarely go to the cinema, ours is a horrible multiplex that smells of burgers and is full of horrible teenaged scumbags that play with their mobile phones throughout the whole show. Grrrr!

  9. Ahh you looked lovely. I haven't been to the cinema in years im not really a film person i think its because i hardly ever watch the Tv. I do a film a xmas though ;-) dee x

  10. Oh Miss gingham dress is so cute, you look so pretty in her!!! Yay.
    We love going the movies, but it's such a treat. So expensive.
    That looks like a sad and interesting movie. I can't imagine the horror of what they went through.
    I do kind of understand what it's like to have your life turned upside down and see things you loved gone forever.
    Love v

  11. I hardly ever go to the movies anymore we all prefer older movies! I can't imagine having to leave everything and flee it would be terrible. Gotta love some gingham and it's yellow so even better. xxx

  12. oh my god that dress is sooo cute darling!
    and me too i hardly see any movie in theater :( but this about chernobyl sounds interesting. my mum told me a lot about that, because the information about what happened was really bad and late communicated to the people and then also in austria there was a big panic, i was very little in that time and don´t remember anything...
    well i wish you a great weekend darling!

  13. Yes, I remember the Chernobyl disaster well, a horrific event.I went to a jumble sale the other month in aid of a Sheffield charity which supports Chernobyl kids affected by the disaster.
    I hardly ever go to the cinema, unless it's to see films with the kids. And then it's REALLY expensive for 5 of us.
    Still, I'm pleased to see you out and about in your cute yellow gingham frock, and not being afraid to show you are indeed part human, part Crustacean. (I did go and see District 9 at the pictures - have you seen that film?) xxxxxx

  14. Not much of a movie goer myself. Mostly I think of all the good stuff I could thrift with that popcorn $$! You look adorable.

  15. I'm fascinated to find something new and unexpected about you!Slightly macabre to some it may be,but I get it.
    We have gone more to the cinema this year than we have in years,as our local has had some great specials since reopening after the earthquake.I love movies on the whole,and watch quite a lot,mostly dvd's.
    Your gingham frock is SUBLIME!Gingham rules!

  16. I dont go to the cinema much (wait for the dvd type of girl) but im a massive thriller/horror fan so will have to check out that film. Your dress is fabulous and what a bargain! Scarlett x

  17. Yep, I remember Chernobyl well. I was 18 and made the decision to go to the UK in July (yes, it involved a boy). People here in Oz thought I was mad to go. Now I'm back, my 23 yo son (born in London) and I are forbidden to donate blood here in Oz because of the Russian incident. xx

  18. Amor,
    This movie sounds interesting, love dramatic,horror, sad intriguing movies.
    we hardly go to the movies unless there is a good movie we cant wait to see. I go to the drive-in in california lots cause it is way cheaper and we take our own junk and alcohol drinks.
    Indeed a cute crustacian biatch wearing gingham prosti.