Friday, September 7, 2012

Puff Bottom Sleeves "You make the rockin' world go round"

 It's Frock Friday and here is what I wore to go out for Mexican food & a short walk in the park!
I found this dress for about $1, It was in my (to sell pile). But I decided to give it a whirl for today's post and it turns out I really like it and am not selling it to NOBODY! *lol*
 It's a no wrinkle polyester fabric and has the cutest little flowers on it that kind of look like cloves... maybe they are cloves?! I have no idea.

 There's really nothing going on down there... I was just pretending as people were pulling up to the dock in a boat and I felt awkward... *hahah*
 Okay so I love these sleeves. They were sewn on separately from the other fabric.
And they have a good amount of puff to them!! If the puff was on the shoulders I wouldn't like it.... but puffs at my elbows are delightful!!
 I hated my Fringe/Bangs today they are too long in my opinion. Whenever I get to this point I think "Do I still want fringe or should I grow them out?" This is the 4th time I have asked myself this in the past couple months. So I asked Mr. and he told me he doesn't care.... I rolled my eyes... He flipped a coin (Which I didn't see) So he says: "If you ask me you should cut them" I say... "Oh okay so you want them short again" He says: "I dunno that's what the coin said"
They will probably be hacked off again the next picture you see of me. I wouldn't mind having short bangs in the winter they will look cute poking out of all my Canadian toques EH!!!
 "Can't freaking See!"
*Lemon face*
I spotted another one of Vanessa's spy's!! This one was cheeky and eating the berries on the tree.


  1. ooo,I like the puff bottm sleeves too!!!
    fab print,fab frock,hurrah for not selling it!Sometimes frocks just need a chance to prove themselves,I guess!

  2. The dress is really cute. I don't blame you for keeping it. I also love your lemon face...LOL

  3. I love the puffs on the elbows too! Ant the bangs..i'd say stick to your plan. Use clips and stuff if it bugs you. You can always cut them at a later point. Or wear cool hats;-)

  4. Best post name EVER! Also, squirrel! Also, how fab are those sleeeeeves!

  5. It's true, they really DO make the rockin' world go round! I love this frock, thank goodness you didn't sell it. Cute print, puffy elbows, what more fabulousness dies any dress need?
    Hehe, lemon face in the sun!
    Obviously I say keep the fringe/bangs, being a convert to the fringe benefits... But you will look beautiful whatever you do. Just don't expect a man (a straight man anyway) to have an opinion on your hair!
    PS. Can I just add that you are looking rather svelte, Mrs Coco? xxxx

  6. Oh my I do like a puffy sleeve, in fact I melt at the sight of sleeve puffiness - the bigger the puffiness, the better!! I know what you mean about pretending "not" to get photographed and recently I've turned my embarrassment on its head and ignore them and now the people watching get embarrassed. Problem solved and gives me much free entertainment! xoxo

  7. That is exactly what my husband would have said. Never any help! I wouldn't sell that one either!

  8. It would have been a crime to flog that frock, it's a beaut and the sleeves are too cool! No idea about the hair, you're so pretty it really doesn't matter what you do, you'll always be gorgeous. x

  9. I love it. It's funny when you put things away and then look again and see it with new eyes.

    Funny thing about squirrels you might not know: they don't exist in NZ! (apart from Vanessa) First time I saw one was in 88 on a trip to US!

  10. yay, so glad you kept that dress! It looks great on you, such a bloody bargain too! you lucky wench! Love the lemon face, I seem to do that, no matter whether there's sunshine or not, I don't look as cute as you either! xxxx

  11. lovely dress ...

  12. Oh sweet that wee dress is a keeper, it's so cute on you!!!! The print is so pretty. Yip I have the same fringe problems!!!! To cut or to grow, grrrrr.
    Hmmmm that wee squirrel is a spy and I think his name should be Basil two, tee hee.
    Oh I wish we had squirrels here, but I have been watching bunnies munching on grass in the camping ground today.
    Love v

  13. That maxi is FAB! I love the gorgeous floral print and the puffy sleeves too. I have grown my fringe long and shaggy and I'm loving it at the moment... also, less trimming! Sarah xxx

  14. that dress is so the colors and you look beautiful.I am trying to imagine you without bangs.

  15. DO NOT CUT THE BANGS! They are too cute! I don't bother asking my husband those kinds of questions any more--if I even GET an answer it's usually non-committal at best. We've been overrun by wild rabbits out here in the piney woods--I think they even chased away the squirrels!

  16. The dress looks awesome on you, i think you made the right decision to keep it.

    Happy Birthday in advance!!!

  17. You look perfect in that dress. Fringe bangs suit you too but you should do whatever you feel good about with your hair because if the whole world thinks you look amazing but you feel like a clod it will be clodsville everyday no matter what people say.

  18. Hehe super cute frock....those sleeves are fab. That title really caught my eye, & now I can't stop singing that song. Xx

  19. Ooooh, loving that dress, I like puffy sleeves too, nothing like a dress that let's you breathe! Pretty flowers, I don't know what they are either but we used to have the purply ones growing in our garden- despite my Mum being an avid gardner, I am a hopeless one!