Tuesday, September 4, 2012

No!! This is not a advertisement for Palmolive

 But Palmolive does have a small little debut in this Ta-Dah Tuesday post. On Saturday I went garage saling. Only 6 sales to go to because it was the last weekend in August. I did not find one thing (This is starting to become a trend, I suppose the season has come to a end. I will try one last time this Weekend.) I usually end our Saturday routine with a couple thrift shops.
Next stop Salvation Army, Which is where I found a half bottle of Palmolive for 0.29 cents and now I can have soft hands and be the Envy of the women in my neighborhood.
Okay I am kidding I already had the Palmolive. What I found was these Johnson Bros dishes!!!
 Aren't they GROOVY? Plates with flowers on them!! Who doesn't love to eat off of a flower plate?
 The thing is .... it wasn't just a couple of dishes...
 It was more like a Dish set
 I don't remember the last time I hand washed so many dishes. *Thank you Palmolive*
 I filled the drain rack 4 times
 The set was on the bottom shelf. It has 56 pieces. I only found a handful of flaws.
I had to have it as soon as I seen it. But I was worried what the Mr. would say... Had he said no I would not have listened... NOPE not this time. Thank God he knew I meant serious business!
The set was labeled $7.50
The lovely Lady working the till decided she only wanted to charge us $5
*What a Gem she is*
I am over the moon..... especially when I seen a replacement salad plate priced at $9
After a couple hours of research I found out there is a butter dish and that I hope I eventually find. The creamer is another item I will search for as the jug I do have is the gravy boat. I imagine someone was clumsy and knocked the creamer off the counter.
This set should last me a good long time. Sadly WAY in the future my future children probably won't come across their childhood dishes in a thrift store and say
"These were the dishes I had when I was little, as often as I do."
My childhood dishware
We had 1 set of each.
And my Grandma had these!
Found Here
Whenever I see any of these dishes at a Flea Market, Garage sale or Thrift shop.... I instantly reminisce on my childhood. I remember eating my cereal at the kitchen table in a swivel vinyl kitchen chair or standing on my tippy toes at Grandmas trying to get a mug so I could have some of my Grandpa's Ginger ale he always kept in the fridge.
You would probably never think dishes could impact someones life... But if you REALLY think about it. They are something you use daily.... They are used for MANY of lifes occasions and celebrations. They show up in family pictures and obviously are remembered in some peoples minds...
So for goodness sakes MAKE SURE you love your dishware!!
And thanks for reading about my Ta-dah.


  1. Ha, that is a good motto for life - love your dishes!
    That set is amazing, and what a bargain price for so many pieces. Nice find, Mrs.C!
    Now we need a hostess-with-the-mostest post of you in a 1970s frock handing round the hors d'oevres (whatever the hell they are...) Stuff me an olive, honey, I'll be home in 20 minutes! xxxx

  2. OMG!! That's an amazing dream dinner set!!!

  3. I have a serving platter in the same pattern as the grown flowers your grandma has.

    I've had the same set of Corelle dishes since my son was born, and he's 14. The coffee cups did all die though.

  4. Those dishes are very awesome! I love the colors and big flowers.

  5. I love that first set! What a find and that price...<3

  6. Wow! What a great deal. So glad you don't have dishpan hands from all that washing! I know what you mean about childhood stuff. I once bought a set of sparkly stir sticks like the ones my parents used to use for their swingin' 60's cocktail parites and I cried all the way home in the car cuz they brought back such nice memories.

  7. Totally agree about bringing back childhood memories. Unbelievably amazing set for $5. Lucky you.

  8. aahh what a lovely post ;-))Im so with you on dishes creating memories and a trip down memory lane. At the fair on Saturday so many old people came up to me and said i used to have that or my mum and dad did it was lovely to see them smiling happy with the memories that one item gave them. Im loving your dinner service its gorgeous and so sunny looking. Enjoy it, dee x

  9. They are super groovy, what fabulously cheery dinner ware that is! xxx

  10. Oh, wow...that Johnson Bros. set is so fantastic!!!! Great find! And you only paid $5 for the whole set??? Crazy good deal.

  11. They are fab! We have poppy crockery, though ours are modern, but people always comment. I am sad though as a fair few have been broken so I swore that I would never buy a set again and only buy odd plates and what not so I could have a mismatched theme.

  12. Those are so beautiful, and what a bargain! Doesn't get better than that :) I love what you had to say about dishes...they should definitely make a person happy!

  13. Hey hon, thanks for linking up, sorry I've been AWOL a while. I know exactly what you mean about crockery, I still have a vague yearning for my gran's ivy patterned china, even though it wouldn't go with anything I own. I love your flower pattern stuff, the design is fab and I the retro shape is awesome too.

  14. So sad when you don't find anything at the garage sales isn't it. I love your dishes, very nice. I know what you mean about childhood crockery, over in Australia the Australian Made Johnson always reminds me of my grandparents.

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE those flower power plates and pieces. So YOU! I have been trying to fill in pieces of my family dishes inherited from my mom but people want nutty prices for them. REALLY? Dishes is cheap, y'all. Or they should be.

  16. me too i totally go mad for those flower plates!!! how fabulous! i guess everythings tastes like sunshine on them;)

  17. I loved your little profile photo so much (over at Gem's cherry tree blog) that I had to pop over and see your blog...how shallow am I??!!
    Loving it over here...and off for a nosey around.
    pleased to 'meet you'
    fee x

  18. They're a compete bargain!! Very jealous. I know exactly what you mean about plates bringing back memories!! I get nostalgic about such things too