Tuesday, October 30, 2012

AHHH BATS zombie squirrels are after the blood of hootie owls

It's the SpOoKiEsT time of the year and I am here to show you what's going on in the china cabinet.
It's gruesome, Gory and just plain SICK!
 Inside the cabinet is a ferocious Rabie ridden squirrel and he is trying to turn the owl into a zombie too!
Okay in all seriousness that is not what's actually happening....

I bought the owl for $7 at Home sense. I had been eyeing this owl for a couple weeks and I finally broke down. He actually gets along with my nut holding squirrel quite well.
* I like stripes*
 Today I was channeling Mary Tyler Moore. I have been a little obsessed with that show for the past while. I am trying too slow down on my episode watching as I want to savour it. *lol*

Hat (Forever21) Jacket (Thrifted) Skirt (Thrifted) Leggings (Walmart)
Boots (Thrifted)
 " Who can turn the world on with her smile? Who can take a nothing day, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile? "
 " Well it's you girl, and you should know it
With each glance and every little movement you show it "
Ready to see some recent finds???
 Plastic doilies Estate sale $1
 Butane star burst candles & holders $3 Penguin West Bend hot/cold server with Bakelite handles $2

 Ric rac & binding .50 cents Pinking shears and tracing tool $2
 Big milk glass HYPNOTIQUE bath salts jar 0.30 cents
Le creuset pan & pot $5
I can't remember if I showed you these or not. They were in the box I brought them home in from the sale yet to be cleaned and put away.
*Roll's eyes*
 This mirror was literally just purchased 5 hours ago from the time I posted this. Salvation Army $8

 My Boxer doggie collection. Right now they live one floor below the Squirrel and Owl in the cabinet.
 I found this ring or flower and leave lights this afternoon also. When I got them home I put them on my head ans plugged them in.... (Thank God there was not a short in the cord or something)*HAHAH*
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Have a Happy & Fun Halloween!!


  1. 'You're gonna make it after all!!" Love that show too!

    Love the witchy photos..
    And great doilies and lights etc etc.. x Happy halloween

  2. MTM could only hope to be as cute as you are. Yes, that is a great mirror!

  3. Everything is wonderful (especially YOU Ms V.C.!) but I really, really love that Penguin server, it's a beauty. Can't get over that Le Creuset for five bucks either. Now that's what I'd call a bargain!

  4. aahh i brought that very same red owl last week from home sense for my besty friend as part of her xmas box as she loves owls. Loving those plastic doileys i have never seen them with flowers on like that. And well im loving that last photo of you with the cirle lights you look gorgeous, dee xx

  5. Oh look at you looking all gorgeous and come-hither in the last shot!!! I love Mary too and I know what you mean about having to slow down when you're flying through a series:). I haven't seen plastic doilies for years and I love the ones with flowers on them - actually I'm having a mini-fit over all your gorgeous bargains!! The ric-rac, pinking shears, mirror and saucepans, I really love the flower lights!! Thank you for your kind words in my Halloween post - if I remember rightly, it's autumn which means *cough* possible "trying" time for you two love-birds? ;)) xoxoxo

  6. What a cute outfit! You got some really great bargains. I especially love the mirror and the Le Creuset pot and pan.

  7. Ha ha, love this. It's good to see you back. You rock the Mary Tyler Moore look. I particularly like the ric rac and cruet sets you bought. I am always tempted to buy mirrors whenever I see them but I restrain myself due to limited wall space! xxx

  8. Is it wrong that I ADORE the Squirrel's Rabid Zombie Alter Ego best? *Winks*

    Happy Halloween from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. You make a very good Mary Tyler Moore!
    Love all your finds, as always.,I am imagining a refashion of the plastic doillies into a bra... Or is that just me? Those Le Creuset pans were a good buy, they'll last you forever, and then you can pass them on to Future Baby Coconut when s/he's all grown up. Hahaha, Desiree's telling you to get on with it, Loo and Loo, go make babies!
    Gorgeous last pic of you, thank goodness you didn't electrocute yourself!
    And Nut-toting SquirreI has to be one of my favourite ever ornaments! xxxxx

  10. I've never watched Mary Tyler Moore but I was a big fan of 'Rhoda' when I was little, weren't those two friends or something? Love all your bargains, I've been looking for pinking shears for a while as any I've seen have been ridiculously expensive so I'm very jealous of you getting a pair for $2. Love your light up headband and the fact that the electrics in it were safe! xx

    1. Yes Rhoda and Mary are best friends in the Mary Tyler Moore show. Later Rhoda moves away for a job and that's when the show Rhoda started. I have seen a couple episodes of Rhoda and I will be starting that after I am done Mary. *lol*

  11. Sorry I've missed your last few posts darl, have been away. looks like you're gonna have a fun halloween hey!!!

    We sell those penguin servers for $125, get that hey, but then, vintage is very $$ here so what a fab score for you. You must have so much vintage stuff by now, your house must be getting full!!!

  12. All I know about Mary Tyler Moore is a line from that Weezer song. I was allowed very little TV as a child (poor thing) so I'll have to go Google her!
    Love that demonic squirrel and owl and the light-up hair thingy is crazy but good. Happy Hallowe'en! xxx

  13. Very cool finds. That squirrel is really cute too. I've been buying vintage zippers at thrift stores. I just don't see paying $2+ a zipper when I can get them for 50 cents or less at thrift stores. I've bought like 70% of my knitting needles used too.

  14. your rabid squirrel photo made me laugh!!

  15. What fun finds! I worry that your boxers might chase your rabid squirrel - or the other way around! Of course you put that ring on your head, it was just calling out for you to do that.

  16. Love that first pic... well I love bats (yes I'm bat-shit crazy.) I don't know if you realise, but the Le Ceurset frying pan is actually the lid for the pot. That was a fantastic deal they look pristine! Happy Halloween! XXX

    1. THANK YOU!! I didn't know that about the Le Creuset thing. Here I was worried I needed to find a replacement lid for my pot. *AHAHAH*

  17. Happy Halloween! Love the rabid squirrel and you channeling MTM in stripes. Those pinking shears and Le Crueset are BARGAINS!!

  18. Happy Halloween! I was at a thrift store and saw a lobster bowl and totally thought of you but when I checked the price they wanted 50 dollars!! At a THRIFT store :(

  19. Love all of your gorgeous treasures and the fab plastic doilies! Sarah xxx

  20. oh i adore that stripe skirt and the jacket on you, you look adorable ! and gosh is that squirrel cute;)
    love and kiss,mary

  21. lovely blog, I've read all your archive tonight and now I'm a new follower :D

  22. Every time I read your posts I'm convinced you're my daughter from another mother! MTM was one of my very favorite shows and since I was a young single lass living in San Francisco when the show came out, I totally identified with her--I even had an apartment about the size of her although my furniture wasn't as nice. All of the characters on the show were so fabulous (particularly Sue Ann Nivens, of course!).