Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lunch inspired by Helga and Vix

 Today I went out for an Indian buffet lunch. Partly because of all the delicious food pictures Helga is always posting and the other reason was knowing Vix is basking in the sun on the beaches of India.

 I swiped on some bright eyeshadow!
 The food was DELICIOUS.
 (Picture speaks for itself)
 What another loo? Yes.... and Coco's Mom is in that middle stall.
 Someone refill the toilet paper in there!

and I know it!

This fun house mirror was in the Sears shoe department. I almost missed it but whilst walking by I noticed my butt looked HUGE... and was thinking "Heck did my lunch catch up to me that fast??" That's when I realized it was a wonky mirror.
"Thank goodness"
*Sigh of relief*

And to end the fun I dressed up in a blue feather wrap and vintage style hat.

Weird story:
Yesterday while I was out thrifting I had found a new faux fur vest. It's just a Walmart brand not vintage nothing extravagant but it's really cute. So since it was freezing I just put it on over top of the sweater I was wearing. At the next thrift store I am looking around when one of the workers (A lady in her mid 60s or so) starts rubbing my vest. "Ohhhhh it's so nice" (She continues rubbing) "I just love it." *she says*  I was sort of .... weirded out and kinda just laughing her craziness off. She then says "I bet when you wear this guys come up and want to feel your vest" (WELL LADY I don't know I HAVE ONLY HAD the thing on for 15 minutes) *That's what I wanted to say...*but instead I just continued laughing off her odd banter* (Lady is still rubbing my back/vest) I reach for this vintage hat and out of no where a helmet flies off the top shelf almost hitting me.... and "the rubber" then says "OHHH YOUR GETTING EXCITED"

Where do these people come from? I can understand maybe a quick swoop swoop up and down to feel a strangers coat (Not really cause I would never do such a thing) But a prolonged vivacious vest molestation is totally nuts! Had my vest been a cat it would have felt violated! 
(This happened at a St. Vincent De Paul) *lol*
I had been out shopping with my parent's while Mr. Coco was at work,  and when I got in the car after we left "the rubbers"store I started telling the story and said "And the lady kept rubbing me" My Dad blurted out "MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T GO THERE ANYMORE" *hahahaha* 

A couple weeks ago I experienced my first rubber... but she just did a quick brush up and down on my lower arm cuff. 
(At the time I thought it was strange) But now I consider her harmless after yesterdays encounter.

I suppose if I continue to wear faux fur... this will be my future.

Have any of you had this happen?


  1. Wow that is SO creepy and weird. I don;t know if I would have been able to deal with it. I don't really like people treating me like a thing and I HATE it when people touch me and I don't know them. You should have told her "If you keep petting me like that I'm gonna have to charge you." I tried Thai food a few months back and really liked it. The hubby and I really like Japanese curry.

  2. Oh creepy fur feeler!!!! Yucky yucky!!!! I hate when these people think its ok to enter your personal space!!!!
    Love V

  3. There used to be a man in my neighborhood that would stroke girls' hair as he walked past them! It would happen so fast that he would be long gone by the time we realized what had happened. He did it to me several times and I never saw his face. Ewwww. I always wanted to rush right home and wash my hair but my crazy friend thought he seemed kind of sweet. Whaaaaat? Lots of wierdos out there. Yikes! Cute pic of you in the loo! Not wierd at all.

  4. I love your pics, that food looks yummy. It's a long time since I've been molested by anyone strange in a charity shop, maybe I'm becoming the weird charity shop person and I don't realise it, oh no! I do get people talking endlessly to my two year old though, it's cute but sometimes I just want to rummage in peace. xx

  5. Charity shops do seem to bring out the worst in people - there are some strange folk around. Love the pic of you in the hat and wrap - very vintage!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Excessive rubbing is definitely creepy. I'm not much of a hugger or toucher, and I hate to have my personal space violated, so that would have had me running for the door.

  7. Indian buffets are the best! It's like an awesome feast where you get to try a little bit (or a lot) of everything!

    I love that blue feather wrap! But I would never try to molest it/you. Who knew faux fur could be so dangerous in a SVDP?!

  8. Me thinks it is your sweet face and approachable-ity that draws all the touchy feelies to you. Nobody would dare rub Helen the wrong way (hint these is no RIGHT way) but strange men do seem to think they can tell me strange things. So count yourself lucky. And adorable.

  9. Oh it happens to me ALL the time. But they mostly rub my front, not my back... Should I say something? Hahahaha! I don't think it's particularly weird, take it as a compliment, you look cute and stroke-able, like a kitten! Nice gilet anyway, I think I might have attempted a little rub as you walked past...
    LOVE Indian food, went out for curry on Friday, delicious!
    Those wonky mirrors always make me laugh.
    Love you in the feathers and cloche hat, Mrs Coco! xxxx

  10. oh that food looks so good yummy and i love that feather wrap and hat picture of you, almost too much fabulousness in just one picture ;)

  11. mmmm Indian food. Love the mirror shots, all of them. Gorgeous hat and stole - very 20s glam - buy them!! Your rubbing middle aged women is very creepy indeed.

  12. Um, no, that hasn't happened to me, but I have heard of it happening to other people!! I think I look too fierce....totally WEIRD! You exhibited great self control not to shove the tart away, I think!
    Delish looking meal.....YUM! I'm glad I inspire you to stuff your face!!! I haven't had Indian food in a while,actually!

  13. Errr no - I would have told her 'Keep your filthy paws off my silky drawers!' - the liberty!! The Indian lunch looks DELISH! And you look fab in the hat and glam faux fur! Sarah xxx

  14. Oh you are cracking me up! That story is hilarious! What a freak...thrift stores really do seem to attract the wierdos, don't they? Although I must say I've never been "felt up" by a lady in a thrift store! LOL
    I agree with DearHelenHartman...I think it's because you look sweet and approachable!

  15. You always make me smile when I pop over! Happy new year kitten! x

  16. That is annoying in a way. But it's also a social warmth that is dying in our society. we hardly look at each other and smile anymore. I've heard that some people are depressed because they haven't been touched by another human being for so long. It leaves them feeling isolated. I guess I would feel it's okay if it was a "motherly type" but if it was a flirty man or sleazy young dude then GROSS! lol But if it was Jeff Goldblum or someone hot like that, well.....;)
    Years ago when I was pregnant with twins women came up to me all the time and asked to touch my huge stomach! I would have rather had them help me up from a crouched position while looking at something on a low shelf. Instead they only cared about rubbing me! ;) wtf?

  17. That food looks so yummy.I am dying reading about the rubber lady.I can picture it in my head and I am vest is probably saying please wash me she touched me with her dirty hands.lolLove the new look of your blog.very pretty.xx

  18. Maybe it's because you just look so darn rubbable! St. Vincent de Paul stores usually have at least one person who looks like they need to be locked up in the loony bin, it seems. I worked with Hare Krsna devotees for 12 years and there's nothing like homecooked Indian food, especially the fried cheese and my fav, kafta balls!

  19. No it hasn't happened to me, but it sounds creepy!!I think that I'll probabily react like you did, I really don't know what to do in these kind of situations, I realize only after that sometimes is better to punch them in the belly and run away...but I really can't do it!!
    The Indian food looks delicious, I hope Vix is enjoing her meals there too!I really love your fur vest and the photo with the vintage hat, you look stunning!!

  20. Cute photo of you in the hat and the feather wrap. I find that in Dunedin people are weirded out by even being talked to in charity shops. I would ask before stroking, for sure, and would restrict myself to the arm area. Repeated stroking is a sign that the person is lonely I think, and maybe they needed a pet? BTW I am missing the lobsters - I like peacock feathers a lot but the lobsters were better. Everytime I see some lobsters on china or ornaments I think you!

  21. I love your rainbow inspired eye shadow! In my teen years I was really bold with my eye shadow colour choices and loved experimenting, but as time wore on, I sort of fell into wearing the same couple of colours all the time. I've decided to branch out - if only a little - this year and have already bought some pretty blue shadow to that end. :)

    ♥ Jessica

  22. Your stories are hilarious! I would be a little creeped out, too. ;) That food definitely looks delicious.

  23. You've got me feeling hungry right now! I could eat Indian food day or night (and usually do) it's so colourful; and tasty and the mere thought of it sends me off into raptures!
    You look like a 1970s babe in your hat and fur gillet. I get stroked by old ladies all the time. I don't mind it! xxx