Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The interrupted Photo SHOOT!!

 One would think photo shoots were all just fun and games... but that's not always the case...
I will tell you all why after I show you a couple of recent finds.
 Trinket shelf (Needs a cleaning and to be hung)
I really needed one of these. I have picked up quite a few little things in the past couple of years. Now they will have a place.
 Okay I know everyone is not a fan of dolls... but recently I have found a fondness for certain ones.
Like this girl I found at Salvation Army for $2. She is so SUPER cute and I named her "Ming Ling"
 Could you resist not buying a Gremlin? Obviously I could not.
 I found this at Homesense and was crazy thrilled. I named her "ALMA" she will help me on Etsy.
 This is a 60s head scarf... I am sure you will see it on my head in the near future.
 See the shoes? I got 3 pairs with Christmas gift certificates from Forever 21
Those black ones with the fringe and gold strip are my favorite of the 3.
 Then I got these leopard Mary Janes (They feel a little snug) I am sure they need to be broke in but I already know these will KILL my feet.
The third pair are in the below pictures they are blue velvet booties.
 Okay story time... 
So here I am above enjoying my photo shoot I was liking how my pics were turning out for the most part. 
I kept walking back and forth setting the self timer.
 "Yes Coco they are still there"
When out of the corner of my eye... I SEE A DELIVERY VAN PULL UP IN MY DRIVEWAY.
I was the only one home and HAD to answer the door. I had been prancing around like the Kentucky Derby was taking place in my living room (with) my mannequin staring out of the front window. It wasn't the middle aged delivery man. It was the young one with the tattoos and bad boy look... "OH MY GOD" I am thinking in my head "Did he see me" I am leaning down trying to get below the window sill" *trying to wiggle out of the velvet dress without getting too anxious* I am unzipping the high boots I am not yet used too.... so I don't fall down the stairs while answering the door (HE'S KNOCKING) *I am trying to pull up my bra straps and tank top that I was wearing hidden under the dress.* "They are twisted intertwined and weird" (TOTAL PANIC MODE) I can't leave the guy waiting I am sure he seen I was home. I start heading for the door. (In leggings and a cami none the less) When I realize I am still wearing the hat!!!!! I give one big hit to my forehead area whilst knocking it to the ground. I answered the door probably looking like I had been working out ... or doing a strip tease as one of my bra straps was down in my arm pit not over my shoulder where it should be. He had two boxes in his arms "So I go to grab them both" Apparently only the bottom was for me... pssshht How was I supposed to know... I could have fought him for it if I had any energy left... but I was worn out after trying to appear normal and get out of my photo shoot clothes in stealth mode. (Even though it didn't work) and I am pretty sure the delivery guy thinks I am a crazy person.
 My Mr. asked why I didn't just answer the door in the hat, dress and shoes? ... 
I really don't know why?? It would have been much easier!
I think it's because I had moved my mannequin out of my way and she was right in the front window... things already looked weird... I didn't want to make it weirder. *lol*

Speaking of weirder... If you read my last post about "The Rubber" from my local SVDP 
You would already know I was already thinking that the place / certain staff were a little odd.
Well guess what? The very next time I visited (Friday) I was doing my normal thrift scouring... When I seen this box it caught my eye cause I knew it was old BUT then I read the side of the box and could not believe my eyes.
 What in the HELL??
I opened the box and inside was this disturbing piece of history...
Are you kidding me? WHO would put this on the shelf?  Who would want to buy this? (Sorry if that person is you!) The thing was cracking crumbling... and what looked like melted in certain areas.... I highly doubt this crazy contraption would be seeing any HOOHAWS ever again... But is you wanted to know it was a bargain price of $4 I am still creeped out by this. EVEN looking at the photo again disturbs me. 

 The past couple days I have been cleaning and trying to get rid of some un-used stuff. I stumbled across a box of some old photos and mementos of mine and in the box was this picture of me at 18 or 19 wearing a dress that was given to my Mom as a joke on one of her Birthdays. Of course I liked it and decided to do a photo shoot (Yes even back then I was doing photo shoots.) The only difference is there was alot less of them because we used regular film cameras and I could only take a couple pics each time or it would be a waste of film and expensive to develop *lol* No that was not my usual makeup I was just being silly... BUT I did wear that dark lipstick from time to time.


  1. Vaginal syringe! I would have bought it just for the box!

    The box!

    Get it?! Champagne comedy from me, today.

    You are gorgeous in the velvet dress, the leopard mary janes are FABULARSE and you should order then more things to be delivered so you can answer the door in increasingly more bizarre outfits every time - keep that delivery guy guessing!

    Sarah xxx

  2. I am going to have nightmares about that syringe. Then I will wake up and laugh over the story of the delivery man. Did you not want him to think you were dressing up and taking photos of yourself? Maybe you need a sign for the door that says "Blog in Progress, You Have Been Warned"

  3. I wonder what the whole point of the vaginal syringe was? It's disturbing and fascinating at the same time.

    You look like you having so much fun with your photo shoot. I always feel odd when people take my photo. I have an uncanny talent for closing my eyes perfectly with the shutter. A lot of our reception photo were taken over two or three times.

  4. I had no idea that vaginal syringes existed. Oh my! You have the most terrifyingly horrible and funny experiences in the thrifting wild. I wonder what you'll encounter next?!

    That catsuit is just too cool for school and you look beyond awesome in it. And that flower hanging has sparked my envy with its loveliness.

  5. Delivery guys live for this stuff. It makes their day when a half dressed model answers the door. I'm sure he thought you were very cute....cuz YOU ARE! Thanks for being my cheerleader. Love You!

  6. Yes. My feeling is that your delivery guy struck gold that day. Not fond of your little doll. Turn her towards the wall at night. Please.

  7. Your outfits are so cute and I just love your shoes.especially the lepardprint ones.That syringe is crazy.I still can't stop laughing you found wonder if it has ever been used.That would be so gross.

  8. Oh I love your disco outfit, looking just fabulous Miss Coconut!!!! Eeeeeekkkk the syringe is frickin scary, what were they thinking putting that out in a op-shop.
    I was feeling your panic reading the delivery man story, I would have done the same thing.
    Love V

  9. I think I would buy everything included the weirdest historical "syringes" and the lovely Gizmo!!!
    You look amazing in these two black outfits, the playsuit is wonderful and so the velvet dress!
    I'm sure that the delivery guy wouldn't hate his job so much if you could open the door during your photoshoot!
    I use to have a glass head,her name was Marie Antoniette, she was very useful to make some headpieces, but it's broken now because it was very fragile and I miss her very much!
    I love that old photo, I hope you keep the red kaftan!!
    Love xxxxx

  10. ha ha ha ha ha bless you it made sense to answer the door in the clothes you had on but ha ha ha i would have done the same as you did ;-) You look gorgeous in the black jumpsuit and hat might i add. Yuk to that lady area tool im with you why oh why but that up for sale. Loving your vintage scarf find. dee x

  11. love the doll and all the new shoes <3

  12. Great post - really made me laugh! Can't believe that was on the shelf of the op-shop - very weird!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  13. All your posts are great, but this is the best ever. I've never laughed so hard. Just thinking about you struggling to get out of the strapless dress and booties and almost answering the door with the hat on had me in stitches. Then when I saw the vaginal syringe, I was laughing even harder.

  14. Woo hoo, you are a disco dolly in that jumpsuit and hat, my darling, groovy indeed! And the strapless wiggle dress is va-va-voom gorgeous!
    All three pairs of shoes are excellent. You will have to make sure you only wear the leopard print ones when you don't have to walk far. Or get the Mr. to carry you, as befits a lady.
    Why didn't you answer the door in your outfit, you daft woman?! Give the delivery guy a treat, why don't you?
    Vaginal syringe? An odd donation to a thrift shop, I must admit... Did you buy it? After all, it is vintage, darling! Hahaha! xxxxxx

  15. wonder who gave it away?! Keeping the box would be cool though. I love all these outfits. The dress is wonderful! I would've answered the door in that outfit, mainly because I look a state when the postman arrives. Are they trousers or a catsuit? Either way I love that look, you look badass. Especially with the hat. The old photo is also brilliant, you look amazing!

  16. We don't really have a front door, just a seven-metre long giant wall of sliding glass so by the time someone knocks, it's too late!!! Many eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek moments I can tell you! Leopard MJ's **slobber**, luuuuuuuurve the trinket wall-whatsit and doll. Vaginal syringe? I would probs buy it and have it on display at our glass "front door" to scare unwanted visitors away;) xoxo

  17. haha i have to agree with your mr. it would have been less crazy just to open the door with your gorgeous clothes on, for sure he would´t have thought you are crazy, just he would have fallen in love with you ;)
    i adore that dress and also that jumpsuit! stunning girl!

  18. Love that you did that when the delivery man came Coconut. I've done similar myself and it's nice to know I'm not the only person who gets caught out that way. Either that or I'm wearing a grotty old dressing gown with no makeup and wild hair when they come. I can just imagine you at Studio 54 in the 70's sitting with Bianca Jagger and Andy Warhol in those great outfits and I love all your shoes, I love high heels but I'm too tall for them so I'm having serious shoe envy here. As for the vaginal syringe, yuck! That is definitely a weird little shop. Love the teenage pics of you, I always enjoy seeing people's old photos, I remember the days when you had to be careful with film because you only got 24 shots and half of them didn't come out, hooray for digital cameras! xx

  19. Wow. I Love it! You have so so great blog! <3

    Would You like to follow each other? :)

  20. So funny what you did when the delivery guy came! But I too was wondering why you didn't just get the door in your hat and dress and boots? You look perfectly fine! The tubing thing REALLY is disturbing.

  21. I am LOVING that 70s one piece, you look so cool!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  22. Ahaha, that's great! I've had a couple incidents where I've been takin' photos outside, all dressed up, and someone just walks by and looks at me like I'm crazy. But hey, it's worth it! ;) You look gorgeous, by the way! That strapless, velvet dress is divine. :)

  23. Are you kidding me? I'd love to have my shaved headed tattooed delivery guy over and use a vaginal syringe anytime! LOL Seriously, my UPS guy is hot, hefty, and tattooed. Maybe I should have a sexy photo shoot when he's due to deliver!
    I love this story. Well, both of them! And your photos turned out great!

  24. That's funny!!! And your hats are great ;)

    Kisses from Vienna,

  25. I love this post! I had to answer the door in full Magenta costume and make up once, that was somewhat embarrassing!

  26. O, fark, you are so hilarious!!!
    It would have been brillant if you'd answered the door in the frock and it then fell down, exposing your bra!!!
    Vag syringes?! WTF?! Ugh!!!
    I loved Gremlins, and am still a little freaked out by them.....
    LOVE the new shoes! Whoop! XXXXXXXXXX

  27. Your stories just kill me!! You are so funny!
    And your scores!!! Staying Alive outfit excellent..So good.
    and I love the old photos...

    Love the new layout.. just about to catch up with your other posts.. x

  28. did you ever talk to my post/delivery man? no? good, because i really don't wanna know what he thinks about me and my bath robe. :)))))
    your velvet dress is so adorable. wow, what a find.