Thursday, January 3, 2013

Vintage Coconut 2. 013

Calm down... your on the right page. I just decided I needed a new look for the New Year.
So the crustaceans have been sent packing ( Now that doesn't mean I don't love them still, because I do)
Although I do think they may have scared off some potential blog readers. "I have a suspicion that people may have thought I had a unhealthy fetish for sea life." To that I say: You only live once!
So welcome to my new blog look for 2013.
I may still have a few minor kinks to work out. But I am rather chuffed with it.
(Although please give me feedback on the font colors, are they okay on the eyes?)
I can lighten them a bit if it's a little much.
 I don't want to be the reason someone strains an eyeball you know!!!

I wrote a little list of things I would like to do in 2013 after reading Vanessa's cute list.
Here they are

Things to do in 2013
1. Swim in the lake (I used to do this yearly, last year I didn't go once! *Boo*)
2. Cook More (I like to cook but don't do it near often enough.)
3. Save some money from my selling ("spend spend spend, none of my pants have pockets cause the money always burns through them")
4. Be more organized (I have nothing to say about this.)
5. Fly a kite (Everyone keeps telling me to go do this *wink*)
6. Fill a coloring book (coloring is relaxing.)
7. Go out of town thrifting (This is something I usually get to do every year and it's one of my favorite things to do.)
8. Make a dress (Hopefully more but I don't want to put too much pressure on myself, although I do have 5 sewing machines... that should be enough pressure.)
9. Make a rag doll (A cute demented one.)
10. Finish sock monkeys from last year (Almost there... just one armless girl, who can't hug her boyfriend back.)
11. Worry Less (I think I come from a family of alot of worriers. I most certainly do not want to carry on tradition.)
12. Think more positive ("The sun'll come out tomorrow So you gotta hang on 'til tomorrow Come what may")
13. Read more books ( "I love books but found my reading to be at a all time low in 2012")

So on with the show!

I am really looking forward to the Weekend as it seems I have not been thrifting in days. 
I actually sat and though about what the Salvation Army might have in today. 
Now that's when you know your obsessed.


  1. Babes!!! This is a rocking new look!
    I always loved the crazy crustacean theme,though!
    This is damned cool, o yeah!!!
    Obsessed with op shopping?! Really?!
    Bahahahaaaaaaaaaaa, maybe we need to start an Opshopper Anonymous, but I suspect we'd all keep egging each other on!
    happy New Year, darling!XXX

  2. Very very pretty and coconutty. I like it. Gooooood list. I'm a colorer, too. Connie*

  3. Nice new theme Coco, and the font is fine on my eyes. I could nick quite a few of your resolutions, cook more, be more organised, my reading has been at an all time low this year too, due to my little boy Jake mostly, and I'm a worrier too, I worry about real things, imaginary things, everything! Hope you make it to the op shop today, I've been ill and haven't been for weeks it feels like, so I'm itching to get into them too, happy browsing and Happy New Year Coconut! xx

  4. Happy New Year my dear! *Resists making jokes about being clear of crabs*. Peacock feathers are pretty and your 'Miss Coconut Head' is inspired!

    Good list of aims - with regards to the reading, why don't you come and join us on Good Reads? You can set yourself a challenge for 2013 and it's a great way of getting recommendations. Here's my page

    New Year's Resolutions of the Stars!

  5. I need to get selling too!and I agree with Lakota, the Goodreads reading challenge is really good. So many cool little projects to be getting on with, looking forward to this demented rag doll you mentioned! xxxx

  6. Your new look is very YOU. I like the font colors very much. I also think I need to adopt some of your resolutions.

  7. I like the new look blog, love the peacock feathers, and the font is fine. I am a bit sad to lose the crustaceans though, they were like part of the Coconut family....
    Great list. I am steadfastly refusing to set myself any goals, for fear of utter failure... But boy do I need to sell some of my shit on Ebay! And sewing, you already know I want to make something to wear. But unlike you, I am not a worrier, so if I don't do this stuff, it's OK!
    There is one MAJOR thing you missed off your list, Melanie... You know! xxxxxxx

  8. Oh sweet it's all new here and looking fabulous!!!! I love your list!!!! Thank you so much for the link.
    Happy happy new year sweet coconut.
    Love V

  9. Happy new year to you, loving your to do list. dee x