Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cute little suitcase

A few weeks ago I found this cute little white travelgard suitcase, it had scuffs here and there and a few spots of "Who knows what?!" Well I finally got around to cleaning it today and it cleaned up VERY WELL. Most of the black scuff's came off and all the other weird marks mostly vanished too. ($6.99/Thrift store)

The other things in the picture are some things I also found in the past two months.

1. Adorable vintage wallet. (I really love the little clasp on this vintage buxton convertible wallet. It also smells like lipstick *lol* which is another thing I find great about it.)(25 cents/thrift store)

2. Blue Marble bead necklace ($1.00/thrift store) (It matched my outfit that day.)

3. Navy blue and red umbrella patterned scarf by: St Michael (10 cents/thrift store)

4. ELG-ART Jeweled small travel clock (50 cents/yard sale)

5. Brown Chunky marbled plastic bracelet ($1.99/thrift store)

6. Big vintage sunglasses ($2.00/thrift store) I ended up really liking these and already wearing them ALOT.

7. Green crochet shamrock (Made by me this winter.)

8. Haband! Pink gingham strawberry day dress. As soon as I saw this I wanted it, I don't think it had ever been worn the buttons are all in perfect shape and the pattern is just too cute.($2.00/thrift store)

Thinking of going to some garage sales on Sat.. If I do I hope I find something amazing.


  1. Very awesome blog! I love your web design! Looks like you had some great finds! I have been trying to find some "day dresses" too. Love em. Zootsuitmama

  2. Well what a cute blog you have here. I am totally into thrifting so blog on- but i warn you I will be jelousof these cute finds that a little cleaning here and there turns into treasures.

  3. Wow, great finds. I love the little suitcase. Looks like you are packed for an overnighter on the coast!

  4. how did you clean the inside of the suitcase? I just picked up a mint condition round american tourister, perfect red satin interior...I saw one on ebay painted white with black trim and big red poppies all over it...but mine has a musty been in storage a long time smell to it. It has been outside airing out for a week, which has helped, now I need to clean it up.