Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fancying wallets

Okay so I have no clue as to how my wallet fascination started but it has. I guess it started by the cute little vintage convertible buxton I found, which then led to me buying myself a 70's vintage green wallet. And now on Saturday I found this adorable shiny gold daisy pattern wallet.

(Which of course I bought) Now the good thing is I paid next to nothing for it. The thrift I was at was having a "fill a bag for 2 dollars sale" and the wallet was one of the things I had to stuff in there.

The other thing I couldn't leave behind was this adorable swan. (It's facial expression is just too cute, I have no clue where I will put it just yet but I will find a place!)Garage sales on the weekend turned out pretty good. I 3 little garden gnomes to add to my little cement mushroom patch in my backyard a big wood owl cutting board for FREE! *hahah* I also got two plant stands from the garage sales on the weekend, I will show you those in my next post.


  1. Hello new bloggy friend! Love all your great finds. My sister's boxer, Rusty, also just got his cone off--he'd somehow torn his ear and she said it was bleeding and they finally had to AMPUTATE part of his ear! Fortunately he's not too terribly embarrassed about it--Rusty is just about the most sensitive dog I've ever met. I didn't see a Followers widget on your blog but I'll come around to visit every once in awhile. Have a great day, Chris

  2. I am glad Rusty is not too embarrased!
    My boxer is also sensitive, haha maybe it's a trait.
    He was awfully embarrased about the cone but now is alot happier without it.

    I did have a widget before but then I had a visitor counter that made my whole page WoNkY and I had to clear all my nifty sidebar things. haha
    Thanks for stopping by Christine =)