Monday, April 12, 2010

Almost better

Well my injured boxer is almost better! He got his stitches taken out on Friday, the swelling in his leg went down & his cone was allowed to be taken off Yesterday. "Thank Goodness" It was stressful for him and us all at the same time. He hated running into things with his plastic satellite dish around his head, and we hated worrying about what he was running into and making sure he would not hurt himself even more.
The ulcer that had started on his eye is now gone. He has a little bit of scarring from the scratch, but thankfully never lost his sight in that eye. He is very happy now that he is not wearing (Extra armour).

I can now leave the house again and go out thrifting and to garage sales without having to ask someone to keep an eye on Jersey. I swear for 3 weeks I barely left the house. *Woohoo Cabin fever is now over*

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