Monday, April 26, 2010

~*Vintage Plant Stands*~

Needing some advice on these plant stands. In my last blog I mentioned garage sales and how I got two plant stands one was for only 50 cents which was this one.

I plan to keep this one inside because it does not have much rust and I would like to keep it in the shape it is.
Now the second one I paid 2 dollars for it is the unpainted brass one (I adore it)
it has some rust going on and I do not know whether to leave it or give it a brand new paint job.

The one next to it in the picture was given to me by my Grandma, it was her Mother's. When I was given this it was brass and rusty, I then painted it a bright yellow and it sat that way for a few years. Then I changed it to the way it was painted in the pic and it has been blue and white for about 3 yrs. Now my question is these are going to be outside and I would like to give them a makeover. I would love to paint them in the same color so they match. What color do you think would look great on them? I just really can't decide, and I would appreciate any input.


  1. I love them in brass. I can't imagine any color spicing them up unless you want to co modern camp- then I would most likely go tiffany blue.

  2. (Beth) I suppose you are right! Maybe I can get the paint off the one from my great grandma & see about getting most of the rust off (if I can) and then all 3 will kind of go together in some weird way. haha

    Thank you for your input. =)

  3. i try to never paint anything that can be preserved. For rust, I use NEVR-DULL. it helps remove rust off of things like chrome. I made the mistake in the past of painting over vintage things, and they ended up looking "shabby chic" which is not really my style... but if it is what you like then go for it!! I think jadeite and of course turqoise look great!!

  4. I can go either way. I like to preserve the brass if it's not too far gone. If it is too far gone you could use brass paint, that will give you a pretty close to original look. If something is in bad shape, paint it what you like.

  5. I love the pot plant holders, these are so hard to come buy!

    I guess it depends what kind of plants you want in the planter as to paint?? I have two very small brass planters with geraniums in them but I think leaving them brass is the best option, you can get brass polish or maybe get a coat of limewash to make the brass seem older...

    Cute as pie holders all the same!

  6. I just trashpicked a gorgeous old metal plant stand, very heavy so I know it is older than the chintzy ones they make today. It's about 3+ feet tall and sort of looks like a japanese pagoda in shape. It has some cream colored paint on it with rust peaking thru in, I think I am going to try to scrape off the rust and treat it with a rust preventing something or other, and THEN paint it. Rust could eventually destroy the metal, especially if you keep it outside. Mine will be in a garden room off of my front foyer, so it will be protected from the elements and I will probably paint it dark green, I plan on using it for my african violets (room for 9 plants, or even more smaller plants) I think these would look fun painted in any bright color, and since you like lime green, why not go with that?