Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bicycling with a deer

Today I decided to go out on Casper again and enjoy the Autumn air. I have had Casper less than 2 weeks and have already rode it quite alot.
Today we drove over crispy leaves and rode while the sun started to set.

But the whole point of this post is that I got totally freaked out near the end of my ride. I had been looking at the ground "Who knows why" and when I looked up I realized there was a deer in front of my just feet away. I yelled "OH MY GOD" and once passed it. "HOLY CRAP".

Cute cute cute cute cute

Then deerie walked down the hill and disappeared. So I continued on with my lovely ride.

Me celebrating that the deer didn't charge me and steal my bike!
*Have a lovely weekend.*


  1. Think I'd better dig my bike out of storage. That looks like fun, especially with the deer.

  2. @ Midcenturymadam Fall is my favorite season, Before 2 weeks ago I hadn't rode a bike in about 3 years. Now I am mad at all the fun I have been missing out on.

    P.s. Riding over fall leaves is so much fun. =)

  3. Cute post! The deer, ableit cute, would have freaked me out too! I used to ride a Harley and one day, about 10 years ago, I huge deer (antlers and all) jumped across the road about 50+ yards ahead of me! I was so freaked that another one was tagging along and would therefore crash into me! Thankully, all was fine and Mr. Dude deer was by himself.

    As for your bike, I love it! It makes me want to buy one! I recently saw a couple of vintage repro bikes at REI but they were not cheap! We are talking like 700 bucks! I guess I need to look for a real vintage/used one!

    Anyway, great post! Love it!

  4. @ Lady Betty
    Ohmaagawd I would have freaked out and lost control of my bike if that deer had had antlers!! LOL
    I am very glad you ended up being okay and not getting hit by deer.

    No the repro bikes are not cheap at all. But heck you never know what will turn up if you frequent thrifts and search craigslist.
    I am surely keeping my eyes peeled for more vintage bikes.. I have no clue why but they are somehow more fun to ride than regular ones. Hahaha

  5. That's bloody adorable!!! Good grief, Melza! Canada looks so beautiful and you fit into it so well!

  6. @ Darlene That's good I fit into Canada, cause I don't want them to kick me out. LOL
    I have been trying to bike ride everyday before it gets too chilly and the white stuff flys.