Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Loverly vintage curtains & train case

I bought these curtains for a total of $3.00 at a local thrift. They don't have a place yet I am planning on storing them until I move somewhere else.
I do imagine them to be 50's but I could be wrong I am surely no curtain expert.

So if you have an idea let me know.

I love the print and color on the curtains.. the backs are white with a rubberish feeling. The one set is long and is how it is supposed to be. The second set had been cut shorter. They did a good cutting job but never sewed up the bottom so at some point I will have to do that.

I picked up this Train case on Saturday. I spotted it up high amongst tons of other suitcases and bags. I asked my guy to get it down for me which cause a landslide of things to come down with it. *lol* The sticker on the case said $2.00 (There was no way I was leaving it for that price.) So my guy leaves me for a few min to go try on a pair of pants. I had a basket with clothes in it next to me in the skirt and sweater isle, the next thing I see is some lady holding my case!!! I am sort of a slightly shy person until I get to know people and I am also a rather *quiet* thrift shopper. But when I saw a lady with my case I thought (OH NO)

And just blurted out (EXCUSE me that's my stuff!!) Now I didn't say it mean or yell but I found it funny after it had been said. I was rather loud about it worried she would walk off with my find. She was very nice and said "Oh I am sorry" (And put it back down on top of my clothes basket). So when the Husband got back I told him to take it with him and not let it leave his site. Apparently a few min later in the book section a lady asked if the case was his.

He told her yes.. and then she asked (Can I look at it?) LOL

What on earth.. I think he was sort of shocked and said well I guess. So then this other random lady starts opening the case looking around and all and then says. "Oh it's in great shape thank you" and walks away.

Normally I like to keep all vintage intact and original. But this case has quite a few marks inside. I was thinking of re-doing the inside a bit. I do not wanna gut the thing I plan to keep most of it the way it is. But I thought it would be cute to get some leopard fabric and cover over the existing inside. I don't plan on ever getting rid of it so I mean the case is now stuck with me for life. I mars well make enjoyable to my eyes.

I will leave you with a silly picture I took yesterday when I was out on a bike ride. I always pass this one spot and think it would be a lovely place for a pic. So I put on my kitty hoodie and climbed in a tree when I got there.


  1. what a cute case! Your furry baby up there is a cutie as well ;]

  2. Love that case!