Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kitchen Table *Update*

In my last post I wrote about hoping a kitchen table I spotted on a Saturday would still be there at opening on Monday. Well it was to my delight!!!
So I purchased the table and on the way home was hungry so the Husband and I stopped in at Subway. While he was inside I had a odd thought. We usually get our sandwiches to go and take them over to a nice park by our house and eat them there. Well my thought was.. WOULDN'T it be odd if we took the table out and carried it in front of a bench and had a REAL subway picnic?!

So when he got in the vehicle I told him my thought.. he replied "Lets do it"
Oh jeaz then I was not too SURE... I mean what if alot of people passed by or someone asked what we were doing. Well it was too late, we got to the park then parked. The Husband grabbed the table carried it across the road and down a hill to a cement park bench. HAHAHA it looked sooo funny I am sure.
The most embarrassing moment was when I noticed two joggers were headed our way. They STARED and I tried not even to make eye contact. I knew if I did I would turn 3 shades redder than I already was. Then I heard "What in the hell is a kitchen table doing there?!" Now the good thing about this situation is that this table will now always have a story with us. The time we ever ate with it was in the middle of a busy park. *lol*
The pattern on the table is Starbursts. I think it is just so darn cute.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, mine was alright I suppose. We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving, and the part I am not so excited about is I probably gained like 4 pounds.


  1. What a fantastic table! I love how it looks in the park setting. Great idea.

  2. Great table, and even greater story! Embrace the sillyness!!

  3. (Midcenturymadam) Thanks, I thought it looked lovely in the park too. lol

    (Alyssa Bee)Agreed! The world would be a boring place without sillyness. =)