Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finds that make me HAPPY

I have been keeping up on my usual scouring thrifts for vintage + lovely finds.
Here is what I found this past week.

Acme cowboy boots $10.00

Watermelon juice jug & 8 tumblers $5.00

Jantzen Classics pin up style swim suit $0.25
(This is not a vintage suit but a new remake of the old style)

My first table lighter $3.50

Starburst patter silverware 4 for $1.00
(I think I found 6 this time, I am slowly collecting them from here and there. Hopefully soon I will have somewhat of a mismatched set. LOL

Carved earrings and bracelet
$1.75 bracelet $2.99 earrings

Fancy designed gold foil wallet mirror $2.50

Rhinestone eyed poodles $2.00

Vintage Vixen recently posted about finding one of these poodles. I wonder if ours are distant relatives.. or maybe cousins. *lol*

My Mom got gorgeous roses from my Dad I just had to get a picture with them.


  1. Love strawberry tmblers,compact, bathing suit and poodles.. There cousins.
    Great finds.

  2. That's amazing that you and Vix got poodles this week! Bound to be rellies!
    Jeez,some lovely scores here,darl.I love that swimsuit!! I was hoping to find one like that before I went on the cruise,but no luck!
    The earrings/bracelet are divine,as is the mirro wallet!The watermelon jug and tumblers are goig n to be perfect for summer cocktails!!!

  3. Oh I look out for cowboy boots all the time and havent found any for ages how lucky were you Love the swim suit too what a bargain.

  4. @ La Dama
    I thought the poodles showed a family resemblance. lol

    @ Helga I will be a tad worried if more people find poodles this week.. Just cause it could mean that they are planning on taking over our planet with those possesed rhinestone eyes!

    I hope you find the perfect swimsuit for this summer soon. =)

    @ Janelle aka Nelly
    I too have been peeking here and there for cowboy boots. These are my first pair I hope to come across some more vintage ones in the near future. I want to wear them with summer dresses!! =D

  5. I can't believe you and I have matching poodles! That's made my week, we are on the same wavelength.
    I love everything especially the cowboy boots and the poodles. Well done! xxx
    PS That photo with you and the roses is stunning!

    Love everything!
    Got the same poodle but mine got green eyes.
    Tried to sell him on Etsy for a long time but no one wanted him.

  7. Great finds! I really need to keep my eye open for vintage silverware- so much nicer than the boring, new stuff I currently have!
    And the photo of you and the roses is gorgeous!

  8. @Vintage Vixen
    I was weirded out about the poodles because I was about to do my post but I was catching up on everyone else's blog.. then I was like.. OMG Vix beat me to it!! lol

    @Little Rascal
    Green eyes!! =O
    I wonder how many colors of eyes these poodles came with. He must have not sold because he is meant to be owned by you. He might be a Uncle to my yellow eyes one. haha ;)

    @Alyssa Bee
    I think I have 3 different brands of this starburst pattern in my collection. I don't think it matters, they all have starburst on them and that is what I like. I have came across some really pretty floral vintage silverware sets too. I agree they made them nicer back then than they do now.

  9. Those poodles are demented! In a good way. What a set of amazing bargains! x

  10. Wow what fabulous finds yet again - the poodle connection between you and Vix this week is very cool, and most unexpected! Loving that little mirror.

  11. LOVE me some Oneida Twin Star! I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a set or at least a few pieces! For some reason, it is really hard to come by. My husband's aunt apparently has the entire set. I could never ask her for it so I will just continue my search. Kudos to you for finding your pieces and for the rest of your vintage-tastic bounty!

  12. @Llara lol @ demented poodles.. I think I have come across a few of those in real life. =O

    @Comtesse de ferveur
    The mirror makes me laugh.. it is so darn flashy and gaudy. I brought it with me yesterday when I was out and used it on a sunny day. I swear that think could direct planes to land! lol

  13. @Tara (Betty)I might have a few Oneida in my mismatched little collection, but I have been coming across some that say
    Koba 18cr-stainless japan
    I haven't yet found out when these were manufactured yet.
    All together I think I have at least 4 different types of starburst cutlery.. My future children will probably wonder about this at some point. lol

    Maybe you should let your husbands Aunt know just how much you adore her silverware. That way if she ever plans to get rid of it, it will hopefully end up in your hands.