Friday, February 11, 2011

Prescription glasses vintage style

Hello everyone: Yesterday I had my eye exam so that I could get a new prescription. I got my first pair of glasses when I was around 11 or 12 because the teacher noticed I would be squinting to see the blackboard in class. Since then I have only had 2 different frames.. My first being a metal oval style with tortoiseshell arms. Then my current I have been wearing, black fronts orange insides rectangle shaped frames. I still currently LOVE these black and orange frames and in the future plan to get my new prescription put in them. But I thought it would be nice for a bit of a change to switch it up and finally get some new style!
So once I got my prescription I came home and ordered my frames from a website that has FaBuLoUs deals! In the past my glasses were purchased locally.. it does make it a little easier to actually physically try on frames you like to see how they suit you. But with the amount of money I was saving I decided to take a chance. Before finding out about the site from a relative I had a pair of $180.00 frames picked out (Ray-Ban) and my lenses were probably gonna cost another $150.00 plus any extra coatings on the lenses and tax. It would most likely be close to $400.00 for just one pair.

From the site I purchased not 1 but 2 frames with lenses included for about $240.00 *YAY*
Nowhere in town could I find cute vintage style frames.. but this site had about 15 choices. My favorite brand if your in the market for vintage style, without actually buying vintage frames. Had to be the ones Lucky Brand makes. I had a hard time choosing from 3 different Lucky brand vintage style frames.. but FINALLY much to my family's happiness I made the choice and clicked the button.
And since in he beginning I was gonna get some Ray-Bans I decided for my second pair to stick with that style.
So here is what I chose..

Frame choice one: Lucky Brand Maude (In black)

I am hoping these look as good on my face as some other styles similar that I tried on. I also have always loved shamrocks and Irish stuff so I adore the little shamrock placed at the end of the arm. These framed come in a few colors but I went with black thinking it would go with everything .

Frame two: Kam Dhillon Purple (Ray-Ban style)

Life is too short to blend in with everyone else. That is why I chose these purple frames. Now normally I would not choose a colorful frame. But since the fronts of these look so close to black even though they are a dark purple I felt confident I would like them. I sometimes have a loud personality, I like to be different. Now if these were going to be my only frames.. I would go for something less bold and more the norm. But since I can switch back and forth.. I think I will love sporting these half the time. Plus my eyes are green and purple is said to be the best color to bring out your eyes.. Hopefully these glasses can do that. *lol*

I will do a update when my frames arrive. They were ordered last night and will take about 5 business days to get here. I am very excited and cannot wait to get them.. I am also crossing my fingers that I love them on my face as much as I do the pictures.
The site I purchased them from is:
Although if you are in the USA I am sure you guys probably have sites similar to this Canadian one.

In the future I hope to find a cute pair or actual vintage frames and get my prescription put in them. But until I find a pair I absolutely adore, these should surely do.


  1. Nice find, you are so right about life being too short to blend in. I'm old enough to need bifocals (also known as "ridiculously more expensive" lenses) and I've been wearing the Shuron Ronsir glasses - They're classic vintage but they're brand new. Very different and I get a lot of compliments on them. Not cheap when I add in the bifocals and tinting etc., but definitely different. You'll have to post a photo when you get them! I've been thinking about doing a vintage eyeglass post on my blog, guess I'll have to be a copycat now ;-)

  2. Life is far too short to blend in! I'm after a pair of glasses and absolutely love both pairs you've chosen especially the fact you're going for a colourful option. If I lived in Canada I'd order those like a shot. Please post a pic when you're wearing them. xxx

  3. Great choice!

    Shirl x

  4. @Uncle Atom
    I don't see it as copying.. I am sure there is countless eyeglass frame posts. lol

    @Vintage Vixen
    I will surely post some pics when they arrive.
    I can't wait to see what you pick out.

    @Vintage Sea Muse Thank you =)

  5. I'm up for a new prescription and some new glasses.....been putting it off! Hopefully I can find some funky frames like yours! I want something colourful as well as a practical pair.But what colour?! That purple will look gorg on you!!

  6. I love the purple frames! The shape is awesome! Too cute! That color will look so pretty with your hair and coloring!

  7. OK so about 15 years ago I'm walking around in the antique mall. Something makes me pick up and put on a pair of vintage cats eye glasses (I'd never done that before), and all of a sudden...

    I CAN SEE!!

    I had no idea my old lady eye sight was that bad!

    So I bought them and am wearing them at this very minute lol...

    True story. =)

  8. That's so weird! I just found my Grandma's glasses, much like the ones on the lady in the picture. I want to get them with my prescription, but when I worked for an eyeglass place, they were afraid to break them. I wish someone would let me know where to get it done in Kansas City Missouri area...

  9. Thanks for sharing these pictures! I actually have been looking at some vintage eyeglasses lately because I have been due to get a new pair. I have always been a big fan of how my old pair looked, and I got that style the first time because I always see a lot of celebrities wearing similar styles all of the time, and I can't wait to get my new pair!